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  1. Is the pre-check in being done exclusively through the app or can you also do it on the Royal Caribbean website like always? Jonathan
  2. Wonderful news, thanks Russ. Have already put this into my trip notes. Jonathan
  3. So glad to read you can request chilled soups from your waiter. Have always been a big fan of the chilled soups. Do they bring you the same flavor each night or a variety. I would be thrilled to enjoy the Strawberry Bisque every night. Jonathan
  4. cruiserking


    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/QqXxUetYfjk" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. I'm aware of that. There are always others looking for a good hotel in Boston. Jonathan
  6. Do a food walking tour. We always do them when we visit new ports, it's a great opportunity to see the sights with a local, learn some history and have the chance to sample some authentic cuisine that you might not otherwise have tried. Then the next time you go to Nassau, Bahamas you'll have a few favorite spots you'll want to visit for lunch. We did a tour with True Bahamian and loved it. https://www.trubahamianfoodtours.com/ We're doing another one next February booked through the cruise line. https://islandfoodtour.com/ Jonathan
  7. The Intercontinental Boston is the perfect place to stay pre-cruise. Beautiful hotel, 5-minute walk from South Station, 15-minute walk from the North End and a 10-minute cab ride to the cruise pier. Jonathan
  8. Glad to see there are others like me who count every last moment since and until the next glorious cruise arrives. Jonathan
  9. Anthem will arrive at the Cape Liberty Pier in Bayonne, New Jersey on October 30th. She will complete her 14 day quarantine, crew will be vaccinated, test cruise will happen. Revenue cruises should begin approximately mid-November. Jonathan
  10. Is the transfer to the Walt Disney World one of them? Jonathan
  11. Interesting. If that's the case I think they will just go with 2 sea days out instead. I wondered about an extra day at Coco Cay but, they would have to really pick up the pace to get there early. Coco Cay is 240 nautical miles from Port Canaveral much too far for Oasis make in a day and change. Plus most cruise lines don't want to spend the extra money to burn more fuel. Two sea days out is fine, especially that second one after you hit the Gulf. Jonathan
  12. I wondered if Oasis would be stopping in Port Canaveral or not. Will be curious to see what happens with those cruise from Bayonne. PC is listed on the itinerary for our cruise but, if you look on the Daily Planner it only shows excursions for Coco Cay and Nassau, Bahamas. We shall see. Jonathan
  13. We haven't had Port Canaveral excursions for sale on our February 2022 since we transferred our 2020 booking last November. We do this trip every year and typically you can at least browse the available excursions a year out. I'm sure it has to do Covid and Royal Caribbean not wanting to have their passengers heading to theme parks crawling with tens of thousands of visitors. Jonathan
  14. If you truly are interested in upgrading I would suggest bidding the highest amount you comfortable with. Sure, there is always a chance you might get a bargain. But, if you want to seal the deal make a generous offer. We Royaled Up a couple of years ago on Empress and scored an Owners Suite, it was worth every penny. Good Luck and Happy Cruising. Jonathan
  15. Day 2 and Day 6. Formal night is a great time to visit Wonderland our idea too. Jonathan
  16. Presentation is only half of the experience at Wonderland. We don't return there every cruise because the food just looks interesting. The menu here serves up a whimsical version of classic meals. These are literally dishes prepared through an inventive prism like they were concocted by a magician. Vegetables in the Garden arrives with an array of succulent legumes all standing at attention as if they sprouted moments earlier. The waiter then drizzles a white dressing over them like an intermittent snowfall. Buffalo Chicken eggs arrive concealed in a transparent cloche that when lifted reveals a curl of white smoke that enhances the appetizer within. Oceanic Citrus presents a selection of scooped out halved limes filled with fresh tuna and topped with a refreshing dollop of lemon sherbet. Liquid Lobster arrives on a table spoon and delivers a zesty, savory taste of fresh lobster that delights. Branzino in Crispy Bread - A de-constructed breaded fish with a fine crispy layer of bread above a moist, zesty and flavorful serving of fish. The World - A perfect globe of milk chocolate conceals a scoop of ice cream and meets a generous drizzle of warm caramel to transform into a decadent hot fudge sundae. Wonderland is a feast for the senses and truly delicious. Challenge your taste buds. Don't miss a to experience this unique, terrific restaurant. Jonathan
