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  1. Those were great days, weren't they?:D But you forgot to mention how the sign was blown off the side of Constellation in Mid-North Atlantic. You've got a good attitude: find out everything good or bad, reliable or otherwise (you are certainly finding out;)); realizing that the ship is a moving vessel and stating "otherwise what would be the point" (so many people expect the ship to be a land-based hotel -- It's obvious to me that you are not expecting it to be so - congratulations!) Like Joanie (Ma Bell) I love the ship acting like a ship. I'm always disappointed if the Atlantic Ocean is like a 'mill-pond' when we cross (it has been on four disappointing occasions). But then, I love roller-coasters, too. The side-to-side rolling has been a very rare occurrence in the 251 nights I've sailed on ships (C2C has way more than that). Incidentally, on one of our crossings -- with 40 foot swells (different from a wave) Celebrity Constellation rode the seas better than the QE did on the same crossing. You and your family are going to have a wonderful time on your cruise. Terry:)
  2. Hi Don, We've twice been on Celebrity ships that offered this "surprise" evening buffet: Once, at Le Havre on Celebrity Constellation -- the AsstM d' advised it was because they were expecting the returns from the Paris day trips to be later than normal -- apparently there was a unique traffic situation. The other time was on Celebrity Millennium in October 2004 -- again it was an unusual situation relating to late returns from long day excursions. Having said that, on another occasion when we were at Le Havre, the evening buffet was not an option. Instead, they offered open-seating in the Main Dining Room -- with almost riot-causing results:eek: The buffet availability would have been a better option. Terry:)
  3. Hi Kim, We were lucky enough to spend 29 nights on Mercury in February and March this year, sailing from Australia to Auckland and Auckland to Honolulu (B2B). The staff were excellent. We did not miss a specialty restaurant. You can order from the Main Dining Room menu for Dinner and Lunch for Room Service -- your Cabin Attendant will get the menu for you and bring the meal to your cabin. In addition, there is a 24 hour Room Service Menu available -- you order through your interactive television or via telephone. In addition to that, there is the Breakfast Room Service menu. Furthermore, if you are in Concierge Class, you have an additional, special Breakfast menu you can order from Room Service. Room Service is Complimentary -- we usually slip the person delivering a couple of dollars, since it is not always our Cabin Attendant. Terry:)
  4. Hi Karen, I saw you, too! :) Hope you had a great trip! Terry:)
  5. Hi Garry! I guessed right, you're the one with the photogenic wave. Terry:)
  6. Inlet Cam, Beautiful shots!!!! Me, too, Phil! It's 'old home week' on Solstice! Terry:)
  7. Steve, our condolences to you and your DW on the passing of your FIL -- may he rest in peace. Terry & Doug
  8. Hi Stephanie,DH and I are on the same sailing. We opted for an AFT on Deck Ten. Our Roll Call is at: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=774028 We look forward to seeing you there and finding out if you upgraded or not.:) Terry & Doug
  9. We thoroughly enjoyed our five night stay at East Lee B&B, in the heart of Dover, in August '07. Hostess Pat & Host Mike were very friendly. Breakfasts (four choices, pre-selected the night before) were not only excellent, but the portions were very generous. Dining room and settings were beautiful. Sleeping accommodations are on first (sort of) and second level of building. The first floor is two steps up from the main floor entry. Our room was beautifully decorated in Victorian style. Good sized ensuite bathroom with shower. Very clean rooms. Location is not far from Castle (a must see -- particularly the Secret Wartime Tunnels) and a few blocks from the Best Western Churchill (which is along the waterfront). The Cruise Ship port is at the Western Docks (the Ferry Ship Terminal is the Eastern Docks), so it is a taxi ride away. I can't tell you the price, because we had rented a car for our stay. My DH dropped me and our luggage at the pier, returned the car to the rental company and walked back to the Cruise Ship Terminal to check in with me. Be aware that prices are high in the United Kingdom. Since we were staying there for five days pre-cruise, we took advantage of the local grocery stores and purchased items (like rotisseried chicken, salad, dinner rolls and brewed coffee - or juice, or soda) and had some meals 'al fresco' in the park a block and a half from the B&B. Have a great cruise!
  10. Andy, being "spoken for" doesn't really matter, does it? I'm thinking about Zenith. We were on board the day it was announced that she was leaving Celebrity. She was scheduled for itineraries past the date of her leaving the fleet, and only some of those were able to be transferred to Azamara. The rest of the bookings were either offered space on a different Celebrity itinerary or fell into 'limbo'. It wouldn't surprise me if something similar happened w/ Galaxy. (And, later, Mercury). Just a thought. Terry
  11. Thank you for the clarification, Scott. I was never in the position of monitoring my e-mail, strictly a keep-in-touch person. :D
  12. I think we get information overload w/ our documents and then all the newsletters, advertisements, etc on boarding day. :eek: From my understanding, Guest Relations should have reversed this for you if you let them know you were trying to do Emails as opposed to Internet. Sorry you had to experience a "live and learn" moment. On the other hand you've now contributed another little known secret about Celebrity -- i.e. be aware that you don't need to use "Internet" to receive/send "Email". Have a great next cruise virgenia :)
  13. Perhaps, things have changed somewhat since we were on Constellation at the beginning of May this year. At that time, internet was $.75/minute but Email (which was separate from Internet) was a flat $2.00 for the first 100 kilobytes and $1.00 for each additional 100 kilobytes per message. ($2.00 for incoming and $2.00 for outgoing -- we never had more than 100 kilobytes per message). The maximum size per Email was 2 megabytes. What we experienced is the same information that is on the Celebrity OnLine site:http://www.celebrityatsea.com/index.aspx?value=5
  14. [quote name='MGilly']...I do have one question: people have talked about using four-digit codes to open the safe in their cabin. Do all of the ships have the code-type of safe? I thought I'd read on another thread that some ships have the magnetic strip card kind of safe. We're sailing on the Millennium next June, and I'd really appreciate it if someone would tell me which kind of safe we'll find in our cabin. Thanks![/quote]Our personal experience: [LIST] [*]Constellation 14 days Apr/May 2003; [*]Millennium 28 days Oct/Nov 2004; [*]Infinity 14 days Oct 2005; [*]Constellation 19 days Apr/May 2006; [/LIST] All of the safes (located in the closet in each cabin) on the above itineraries, had the slot for a magnetic card [B]but[/B] had signs advising pax to use the four digit code. Never had any problems with the code, opening or closing the safe. All contents (monies, credit cards, tickets, passports, cameras, jewellery, papers, medications, stronger medications, CD writer, plus more) remained securely in safe unless we took them out. Enjoy Millennium (Mediterranean?) next June.:)
  15. Joanna, it's like Tom says -- getting into the lab can be tricky. My DH takes two batteries, a recharger and a portable disk burner along with his digital camera. The disk burner worked like a charm from the Mediterranean & WB Transatlantic, thru Hawaii, thru the Caribbean & thru an EB Transatlantic. He took between 500 and 700 photos per tour in the Mediterranean. He averahged 550 photos daily for the other itineraries - lots and lots of sunsets. It doesn't take very long to burn the disk. It takes about three hours to recharge each battery. You have lots of options and the Computer staff are very friendly and eager to help -- you just have to plan your time to get to them.
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