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  1. I also ordered one. My steak and my wife's filet.
  2. I do not go near Starbucks as it is over roasted to being on the edge of burnt. But being a loyal Peetnik I tend to avoid Starbucks like the plague. Now why my DW likes Starbucks I never know, but she puts more dairy and sugar than what was coffee to start with. To each their own.
  3. Goto Snow City Cafe for breakfast.
  4. Ahhh. I did two page topic search and did not see anything that matched. "How Great is This!" Was not something that caught my eye. Oh well.
  5. My wife does hide a few quilted hearts around the ship. Attached is a small quote of something uplifting or as simple as "You are Loved".
  6. While I cannot say if it will be permitted, but if so, expect a request for the cooler to pass into the X-ray screener like any other carry on luggage. Keep those dimensions in mind if you take try to bring it. Maybe what would be best is a foldable hand cart that you can find in luggage stores. Water pallets and soda 12/24 packs will scan easily and all held with bungie cords.
  7. Maasdam was shown on the morning news today in the process of docking at the pier in SF. Was good to see.
  8. Did you get an email from HAL of your Guest Booking Confirmation PDF? If you did the text inside the PDF when getting the standard policy does state about the protection plan.
  9. How often then did you goto the Colombo Club for dinner? Many changes in Alameda now.
  10. It is even worse now. My office is in Oakland, but my work number area code is 628 which on it own is an overlay of 415.
  11. I have booked a BST on every cruise I have taken, it never gets old. When on the Noordam last I asked the Neptune Lounge concierge that I was interested in booking it, she told me a private one will be scheduled for both Pinnacle Suites later on in the week. And sure enough three days later we were invited with the other PS guests on a private tour. It was a nice time.
  12. This most likely because I live in the East Bay, but many I work with and are friends with will call SF "San Fran" or The City. From people that have lived in the EB all their lives or a newbie like me that moved here 25 years ago. But I do agree that "frisco" moniker is 100% tourist. But to each their own.
  13. I did this for my Wife. She did not know until I opened the door to the suite. Since we were on the train from Anchorage the Hotel Manager did not know when we would be on the ship so taking the chance I did not mull around to ruin the surprise. I was really nervous to her reaction but I felt better when the first words from her lips was "Get the Camera" I knew I was home free.
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