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  1. Keep in mind that itineraries can change with little or no notice. No guarantee you will be on St Thomas on a given day. Weather, mechanical, or other ship emergencies could alter the plan. Not saying this is likely, but I'd be worried about that possibility. Hate to be a downer, but in my military days, I'd have hated to rely on a cruise line schedule to report as ordered...
  2. I can't have uncooked fish/seafood (Dr's orders). DW loves sushi so I gave Izumi a try. Plenty of options that were cooked in the regular lunch seating, and the Hibachi experience was good as well. our 1 hot rock experience (on Oasis, I believe) was just so-so, mostly due to poor service. Just have to make sure I order cooked meats only. I'd gladly go back, but no Izumi on our current Galveston ship, Liberty.
  3. As has been said, antibiotic. Zithromax. Usually a 5 day RX in my experience. So I assume a 3 pack would have three 5 day doses.
  4. Makes me curious about the logistics of it. I assume they just come around and announce everyone goes back on the ship (if anyone even ventured out in that). Reimburse excursion / rental fees? Pull away from dock once all cleared on board? I'd think open water is easier on the ship. I'm sure it is all about safety, but just wondering how it went down. In the past I bet Cocoa Cay would have just been skipped due to tendering issues.
  5. I missed this thread when it came out last week. I've heard of lots of golf injuries... most were from leaning into the trunk to lift a heavy set of clubs out. Latest one a friend was hurt when he crashed his golf cart into a tree after too many visits to the drink cart. Dangerous sport. Glad to hear the insurance paid off fairly hassle free. We always get the insurance. I could assume the risk of lost cruise fare myself (self insure). It would pay off over time to skip buying it if I missed even 1 in 10 cruises. Where I can't see not having it is if there were significant other travel expenses, or the unexpected Medical issue on a trip. Hearing about medical evacuation costs, and cost for visiting the ship's doctor or an out of country Dr make it too scary not to have coverage. .
  6. so say complimentary things about the servers and make it very clear that management dropped the ball.
  7. Not a Suite cruiser, but I could co-exist with the pineapples IF THEY COULD CO-EXIST WITH ME. What would disturb me as a suite cruiser (having been sold on the suite benefits) would be feeling like the P's took over and dominated the lounge as a private group as has been reported. If I was made to feel like intruder in 'their' space I'd feel like my Suite value was diminished. Of course I'd love to sail in a suite and see first hand what the fuss is about... if only somebody would pay my way.
  8. My take (a bit tongue in cheek): 1) Everyone accrues and sails on their own points. 2) Spouse and children under 18 sailing with a parent have 'guest' privileges with highest status in immediate family group for the duration of that cruise. If a lower tier spouse or child sail without the higher tier family member, tough... That's what ya get for not including them in the fun. 3) 'Loyalty lounge' proposed by someone earlier would host D+ and P, and allow diamonds only if the numbers worked on a given cruise. Otherwise continue the drink vouchers at 3 (or more) beverages for outside bars and restaurants. 4) Offer legitimate discount on DP that on some level compensates for the unused free benefits of the DL and voucher program. My take helps ease the diamond crunch by dropping inherited, unearned status. Also keeps this unearned D status from being passed along to the diamond child's future spouse. As has been said, possible to have 2 diamonds (or more if there are kids) with one childhood cruise between them that they cannot even remember. That always seemed like an overly generous loophole to me. Who can say they actually deserve that perk level with a straight face? Also keeps any ex-spouses without the points from continuing to use the higher status of the person they kicked to the curb. And it would help if you could take those cruisers like me back off the DP buying fence (is it worth getting a package since I already have some level of booze access from my incredibly lofty status?). If I can get better drink offerings at any bar or restaurant with a Drink Package, I will gladly take my pool towel off my reserved DL chair. May pop in briefly for some munchies, but won't be much nuisance to the hard-core regulars. Now if RCI will just see the sense in my ideas, it will be a far better world. But I don't think I am high on their list of trusted advisors... Doug (Not to Status Drop, but for reference, I am D, approaching D+. - like millions of others)
  9. Been a while since mine were that age (youngest is now 27) but if they are going to have a soda package or play any arcade games they would need it on their person. Not sure of rules/need for kids club. If they are going to have any free roaming privileges at all they would need them for the room key. Unrelated side note on arcade games - be careful as they can run up some serious charges.Set limits.
