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  1. I'm speaking from my personal experience where I've had issues getting them. As I said in my follow up though, it was a long time ago (I now just book solo cabins) so they could have fixed it.
  2. I didn't in the past, but it's been a long time (booked for two, second person didn't come). Now I just book solo and if anyone wants to come I make them book their own cabin 🙂
  3. Just bear in mind that if you book for two you won't get the extra cruise points if you end up travelling solo.
  4. Just saw it pop up in my cruise planner for my cruise next month. Given I can have lunch at Chops almost 3 times for the same amount (and use my drinks package for cocktails and wine), I know what I'd be choosing - especially as they don't say what venue it will be held in.
  5. It was a South Pacific cruise, but I scanned in each cruise compass from my cruise on Ovation in November. You can download it (1 big 25MB file) at https://shaun.net/drops/sx/2018/11/b55645c9-7875-439c-8c99-f642bf090be8/ovation-14nov2018-cruiseplanner.pdf
  6. Can't remember exactly but they start at about 5' from memory. I'm 6' and can just keep my nose above water on my toes at the deep end. I'm on EOS again in 54 days so if that's before your cruise I can report back if nobody else does. As for fruit, that shouldn't be a problem but you won't be able to take it off in ports due to customs. Note that there's usually fruit available in the Windjammer too. I've never seen this. I've always had to cancel in cruise planner and rebook. Funds usually come back onto my card in a few days.
  7. Just booked The Key for a solo cruise in March on Explorer. Worked out an extra $50 total once I cancelled Internet and booked The Key so seems like a no-brainer if only to avoid Windjammer on embarkation day. I don't really care for flow rider, but if it includes special ice-skating hours (I've been ice-skating since I was 9 years old - so 25 years now) then I will be there with bells on!
  8. Yes, same. I get the drinks package for cocktails and sparkling water. Wine I usually buy by the bottle and utilise the 20-40% discount (depending on the base price) that comes with the drinks or dining package.
  9. I had the new checkin process for the first time a few weeks back. Still had to go to a check in counter but it was much quicker. They asked if I wanted to use the same card or a different one - so you can just change it then. Worse case just leave it. Your card will decline when they process the card batch the night of your first onboard purchases and you can go to guest services to give them a new card. Happened to me once when it triggered a fraud block and my phone was off so I missed the call from my bank.
  10. That is true. I love my visits to Texas! (and when flying into Dallas the flight attendants go nuts when they see my last name 🤣)
  11. This was in Chops and service was excellent so we tipped them what the corkage would have been and then some. Even as Australians on cruises out of Australia we always tip unlike most others (probably helps that I spend about 2 months a year in the USA so am very used to tipping) 🙂 I didn't really raise a fuss. I just mentioned that we hadn't been charged corkage before (we had two cabins and had already gone through three other bottles in other restaurants on just that cruise with no mention of it) and that we'll save the wine for later and have glasses of wine from our drinks package instead. That's when it was waived. After the tip they gave us a heads up. If the wine is a brand they sell onboard then they think you've purchased it on the ship and won't charge corkage. That made sense as the other bottles were vintage versions of what they already have like a delicious 2006 Perrier-Jouët. The fourth bottle of wine was a bit more special and unique (we'd saved that one for last). I didn't actually know about the corkage policy until I looked it up after we were seated at the restaurant. Next cruise we'll just enjoy the wine in our cabins 🙂
  12. Most of my cruises are fortunately out of Sydney, and I'm lucky enough to live about 3km (2 miles) from the cruise terminal so this isn't usually a problem for me. But when I do need to fly to meet a cruise I always go the day before. Sure travel insurance can pick up the costs if you miss the cruise, but you've still missed the cruise... Even just this past week there have been two days in Sydney with horrible weather and many flight cancellations. Ovation apparently delayed departure as there were too many people that hadn't made the ship yet. I do realise that not everyone can do that due to work or other commitments but if you are able to - why start your holiday with unnecessary stress by flying on the same day? I actually fly a lot (up to 150 flights a year) for work and personal reasons and flying somewhere the night before I need to be in a place has saved me grief more times than I can count. Last August I was in the USA for work and then a friend's wedding in Los Angeles. Hurricane Harvey happened and at the last minute I decided to fly to LAX a day earlier than originally planned. My original flight ended up being cancelled and if I didn't change my plans I would have been stranded in Texas and missed the wedding (and my flight home to Sydney afterwards).
  13. They tried to charge corkage on Ovation this month. I pointed out that we've never been charged corkage in years of bringing 2 bottles on each cruise and if they want to charge it we'll just get individual glasses of wine on our drinks package and save the bottle for later. Corkage was magically waived. (I have a very extensive wine cellar with a 200 bottle wine fridge at home for wine that's ready to drink plus managed cellarage so take two bottles of really good wine on every cruise)
  14. I had it on Ovation last week. Hot, fresh, and a really nice base. I quite enjoyed it - and I'm fussy when it comes to pizza (I won't eat Dominos, etc). Nothing compares to the Italian wood-fired pizza place near my home though 🙂
  15. I just had to pick myself up off the floor with laughter. If they maintain this price onboard then I will no longer be going to Izumi. I often go there for lunch and the occasional dinner - my usual lunch order of the firecracker spring rolls and the nabeyaki udon comes to around $23. Four of us had lunch there last week on Ovation at a la carte pricing and it was about USD$100 for plenty of food. Under this pricing structure it has literally doubled. There are plenty of amazing Japanese restaurants within walking distance of where I live in Sydney so I guess I'll just skip it when cruising...
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