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  1. Just got second dose of moderna yesterday. So far I can only report a bit of arm soreness from both shots. Hardest part was actually getting the appointment scheduled.
  2. Very true, I could see that happening. Wondering how fully staffed ships will be if they have a reduced passenger restart. Space in crew quarters and unused passenger cabins could allow some distancing with crew living arrangements. Seldom used conference facilities definitely a candidate for medical use. A separate triage / treatment area for suspected infectious diseases makes a lot of sense.
  3. Doesn't say directly, but doubting that they will eliminate emergency fire training for general crew. But looks like they will have a dedicated fire crew that will take the lead, and likely conduct such training. That's how I'd do it. Not a bad thing. Much of the job cut lingo is 'cruise-speak' to me. If I didn't know the internal staffing changes I wonder how much impact it would have (if any) to my on board experience. Speculation on my part, but I'd think eliminated positions' roles will likely be assumed by other employees. Not sure if there is a total reduction in staffing num
  4. Seen a lot of these, but my favorite was on our Jewel TA a few years back. A young lady violinist from Europe was onboard with her music teacher, traveling to study in America, I believe. She gave an afternoon show that was simply amazing. Bob was on that sailing and I know he'd remember all the details if he was still in the neighborhood. That act was a one time good deal. Other than that, my favorite was on Princess on a cruise to Hawaii in 2010. Steve Moris, former Beach Boys band member, did a comedy/Music act one evening. Laughed a lot and he could sure play the Guitar. He d
  5. WHO also said no human to human transmission. Unfortunately it seems the WHO is often more of a political agent than a health organization. No credibility with me.
  6. The San Juan departure with only one sea day was not our favorite. Port stops were nice, but that one sea day was extremely congested on the pool deck. Everyone hitting the pool and loungers for that one chance they had. Nothing at all like a day staying on board in port when you can have the ship to yourself.
  7. Saw a group at least that big on our Feb Cruise. I'd think they could slide together 2-tops as needed. Not as inflexible as MDR seating if not too busy.
  8. Which is why a balcony, even a connecting one, may not be the best choice. 😁
  9. When our 3 boys were about those same ages our go-to booking was a balcony for us and an inside directly across the hall for them. They liked the inside room and we were able to spend a bit more on them for soda packages and arcade funds and such. Momma (and I) would have gone nuts with the 'messy' boys. Gave them a bathroom, and their own space . And we got our own space as well. We never felt we didn't have sufficient oversight/control if they were across the hall. and a bit less fussing over picking up their stuff.
  10. Only real drink time limit I've heard of is the soda from the Freestyle machines.
  11. The A1-A4 in the lounge does match what we saw on Liberty earlier this month. Nice not being out on deck...
  12. Samsung, not sure of model - tried 2 separate universal remotes, it would connect and turn on/off, but no response to source button. If anyone makes it work, I'd love to hear it, but it didn't work for us like it has in the past. tried both HDMI ports thinking that might affect. Also checked all channels as 15 once was sourced to HDMI1 on a cruise. No luck.
  13. Sorry we didn't meet up this week. Seemed like we frequented the same venues. - I had the same spa experience, so did the steam as well. - Our tiny TV didn't rattle, but we couldn't change source as we previously have to watch downloads. Seemed blocked. - Did get a bit choppy at times. Sorry you missed some excursions. We gained a nap or 2... - Our cabin was also more forward than usual. More walking / vibration than used to in our preferred mid-ship. - I'm sure you know you can call and dispute Towel Tax. They should remove it. - Also enjoyed Chops and
  14. Francis and Melvin were in the DL this week. We liked them both.
  15. When they saw I liked Escargot, they offered it to me every night, regardless if it was on that night's menu. In my experience, they'll try to make it happen, as long as they have the ingredients on hand.
  16. Buying a drink should not trigger the 'upgrade' to the full package. As others have said, I can buy a drink for anyone I like. Staff watching you sit there and drink it (and possibly many others) is a different story. And if they see her drink one of your package drinks, you can expect at least an unwelcome upgrade as well. I tend to wonder what the full story behind the upgraded package charge is. I'd think it would have to be more than a drink charged to that card being automatically caught by the system. Before Royal required all parties to buy, and it was just an honor system
  17. If you have not checked in online and printed docs, you will be diverted to an area to complete a few forms. No big deal, but easier to have it done in advance and go right to the line where you will wait to see an agent, show necessary passports/docs, and proceed onto the ship.
  18. We managed to time it out right. We are 7 short of D+ and we leave on a 7 day Liberty Cruise Sunday. No wasted days 😀.
  19. Not cruise related, but I play senior softball, and we started up a small winter league last month for those of us that wanted to stay active until spring season. My team had 12 players assigned, with one lady playing who I didn't know. She saw my sweatshirt with a Big Red N college logo and asked if I was from there. I said no, I grew up in north Florida. We chatted a bit more and turns out we graduated from the same FL High School, a few years apart. Pretty slim odds to meet somebody in a small group of 12 that went to the same small school 5 states away.
  20. Maybe we'll see you on board. Wife and I are fairly local (closer than Finland) so we'll drive over Sunday morning. Liberty is a good ship, and we Texan's are pretty easy to get along with.
  21. Call and they usually allow the non drinker to buy a refreshment package.
  22. and beyond pressing any charges, Royal has the option to confine him to quarters and put him off at the next port, where he'd have to pay his own way home. That may be the 'cost' he was referring to. Watching him get tossed off the ship would likely be enough satisfaction for me... I'd take a cheap shot for that. But just one...
  23. I hear there's a good sized group of line dancers on a mini-charter on Liberty Feb 2. Imagine the country band in the lounge will have a lot of line dancing unless they have private venues / events. Hopefully those not in the group (me) don't lose the nightly band sets as we enjoy listening to a few songs and maybe dancing a bit.
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