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  1. When we did it, at the time had the included classic package and on the main page of my celebrity there was an upgrade link for both the premium & the drinks and more packages
  2. Hi, yes our cruise is now over, my thoughts now it’s over is we’d only upgrade to the drinks & more package for cruises of 5 nights or under as the only real Benefit to us was the casino obc... the rest when the system works is really just fluff, for us it was far too much trouble vs the benefits casino obc - ✅ not that we turned it into any winnings though... but worth a try! free 2 bottles of wine each - ❌ very poor quality mini bar - ❌ had to ask several times (on a five night cruise) for it to be restocked, plus was told they had run
  3. That is a good point... we did ask the agent onboard to not send it over to our agent as I had a feeling I might need to re-price while still onboard, he said no problem, all I had to do was sign a form while there 👍🏻
  4. Hi I booked onboard the reflection yesterday and re-priced it this morning as the new deal worked out better vs what we had yesterday, no problem and a very quick process 👍🏻
  5. I’ll have a look through some info to let you know where we snorkelled, we did 3 stops and all were great, although one was a little tricky getting in & out of the water, we came across one other we wished we had time for just a little south from the 1000 steps site, so you could start there as suggested by another poster, (there are quite a few steps down to it but don’t worry not quite 1000) 😂, then head south to do the next one... name to follow but it’s literally a few mins south, it has a ladder down to the water which looked amazing, then head to the town & southern section also
  6. Hi, thats the same same time we was import, I guess it depends on what you want to do? If you want to just drive around the island stopping for the pictures etc I’d say yes you would have time to see it all, if like us you want to snorkel at a few different locations then I’d say it would be tight, we ended up getting back just before 2pm and did the south section and went up to as far as you can north before it turns into a one way section, if you go past that you need around 2 hrs to get back to their office/town/port I believe, i would say be ready to g
  7. Day 9 and all I can say is it’s not got any better.... regarding a previous posters post about going between 6.30-7pm that’s exactly what we’ve tried to do most nights and it’s not made any difference at all, requested a 2 top and every time we were given a buzzer, this resulted in anything from 35 to 70 min waiting times, last night after getting the dreaded buzzer I decided to have a quick look in the left hand side of the restaurant (no reservations side) and saw 12 x 2 tops set & 5 others ready to be set, I know how restaurants work etc and the flow management
  8. Hi, further to my my previous post we are now back on the ship after a day in Bonaire having rented a golf cart this time, now having experienced both the golf cart & woodwind I have to say the golf carts win hands down... I mean wow, what a great day we had, first of all both check in & collecting the cart the cart was very easy and quick, this really does seem a great company with very helpful people, now I say the golf cart wins but I guess there are a couple of factors to consider... firstly you first need to be completely comfortable driving
  9. Hi, We have just got back onboard the Reflection in Curacao and we did a snorkel trip with scubacao, at first we were a little surprised as it wasn’t a boat trip but instead we drove to the sites but actually I think we preferred driving to the sites, we are generally half day trip people and like to get back to the ship around 1-2pm, see more info below! Aruba - always seems to envolée a trip to Eagle Beach, we just get a taxi to the Amsterdam Manor Hotel and right opposite you can rent chairs under umbrellas, Bonaire - we did woodwind snorkel last time and
  10. Currently on the Reflection and it’s still on our schedule in a few days 👍🏼
  11. Currently on the Reflection and the select dining option is working terribly, by far the worst of the 15 celebrity crises I’ve done so far, last night we decided to go around 6.45pm to avoid the normal 7-7.30pmrush, there was a huge queue so decided to wait a little longer and had another drink... went back 20 mins later and the queue was as bad so we decided to wait for a buzzer only to be told (by the time we got to the front of the queue) it would be around an hour wait... we got seated around 55 mins later... I'm guessing everyone wanted to eat early which is fine and I guess
  12. So another interesting update.... just got got back from GR who confirmed to me that the system should be the room steward should check the mini bar and he/she should then inform the bar person in charge of refilling the mini bar... obviously this didn’t happen for us! GR informed me he would send someone to refill the mini bar... great no problem 👍🏼, We get back to the cabin and the first guy comes to check what’s required to inform the other person to bring it... the other guy comes with a bag of stuff but informed us that they have run out
  13. We are enjoying it, but always our general thinking is any cruise is better vs no cruise... after reading a few reviews regarding the state of the ship I was expecting it to be more run down that it is but to be honest it’s still in pretty good shape considering, and as you are talking about after the refurb I’m sure you’d have a great cruise, this issue really doesn’t affect our cruise at all it’s just one of those things, I’ve been on enough celebrity cruises to know there is always a chance of minor issues at some point, all the food we’ve eaten so far has been very good and e
  14. We asked the cabin dude as mentioned in the original post, and his response was he didn’t look after the mini bar nor did he know who did? His words were someone else comes around later to deal with it, He said maybe go to GR as they would be able to sort it... hence my issue that I went to GR and it clearly wasn’t sorted, so maybe HD should be the next step? 🤔
  15. Currently on the infinity and we both have the drinks & more package, here is our experience so far... Straight away way we had a couple of issues/questions so asked the room steward... to be told he has nothing to do with the package or mini bar stock and told us to speak to GR! Wine in cabin - on arrival we found 2 bottles of wine only in our cabin, we had to go to GR to get the other 2 bottles, we asked about changing the bottles and was told no other options are available! The wine given isn’t very good so at this strange not sure what we will do with th
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