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  1. As mention it could be E2 - dining room, I did a list from my recent reflection cruise and I guess all the S/class ships are the same... the list is here - Celebrity Reflection current Muster Stations -  A1 - Theatre upper Deck 5 A2 - Theatre upper Deck 5 A3 - Theatre upper Deck 5 A4 - Theatre Lower Deck 4 A5 - Theatre Lower Deck 4 A6 - Theatre Lower Deck 4 B1 - Deck 5 Photo Gallery B2 - Deck 5 Shops C1 - Michaels Club C2 - Ensemble Lounge C3 - Murano’s D1 - Blu D2 - Qsine D3 - Tuscan E1 - Main Dining Room Deck 4 - L E2 - Main Dining Room Deck 4 - R  F - Main Dining Room Deck 3
  2. We are leaving next Sunday so will miss the last episode.... to make things worse the first day is a sea day so doubt the WiFi will be strong enough to download it, our plan is to download it at the first port then watch it when we get back to the ship... hopefully we can survive the period in between without seeing/hearing any spoilers
  3. We’ve always been able to get coffee/water & sodas the last morning 👍🏻
  4. Looking forward to following along with you, we’ve got a cruise on the Reflection in January and recently added a 5 night infinity cruise before it so really interested to here about the infinity from your time onboard, hope you have a great crossing and a fantastic 19 night cruise, very very jealous indeed, cheers 🍸👍🏻
  5. Sorry for the late response but only just saw this one... regarding wifi, it was fine.. not as good as at home but I never expected it to be, obviously sometimes it’s better than others but at the end of the day you’re on a cruise, it it’s not great at any point grab a drink/snack and try again later... 🍸🍩👍🏼 The other points I believe have been answered so I won’t repeat... but in any case you’re no doubt be seeing it first hand as we speak.... hope you you have a great cruise 🍸👍🏼
  6. As mentioned there are plenty of options for the classic package, personally whenever we get the classic perk we always upgrade it to the premium, we just like to enjoy the big martinis and large bottles of sparkling water with dinner, plus you get a better selection of wine so for us it’s worth it, otherwise as mentioned you just pay for the extra above the classic package, but I also like not having to sign for anything as with the premium package, regarding the OBC what I was saying was in the past some of it only showed day 2/3 but o this cruise it showed straight away 👍🏼 Both celebrities & agents, As for laundry we are both elite so we get a bag of laundry free so for us that works great,
  7. We had a decent result today after adding the 2 perks to 2 of our existing bookings we had already, we had only booked insides originally and we’ve kept the same cabins so the increase we paid was purely for the 2 perks we picked (drinks & tips) for both cruises, bottom line the extra cost worked out as costing us $35 CAD per night per person for the drinks package and for us this is a great deal, esp as I planned on getting the non alcoholic package anyway so that’s pretty much the same price so lots of additional extras for me... especially as one of the cruises is a TA! 🍸👍🏻
  8. Got off the Reflection a couple of weeks ago and we found the dress code very casual on every night, I’d say TAs & Europe would be more dressier vs the Caribbean so that might be a factor, personally i wore jeans & a polo/buttoned shirt every night and felt I fitted in perfectly with what I saw, yes I wore a jacket on a couple of nights and yes I saw a couple of more formal dress on the chic nights but not too many, if dining in in the lawn club grill shorts are ok there as well as the buffet,
  9. I guess we we're luck to have had such a great experience having only joined the queue around 10 mins before it started to move, generally we are down a lot earlier and much closer to the front of the line but we wasn’t in as much of a rush this time, i didnt really notice pax’s with lots of luggage but maybe they all followed us,
  10. Luckily for us the snow mainly missed us this time and it was more of a swip away with the shoes vs a shovel... 👍🏼
  11. Very jealous, I’m sure you’ll have a great cruise 🍸😎
  12. Hi, we've sailed with this captain before and although he seems very nice he’s not like the brothers you mentioned (he is Greek though), we also liked Dimitrios Kafetzis whom was actually my first captain on my very first cruise so a tough act to follow, not had the pleasure of cruising with His brother yet but one day I’m sure, the current captain is more info led with a fact/teaser of the day at the end of his daily 10am announcement,
  13. Hi All, just wondering how the NCL cabin upgrade system works? I’m a regular on celebrity and they send out an email anytime after final payment with the option in it should you be lucky to get one, is it the same on NCL, on celebritys website there’s also a page where you can check if your cruise has upgrades to offer and I believe you can use that method as well so start the process, while looking at the NCL site I couldn’t find any info relating to upgrades so just wondered if I’m missing something? Thanks in in advance for any replies 👍🏼
  14. It’s amazing how 2 people getting off quite the ship close to each other can have such a different experience, I guess that just confirms to us that we will continue to walk off, sorry to hear of your experience as that really is a rubbish way to end a cruise 🙁
  15. Hi All, below is the link to the Review I just did regarding my recent Reflection cruise, it’s at the end of my Live From Blog, Feel free to to read through the blog if you haven’t already and also please post any questions you might have 👍🏼 https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2642404-reflection-march-11th-2019-live-🍸😎/?do=findComment&comment=57102636
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