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  1. I received a notice today from Viking, and I have been moved to Viking Mars for 2023, same itinerary and dates, (just reverse trip) Sydney to Auckland instead of Auckland to Sydney and same cabin and they have still honored my free included Business class fare, so I am happy.
  2. Thats good news. I hope they have added some new cruises to their itinerary, not just doubling up on whats already available.
  3. I have just got back into my account and find that I have been moved to Feb 2023 but the reverse itinerary . Sydney to Auckland. I had booked Auckland to Sydney. Not given any option, and do not know if the same booking conditions apply as my first trip. (included business airfares?) or what cabin number I have been given. Hopefully my travel agent knows more. Will contact him on Monday. Just noticed that 21st Feb Sydney to Auckland does not exist on 2023 schedule. Wonder if another ship has been added.
  4. I am on the February cruise and I have not been notified, but my account is locked.
  5. With the New Zealand summer season of cruises removed from the website today , I would expect to be getting a cancellation notice shortly. I was hoping Jan/Feb 2022 would go ahead. 2023 is to far away.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_OR0Upi54E&t=9s Great video from the Visit with Us team. "The Most Stylish Cruise Sip Ever". This video is of the ship, more to come featuring dining and cabins.
  7. Are the new cabins on the Quest the same size as the other OV cabins on Deck 4. I read somewhere on this site that they were smaller. Look the same on the deck plan. Cannot see why they would be a different size. Cabins I am referring to are 4060-4070.
  8. Cover all basic standard spirits in the included list . At the moment Dark Rum and Brandy is not included, and stop charging for movies . Not acceptable at this level.
  9. Tauranga is being missed on my NZ/Aust tour start date Feb 21st 2022. Schedule now says day at sea. No substitute port, and still arriving at the normal time in Napier (the next port). How do they use up the time of missed day in port. Do they go on a go slow to the next port. Tauranga is a major port for tourists to miss if they want to go to Rotorua or Hobbiton.
  10. I have sailed with Viking Orion. My Southern Transatlantic obviously is cancelled, so am cruising close to home and have booked Auckland to Sydney, and am thinking of adding the Sydney to Bali as a back to back. This is for February/March 2022. Hoping this will happen. Been covid free for quite a while in Auckland but have just plunged into 3 day lockdown from last night. I am missing those crab legs and the lamb chops at breakfast.
  11. How many menus does Viking have for the main dining room. How long before they start repeating.
  12. I have just booked a cruise, and cannot use FCC as deposit, but fully covered under the latest Viking guarantees. I have been sitting on the fence about booking a cruise, so have booked a cruise Auckland to Sydney which included Business class fare. Will stay close to home at the moment.
  13. Under Viking rules at the moment any booking made before 28th February has the guarantee that you can cancelled up to 24hrs before and received a FCC refund. I was reading my FCC certificate and it states cannot be reissued or used towards another cruise, *This voucher can be used on any new Viking cruise and will be applied at booking. This voucher is non-transferable, cannot be used as payment for a Travel Protection Plan, and the voucher must be redeemed by the expiration date prior to final payment. Once redeemed, it cannot be re-issued or used towards another cruise, and
  14. I have read about possible noise from being over the lifeboats, but if the cruise I am on does not have any tendered ports is this still an issue.
  15. I am in New Zealand but would love the choice of cruising from Perth . The West Coast, and the Maldives would be great.
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