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  1. The food quality in the Haven restaurant is definitely better than the main dining rooms and buffet and at least as good if not better than the specialty restaurants and the service in Haven is outstanding. I have not tried Celebrity and Regent is out of my price range. I have a Viking cruise booked but I have not sailed Viking yet so I can't compare the two products.
  2. That was our experience on the Norwegian Escape a year ago. One night my husband wanted prime rib and they sent down to Cagney's for it. If they have to get your item from another restaurant, it does take a little longer.
  3. Just wanted to mention with regard to the Haven's menu that never changes, they will bring you items not on the menu as long as it is on the ship. One night on our recent trip my son noticed that the main dining room listed salmon as one of the evening's specials. My husband wanted spaghetti. Neither salmon nor spaghetti were on the menu at the Haven restaurant. I convinced both of them to come with me to the Haven restaurant and both of them got the meals that they requested. The chef just asked which sides my son wanted with his grilled salmon. I was the only one who ordered off the Haven menu (lamb chops) and everyone was very happy with their meals.
  4. Thanks, Clay. I will call and ask. The price is the same but it changes my paid in full date to November 30 (right now it is December 31).
  5. I wondered the same thing. I also am not seeing it. I booked last month for March 2022 and was hoping to get this new promotion applied.
  6. Hi Peachy - for what it's worth. I was also given a December 31, 2020 final payment date for a Transatlantic Crossing in March 2022. I don't know whether or not they have always done this. I have also been used to other cruise lines with final payment due 120 days out.
  7. On Deck 11 Port Side there is an observation room where you can see into the bridge. There are also various instruments that are kinda cool to look at. At night I think the room is either closed or shades are drawn so that light from inside the ship doesn't inhibit the ability of those on the bridge to see what is in front of the ship.
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