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  1. I got this promotion code on my computer yesterday and expiry date was 31st March. Tried to book two trips but they were booked out. Will I be able to get another code , when I book at a much later date.
  2. Great. Hoping to relax and watch the odd movie.
  3. The TV entertainment system has lots choices of things to watch but it constantly buffers and it freezes and you can't hear anything for 5-10 seconds and it happens ALL the time. Even with their own ship broadcasts the system constantly buffers. Try to listen to the shore excursions briefing on the TV and it is a real chore. Watch a movie, others have mentioned, and it buffers in the middle of it and it could never be restarted. This extract was from a review I was reading.
  4. I have read in reviews that there is a lot of buffering and freezing while trying to watch a movie. Can anyone tell me of their experiences with watching movies.
  5. Camera must be out of action. Stuck on 4th February.
  6. What stop have they dropped, and was there any price adjustment. This trip (North Pacific passage) is on my want list, but I was concerened about the Bering Sea. Would be interested to hear your review when you return.
  7. How were the included excursions. There have been numerous complaints about the tours in Asia , Australia and New Zealand.
  8. Oh no. Queuing for dinner. I thought this was a cruise line where I could avoid this. What would be a good time to avoid lines for dinner.
  9. I have booked the 4 day extension to the Terracotta Warriors and Beijing. At least they are going to be professional. I hope Viking does do some improvements to the Far East Discovery Tour, but I doubt it as they are only 2 tours this year, then they seem to have cancelled it. Not dates for 2020 or 2021. No excuses for the Australian cruise . You should be able do do a good tour at the stops in Australia.
  10. I was hoping for better things from Viking. I like river cruises, but Europe is so far from New Zealand, and I cannot face another long, long flight and have done the Asian river cruises. Just returned from Myanmar . Viking seemed a good fit to change from River to Ocean, and shorter flights in the Asian and Australian region. Even South American has a direct flight from New Zealand and about 11 hours flight. Was just checking that out for next trip. Will hold judgement until I have actually done a cruise with Viking.
  11. Viking Orion Bali to Sydney Worst Shore Excursions Ever https://www.cruisecritic.com.au/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=643734 I am booked on the Hong Kong to Beijing tour (Far East Discovery) in September and was disappointed to read bad reviews about the recent tours. I had wanted to go on the Bali To Sydney tour but my husband liked the China tour. It was a hard job to get him to go on an ocean tour as he only likes river cruises. Convinced him that Viking Oceans was different and included tours and was small. Seems like the Bali To Sydney tour ( Komodo and the Australia Coast), tours were even worst. The link above is a recent review of this tour. I expected the included tours to be a bit basis, and I do not mind it just being a bus tour, but the tours on this trip sound appalling. The cruise does include tours, so they should be of a reasonable standard. otherwise why bother. The paid for tour also sounds extremely disappointing. Has anyone got anything good to say about any of the Asian cruises, or the Australian and New Zealand cruises regarding the included tours. I know this area is new to Viking this year, but some research must have gone into it. Where is the quality control. Come on Viking, review these poor tours and make changes.
  12. Does this also apply to 3052, 5054, and 3056. which are on the other side.
  13. I live in New Zealand and our bookings are in Australian dollars. I also was assuming that if I booked another cruise on board, it would be based on the Australian pricing and currents perks, plus whatever discount for booking on board????>
  14. Princess Wharf is Auckland. Station Pier is Melbourne. 30th December Departure is from Auckland.
  15. When did Viking change Melbourne to Geelong . The itinerary says Melbourne with the free tour being in Melbourne.??? I wish they would add Fiordland Sounds to this itinerary. Seems strange to miss it off.
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