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  1. I’m guessing this will unfortunately rule out even more Canadians as this was a route taken for a lot of people here that followed our government’s recommendations
  2. So the CDC have sent out another update reversing the view of mixed same type of vaccines for cruises out of the US! Both celebrity & royal pages updates…
  3. Currently celebrity are providing a test at the end of the cruise for onward travel to home destinations, unless you are stay at the port location for a few days before flying out
  4. I guess you could get a test before your flight then another one before embarking
  5. You are correct, now you mention it I do remember somewhere in the booking procedure it did have a box to tick if you didn’t have a medical card… i just took a look and if you click the box it does say other forms of ID will be required for proof of eligibility
  6. I’m having the same issue, I’ve posted on a few forums and I’m getting completely Mixed responses… some say nothing until Canada removes the no cruise advisory and some say they have been told yes you can or yes they have a policy that they’ve confirmed they are covered or will be when they book! I’ve spoke to a couple of company’s so far that people mentioned they have or will get cover from but I’m still being told no… so frustrating. it makes complete sense that no insurance will cover during the advisory but how are people confirming they have cover 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. So to answer your first question above this post and this one we had to show our Quebec medical card which was imprinted onto the paper document we received so I guess it would only be available to Quebec residents unfortunately, As for the record we got an additional paper with the details on, nothing fancy just the imprint of our medical card and our name with the dose of vaccine we received, it’s a standard paper which only has space for 2 doses so for the 3rd we were just given a an additional paper, however they just crossed out the 2nd dose an hand wrote 3rd next to it so I’
  8. Ok no problem, just seemed a strange question to me as as far as I know there’s Nowhere on the plant charging for a vaccine. Posts can be read in different ways and I guess I read yours wrong, all good 😊
  9. This is from the GMS website… wouldn’t this mean I’m not able to get cover currently do to the avoid all travel & avoid all cruise ships advisory currently in place? we depart from Barcelona and that also has a no travel advisory!
  10. I asked specifically for medical coverage only as for this cruise we are covered by celebrity and don’t need cancellation either, she told me we would still get COVID cover as we are fully vaccinated but due to the current Canada no cruise advisory they are not offering cruise cover at this time as long as the no cruise is active. I've reached out to someone else so we will see what I get from them 🤞🏻
  11. Thanks, hopefully the contact for manulife is better vs the one I spoke to earlier… 🤞🏻
  12. There’s an insurance board… 😱😂👍🏻
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