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  1. Thank you for all the great ideas, especially about checking our bags. These tips are most helpful.
  2. I love these tour ideas, thank you! We've been to NYC several times so we are not trying to "see everything." Just wanted to make the most of our day there. We have never been to Coney Island, so I am leaning to the Brooklyn Pizza Tour. It sounds awesome as I loved SNF!
  3. Hi there, our ship arrives in manhattan at 7:15am and our flight from LGA is at 9:15pm. Any recommendations for a good tour of the city, preferably not just riding a bus around all day? We will have our suitcases in tow.
  4. I looked those up and all sound so good! And, exactly what I'm looking for. I may have to experiment and mix up a French 75 at home tonight!
  5. I had no idea about the app and booking and utilizing it waiting to board, thank you so much. I will also go to a kiosk first think for comedy shows. I really appreciate this tip!
  6. Excellent advice! Yes, I think this is what we will do and maybe take them to one specialty and pay a la carte.
  7. I was thinking that we would have enough to share other than the main course, so this helps confirm that, thank you! My boys love steak too!
  8. All of the tips are very appreciated!! We will be taking your advice and have a drink and maybe an appetizer earlier in the evening in the MDR or buffet while boys eat, then take to camp, then enjoy the specialty dining. We will take them to one of our specialty restaurants, probably Cagney's since they love steak. Thank you again!! I'm so excited and so happy I booked this cruise.
  9. My 9 year old boys must be growing through a growing spurt, they eat more than me! I love to "waste" my money on food/new exeriences for my boys, but thanks for your 2 cents worth. Happy cruising!
  10. Thank you, especially the tip about the kids club filling up. : ) Happy cruising.
  11. Good advice, they have liked the kid clubs in the past and it would be nice to dine without them getting "antsy" for having to sit still so long. Thank you!! Thanks also for the info on the shows. I love piano bars and comedians!
  12. Hi there, New to NCL (well, sailed on the Pride of ALOHA, in 2005 or 2006) and just booked the Escape with the specialty dining package included for first 2 passengers. I understand that children are complimentary IF ordering off of the children's menu. Well, I was able to finally find one of those menus (which is the same for all restaurants) and it sounded terrible (hot dog, nuggets, pizza, etc). Our sons enjoy the dining experience because they like trying new things. I grimace thinking about their faces as I am having my filet mignon and they are having a hot dog. So, I am probably looking at purchasing them a package as well. My question is, do you experienced NCL cruisers think we will do better purchasing in advance or waiting and purchasing the meal they choose a la carte? I've read differing accounts as to being charged for 2 appetizers and desserts. I am thinking we will do better just purchasing their meals separately as we go and asking for two apps and desserts for myself and husband to share with our sons. Is that cheating? We have reservations at Bayomo, Bistro and Cagneys. 2nd question: They like milk at dinner. Is milk available for children? 3rd question: I was only able to reserve one show on my sailing. Any advice for getting reservations on-board? Should I, like, rush to guest services right after boarding? 4th question: My first time with a drink package in about 15+ cruises, not a big drinker and I do not like the sweet frozen drinks (after about the first one- kills my appetite and I feel like I'm drinking dessert). What is your favorite not-too-sweet NCL drink? Thank you in advance!
  13. We requested reservations for the steakhouse on the first night, received an email reply that our requested time was not available, but a later time was. I replied back that we would take the later time, but did not receive a confirmation. Does anyone know if the reservation will show up somewhere? How should I check? Should I email again? TIA
  14. I would never take a passport ashore. My post above said I am going to take a PHOTO on my phone and take with me ashore, in case of emergency and passport number is needed.
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