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  1. We booked our May cruise long ago and plan / hope to go. It is my understanding that if we sail, we will get an additional OBC? I viewed my payment tab and saw only an earlier OBC noted - anyone seeing their amount adjusted to reflect the current "stay on board" incentive or am I misunderstanding that older booking would also be getting an additonal credit?
  2. The refunded monies include the Flight Ease $$$$ too?
  3. uh-oh.....so if HAL does embark in Venice which is in the Level 4 Do not Travel region? but maybe not in the "lockdown" area, would my travel health insurance then be void? That's not working for me.😔
  4. Isn't Venice in the Veneto region? Thank you so much for posting the link! Oh maybe the key phrase is "lockdown areas within" - I guess only some cities / areas in Lombardy and Veneto are locked down?
  5. We are booked on a cruise (and hope to go) that embarks in Venice mid May. However HAL has a notice (sorry, I can't link) that cruisers cannot board (thru May 31st) if they have traveled (or been in contact with individuals) from China, South Korea, Iran, Lombardy and Veneto within the 14 previous days. At least that is how I read it. So how can we fly into Venice and board our ship????? Am I mis-understanding something? Maybe someone could post a link to the notice for me, I'll try but my computer skills are sad. But I think I am correct in reasoning that it would seem no way the ship can sail fom Venice / embark passengers there? Thoughts?
  6. I find the email confusing - we are past final payment about 60 days until departure - so would we get some $$$$ and some FCC if we cancel?
  7. OK trying to digest this - are REFUNDS being offered? or the opportunity to move the date of your cruise / FCC? Skimmed both the Princess and Carnival information and it did not seem to indicate that monies would be returned. We are past final payment on our May 15th cruise.
  8. Yes, we did use Flight Ease and do assume at some point they will be in contact but again, it would seem to me, if at this point I will not be flying into Venice, they would let me know where I will, or might! be going. I am booked at this point to arrive two days early, so I'll have to change my hotel plans.
  9. On the May 15 Zuiderdam roll call near the end is a post that seems to say HALis not using flights in (or out?) of Italy thru May 31st? We are supposed to depart Venice May 15 - so now what? It would be nice to get more info about how the cruise may move forward at the same time we are informed that evidently, we will not be departing Venice.
  10. We did an early May cruise - I took long sleeved tops / cottom sweaters and then a rain jacket - it was not enough! Thank heavens I had thrown in some gloves and an ear warmer but I was still too cold too often. It got pleasant at the end in Copenhagen. Wishing you better weather but a fleece might not be a bad idea!
  11. Well how many nights? One night, stay at Doubletree or Movenpick. This area is super convenient to the ship and train station but also extremely congested - I found it fearful to exit the area and get to the more picturesque parts of Amsterdam (that may be a bit of an exaggeration but with the trams, bicycles and pedestrians - it is a total scrum). If you are staying several nights, I suggest a hotel around the canal ring or Jordan area. Down by the park and Rikes museum has some nice places too. Enjoy!
  12. You might want to get a Rick Steves guidebook - he has an Italy one and also a Mediterranean Port Guide. There will be some maps, fairly accurate, and some good logistical advice. Rome in one day is a pretty "big bite" - to maximize, you might want to do a tour. If not, pre-book anything you can. Just St. Peter's / Vatican can eat up alot of the day.
  13. But can I request they be mailed to me?
  14. Can I have HAL send out luggage tags a few weeks before departure or is the only option to print them out at home? Thanks!
  15. We will be on a 12 night cruise - can we purchase the internet package, say on day 3 at a pro-rated price for the rest of the cruise, thus not paying the 12 night price? Can we sign up from a device in our room or do we visit an internet cafe / sales point on the ship? Thanks!
  16. I would be intrested in seeing some of the routing back to the US if any passenger would care to post. We have traveled to Thailand several times - the route back to the US (Atl) is quite time consuming in best of circumstances. Wishing all onboard a speedy trip home!
  17. We have only sailed HAL two times - it has been awhile. We will be on a Med. itinerary this May on the Zuiderdam - I'm excited! Can we expect to have some lectures on board dealing with the history of the region? Also giving some tips for DIY sightseeing? (NOT promoting specific shore excursions / shops). Did I read on this board that HAL has cut back on fresh flowers? are there still jigsaw puzzles that everyone works on? where? Is there a library on Zuiderdam? Is there daily trivia? Are menus in the MDR a "set in stone" rotation - is there any effort to incorporate regional dishes / ingredients? Should we pre-purchase an internet package? price? we only need it for emails and such - not streaming movies or Youtube. I'm excited but hoping to find some of the little touches we enjoyed on earlier cruises still a part of the HAL experience!
  18. So if you can't make a reservation, does just showing up go smoothly, for example at 7pm, a couple willing to share? specifically on Zuiderdam - I mention the ship because on the line we sail most often, Celebrity, different ships in that line have wide varibility as to how well they handle the select dining. Thanks!
  19. I am really getting annoyed with all the price machinations - keep mumbling about no more cruising. But then, yesterday I booked one. I had started on-line but thought I had a CC small discount and called in and ended up booking with agent At the very end, he pulls out the non-refundable credit......grrrrrrr. I had not seen this on the on-line booking. It seems like there can now be maybe 8 different prices for the same cruise. NYT had an article about this "dynamic pricing" in all areas of travel and how often all the players can change the prices. Again, very frustrating!
  20. Some of my family are on a Carnival Cruise at Mahogany Bay today - yes, I'm wondering what they might be experiencing.
  21. Well I did a little research - I think they are docked in Mahogany Bay today - I guess I will watch CC and see if anyone reports in from ships in that area what experience they might have.
  22. Just reading about the earthquake in the Caribbean. I have a group of 8 family menbers that departed Miami on Sat. on a 7 night itinerary - can someone here figure out what ship they are probably on. I know one stop was Cancun? where Senor Frog's is (or is there more than one?) Thanks!
  23. Interesting - I thought the EDGE MDR experience was very good. Not sure any of the "differences" address much of the unhappiness that folks had with EDGE, do they? altho I did find the EDEN offerings too quirky for my (old-person) tastes.
  24. Well first of all, is the Summit quite similar to M class ships - for some reason I thought it was from a previous line, like the Zenith that we sailed years ago. Anyways, looking at a New England cruise 2020 - my goodness those sails seem to be booked - no verandahs. So I would appreciate some guidance on picking an OV cabin - I know there are the "stickies" but I find them a bit tedious. Maybe I don't know how to use them. Anyways I'm a bit concerned about noise from ship mechanics or areas above. I'll admit, we've always stayed much higher up so I'd love some encouragement about a lower deck OV cabin, specific numbers appreciated. Also if I call Celebrity to book, will I get good advice from the agent as to which available cabins would be a good choice? Thanks
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