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  1. How do you actually book these sales to get the sale price? Is there a special site to use to get the sale prices? Or book online thru the website, call C&A, call Royal? What is the process? TIA
  2. Wow! Very nice of you to not take the “compensation” offered. I sure would have. Once we were unhappy in the MDR over something much less than bugs in our food & they gave us a $250 each (yes 2) voucher off a future cruise.... we gracefully accepted it. Didn’t ask for or expect it.... but did take it. And yes, that is what keeps us loyal to Royal. Thanks for your stories... will be sailing on Allure (our first time on a BIG ship).... and we’ll even be in a suite... so will spend time in the CK! I’ll order my salad minus the bugs... j/k. 😂
  3. So what happened to the "Stowaway" story? Still intrigued...
  4. Thinking of Paul Harvey just now....waiting to hear "The Rest of the Story".... Lioness, I can't stand the suspense....
  5. Awww man...I was ready for the next chapter! CC does that to me sometimes...it has hiccups... I am certain it had nothing to do with your content.... tick-tock.... fingers tapping on the table... tick-tock...
  6. There are no sailings in Sept on Allure on the 11th or 18th. They are 9-1 / 9-8 / 9-15 / 9-22 / 9-29. All still have cabins available. We sail on her on the 29th.... Sept 15th sailing - Interior & Outside View cabins are SOLD OUT... this may be the one. Totally guessing.
  7. Well...how do "they" know then? Apparently some know...
  8. Another question...how do people know that far in advance how many C & A guests will be onboard... is that something "I" can find out?
  9. We are sailing then too...…………………………. curious which sailing she is talking about....
  10. Great storytelling! You have captured my attention... Now I MUST know...… Just which week in September are they talking about? As I sail on Allure in September - in a suite..... Do tell...…
  11. So, here’s what they are charging for the Deluxe Beverage package now for my March 2020 cruise....
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