  17. The Puzzle Break is located up on deck 15 of the Sea Plex. It takes place on sea days usually four or five times a day for groups of 12. It's free and you can sign up for it at the Sea Plex, at Guest Services or on the Royal App. Teenagers are allowed. You need to sign up for as soon as you board the ship, it fills up lightning fast. Since it takes place in an enclosed room It doesn't appear to be the type of event that meets the Covid safety protocols. Good Luck. Jonathan
  18. I am counting the days, 202 till we sail Anthem. It will be two years since we debarked this ship and I cannot wait to strut up her gangway and pick up where we left off. Jonathan
  19. @Mommy oooo, If you're still looking for something different to do in Cozumel, we did a wonderful chocolate factory tour that included making our own chocolate disc. I booked it independently after reading about it from another poster on Cruise Critic. It's a lovely little place off the beaten track, whimsical, very friendly and the chocolate is really delicious. It took about 15 minutes to get there by cab and the KaoKao Chocolate Factory called a cab for our return to the ship. I think kids would get a kick out of it, we certainly did. They are currently doing private tours. https://chocolateskaokao.com/ Jonathan
  20. New York schools don't start the new school year till September 13. I bet a few of them will be on board your Celebrity Summit cruise and perhaps will provide a friend for your daughter to hang around with. Have a great cruise. Jonathan
  21. Odyssey - Would be very exciting as she is a brand new ship in the new Quantum Ultra Class. Similar to Anthem, Ovation and Quantum but, revamped with some of the recent Royal Caribbean signature lounges and features. Jewel has a very old school charm, smaller Radiance Class ship, have always wanted to cruise this class. Grandeur is the oldest of the bunch. That's not a bad thing but, if you're looking for bells and whistles you won't find them here. Explorer is a lovely ship, includes the large indoor Royal Promenade with shops and restaurants. Big fan of Explorer, beautiful ship, first we ever sailed with Royal Caribbean. Vision - is another older ship from 1996 refurbed in 2013. Go to Youtube and look at some videos for these ships to get a better idea. 10 nights would be always be a good deciding factor. Odyssey is the new shiny toy. Have fun choosing and becoming Diamond. Jonathan
  22. @Warren Miller Here is a list of cruises that would suit your wishes for a quiet fall cruise to Caribbean. Celebrity Cruise Lines Celebrity Edge is sailing a series of 7-night Caribbean/Bahamas cruises round trip Fort Lauderdale, Fl - stopping in Nassau, Bahamas - St. Thomas - Saint Maarten - starting September 11. This is a gorgeous, state of the art, brand new ship (2019). Beautiful, relaxed, plenty of great restaurants both complementary of specialty. You would love the Edge. Every other week Celebrity Edge will sail a Western Caribbean itinerary with 2 stops in Mexico along with Nassau, Bahamas Celebrity Equinox - September 17 will feature 4 cruise dates on a 9-Southern Caribbean voyage. Equinox is also a very elegant ship, low key, great food, beautiful ship. Holland America Line. Nieuw Amsterdam - Very beautiful ship from their more modern Signature Class (2009). Holland America Line has long been known to attract an older clientele and be rather sedate. We have sailed them several times and have always enjoyed ourselves immensely. More recently their new ships have been designed to offer an array of activities and lounges that appeal to a broader range of passengers. However, this would be a perfect line for you if you are looking for a easy going, quieter cruise experience. Sail dates October 23 - 7-nignt Western Caribbean - November dates as well that also include a 10-night Western Caribbean itinerary. Princess Cruise Line Sky Princess - 2019 - Elegant brand new ship, many comfortable lounges, terrific first class service. Club Class is their slightly pricier mid-range suite class and worth every penny especially if you enjoy quiet intimate meals and spacious cabins. We have sailed sister ship Regal Princess three times and she is a knockout. Highly recommended. The Sanctuary pool is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy peace and quiet. The Wheelhouse Bar features a British Pub lunch, the Piazza is the main hub surrounded by shops, restaurants and the place to enjoy events throughout your cruise. Sky Princess is doing a 7-day Eastern Caribbean November 20 and 7-day Western November 27. Brand new Enchanted Princess offering a series of 10-day Southern Caribbean beginning November 10. Let us know which cruise you book. Have a wonderful cruise. Jonathan
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