  10. If you are gonna do the pools / water excursions, I'd bring 2 swimsuits per person. Wearing on alternate days allows time for them to dry. If you are space challenged you can 'blow dry' them, but they still always feel damp to me. Stuff like sun screen, batteries, common meds, basic first aid supplies, toiletries cost too much in ship's shops, so pack what you think you may need or try to buy in port. Potty spray. 4 people - one tiny bathroom. If you do bring hangers, just pack cheap wire ones and toss them at the end of the cruise. No need to pack them home. No need for a hamper. I use one of my large unpacked suitcases to collect all my dirty clothes. Slides under the bed. They are going to end up there anyway. I try to pack as few shoes as possible. My early cruises I felt I had to pack brown and black dress shoes, casual loafers, workout shoes, walking shoes, sandals, slaps.... and I'd wear my nice boots on (Texas). Our shoes took up a suitcase. Now I pack 2 pair, and wear one. Less is more. In tight quarters, especially with 4 in a cabin, a shoe holder works great to keep stuff accessible. If its just my wife and I in a JS there is plenty of room and its not needed. Easier to coexist if everything has a place and stuff isn't thrown all over. We usually just drive a few hours to port, so we have room to pack one of those bladeless fans. Bulkier than the little 12 volt ones, but nice to have in the room. We use a small bedside clock that has a flashlight on it when you pick it up. I originally got it at Brookstone. I also have a strong small rechargeable flashlight that can be used to charge phones and such in emergencies. Some like a small battery-tea light as a night light. Pack an empty expandable duffle to allow for purchases and such. Always seem to come back with more than we took. If you are going to use lanyards for seapass cards, you can get those at office stores, at home store in the key section, or online before you get there. For kids at least, the lanyards work really well. For adults its a love it-or hate it debate. I use one with my fav sports team on it, and just clip card off and pocket it on formal nights.. If you wear glasses, pack an eyeglass repair kit. They take no room, and I have had my glasses come apart several times on vacation. Never sitting at home??? Straws.. Not a fan of the falling apart paper ones they are using now. Bring reusable ones, or grab a handful at McD's... Beach/pool bag(s) for toting stuff to pool deck or excursions. That's probably more than you need to know, but I got carried away...
  11. Also, on most cruises I have noted that JRs does not open until 2:00 on port days, so a late lunch even if it were covered...
  12. I'm thinking a selfie was in the mix. people die trying to get that perfect instagram pic
  13. Understand the fears, but unless the doctors advise against it, its OK to let yourself live a little. Only you can answer if the time is right, but at some point life returns to normal. I had endocarditis with major open heart surgery in 2014. In the hospital before the surgery my wife asked what to do about the cruise we had booked 3 months later. Without hesitation I said, "why don't we just go on it..." I know its not the same thing, but for us it was a step toward getting our lives back to normal, and not let life beat us down. I was very weak and had to take it easy, but we both enjoyed the cruise and it was our way of getting back on the horse. If going on a cruise is something you would have done prior to your son's illness, and you have a good support system at home, maybe its a way of breaking the awful routine that leukemia has thrust upon you... God Bless your little guy...
  14. My wife had foot surgery and was on a scooter for a cruise. She had a much easier time getting on / off elevators when I was pro-active and acted as a traffic cop. I'd say, "appreciate it if yall would let my wife get on this next one" when it was our turn in line. Or I'd block the door and made it clear I was directing her on and folks usually got the idea. An occasional, excuse me, please let her on/off helped. I admit that my being on the larger side may have helped the situation a bit. .
  15. Never had a problem picking up or dropping off towels. Never waited in anything that rated being called a 'line'. Very quick and convenient, and if I want extra towels, or to swap out damp towels several times during the day its a breeze. Can't do that if you get them in your cabin.
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