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  1. Nope, and I'm pretty concerned about my Feb 2021 cruise tbh
  2. I checked my credit card today and the refund has posted...though the date of refund shows April 26 it took until today to show. But I did get refunded for my drink packages, photo package and an excursion.
  3. Spoke with RCCL today, now they are saying 30-45 days for cruise planner refunds...who knows what that will turn into as it's ever changing...BEWARE of repricing...
  4. Leaving rooms propped open and leaving Seapass cards in open rooms is a horrendous idea. Seapass cards are tied to a credit card. Can you imagine the theft?? Seapass cards should be issued at check-in before boarding the ship.
  5. The last time my family of 5 (me, husband, and 3 toddlers) went somewhere was Feb 18 to Disney. Haven't gone anywhere since, except for groceries or for my husband to pick up paychecks. Speaking of Allure, how did you like it? I'm booked for end of November this year (wishful and hopeful by then we'll be able to cruise in relative safety) on Allure and we are still looking forward to it in spite of RCCL's horrendous customer service. I had originally booked Harmony 15 months in advance to sail April 2020 to celebrate mine and my husband's 3 year wedding anniversary...we haven't
  6. This is the first post of yours on this subject that I completely agree with. Population density has a great deal to do with case prevalence. It's not the be all to end all though. Rural factories in the midwest have had outbreaks as well. L.A. fared better than NYC because the governor of California implemented Stay at Home orders in March, FAR ahead of the rest of the country, and that actually did help them slow the spread there. Now, I don't care to get into political debate on which states with which parties are doing such and such, because I think there are idiots on both sides. Bu
  7. That was me you were talking to😉, and I replied to this response of yours: "But, why DO people get tested at this point in time? "
  8. Wow, that is a far cry from what I expected to see. But who knows what year that questionnaire will be implemented, afterall...
  9. The idea behind mass testing is for several reasons. Mainly for research and data purposes to get a better idea of how many people actually got the disease, the range of symptoms (if any) experienced, underlying conditions that contribute to hospitalization, etc but ALSO because people who are asymptomatic can possibly donate plasma to help make the vaccine or cures.
  10. Here is our Florida map showing south Florida where Miami is a hotspot of Covid cases. Directly west of the Miami hotspot are zero reported cases (by zipcode) in the gray areas. This tells me that it's not that certain zip codes are somehow "immune" to Covid, because that's an absolutely ridiculous assumption, but rather they have not been tested due to lack of accessibility or some other reason.
  11. Fair enough in regards to zip code. Testing is still not widely available. And it does note that they estimate people in their communities are positive but have not been tested by a laboratory and therefore not a confirmed case, however they also note that the estimate the number of cases per zip code based on surrounding areas' confirmed cases and looks like every zip code has cases estimated but not officially tested. Let's revisit what this chart looks like in 2 weeks.
  12. You are proving my point. Every single one of your counties has cases of Covid.
  13. Here you go. Up to date as of yesterday afternoon. Every single one of your counties has cases. https://www.scdhec.gov/infectious-diseases/viruses/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19/sc-testing-data-projections-covid-19
  14. That chart is 3 weeks old, and before your state issued it's Stay at Home order on April 7.
  15. I'm highly skeptical that you have zero cases in your area. Every single county in my state has at least 1 case, and there is tons of sparsely populated farm country here. If you truly have zero cases, backed up by scientific data, then you are the exception and not the rule.
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