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  1. Ok.... just wanted to verify what I felt was the answer! Thanks all!
  2. Hi all! Just off Allure, we sailed in a suite - SKY class. The suite lounge on THAT ship offered free beer, wine, soda & water daily from 11am-11pm. However that perk was not mentioned on the SKY Class perks list provided in our room. So my question is concerning my next sailing on the Liberty of the Seas, again sailing in a suite. The suite perks listed online only mention free drinks in the Suite Lounge from 4:30 - 8:00pm. I am wondering if possibly anyone who has **recently** sailed in a suite on Liberty can speak to whether or not drinks are offered all day (as on Allure) or if they just offer the 4:30-8:00pm drinks benefit. I had bought the Deluxe Beverage Package on Allure & found I didn't really need it being able to access the Suite Lounge for drinks all day. (I only drink wine). I am trying to decide if I should buy it for my upcoming Liberty cruise. While I appreciate folks telling me what the benefits are on paper or even on Royal's website...I'd really like to hear from someone with recent experience on that ship. THANKS in Advance y'all!
  3. I got our email on Sunday...& replied right away...he replied last night (Wed.) same as you...passed my dinner reservations to CK staff & it would be handled before we board on Sunday.
  4. I got a reply just now from the Concierge....
  5. I WILL!!! And how cool you actually KNOW what my user name is.... only a few have! 🙂
  6. Star Class = 2 weeks out. Sky Class = 1 week out.
  7. I agree! I was hoping to just go there around noon....
  8. It does show it but not for LUNCH on day 1...says it opens at 3:00 for dinner.
  9. THANK YOU!! Exactly what I needed to know!
  10. THANKS...….. But I know that as well...……………. but we want to have lunch before we get to our Stateroom.... I know all the suite perks..... just need to know where we can have lunch without having to eat in the Windjammer with all the masses. Maybe I should rephrase this question...…………… where do the Pinnacles get to have lunch on embarkation day?
  11. I was thinking that.... but can't find anything "certain" about it..... THANKS
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