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  1. Here are a couple from this morning. Nothing elaborate, just quick shots to add to the thread. This topic being open until the 15th will give me time to look around for more to add. Mark
  2. Dave, I like this idea. Anything to get me out, or in, and use my gear. I spent a little time on this subject today and here are a few of the results..... "Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!" "Oh goodie! My Illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator." I hope more people will join in and keep these challenges going! Mark
  3. WYTinman

    Glacier Bay Time Lapse video from our balcony

    Exceptional Video..Well shot and edited. What was your interval for the T/L? I think that is about as smooth as I've seen. I enjoyed watching it. Thanks
  4. WYTinman

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 19

    Thank You. I was sitting on our deck just playing around with "focus modes" and shutter speeds. The Bees will hover for a second or two, allowing for a tenuous focus lock. Trying to track focus from there ended up being the "fun" part of the exercise. Really it was Patience, trial and error, and some major Lightroom cropping that got those captures. I find I learn quite a bit "sitting on the deck". Mark
  5. WYTinman

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 19

    How about some more blooms? 850_2934 by Mark Davis, on Flickr Mark
  6. Our ABC's cruise in one picture.... 850_1427 by Mark Davis, on Flickr Mark
  7. WYTinman

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 18

    Had some free time today So I went out "chasing waterfalls". Stillhouse Hollow Falls by Mark Davis, on Flickr Mark
  8. WYTinman

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 10

    After a long winter of hibernation (and no cruises) I've been using good weather days to test lenses for an upcoming ABC's cruise. Today was a pleasant day with clear skies and I had a couple of willing models. So we went out to take a few test shots with my 16-28 zoom. I missed focus on a few of the shots....Note to self...f2.8 and shooting low using live view. It's hard to get correct focus on a model that wants to do her own thing. I was living in Okinawa Japan when I was forced into the digital age. My trusty Olympus *****-10 couldn't take the sand, humidity, and salt air of living near the beach. Even in Japan repair cost were more than the camera was worth. So I opted the next best thing to film....The 3.5 inch floppy disc. My first digital was a wonderful 1.6 mega pixel Sony FD Mavica FD-92. But I did upgrade a little later to a 5 mega pixel Sony F707. Believe it or not I still have both and they are still working. I do have a hard time finding film for the the FD-92. It's fun to think back to those days. Thanks Dave. Mark
  9. WYTinman

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 09

    I haven't seen any "rules" posted for these threads. I think pierces intent is to give us an excuse to get out and use our cameras and provide a place to post the results. BTW most of the time I shoot in "aperture priority" which is an automatic mode that adjusts the shutter speed and ISO (if set to auto) to the aperture I select. Mark
  10. WYTinman

    Picture-A-Week 2018 - Week 09

    After 6 inches of rain in the past 48 hours. Spring is arriving here in Tennessee. Mark
  11. I was out this morning testing lens and camera combinations. Not a special shot. I just like the colors and the detail available after cropping. Nikon D-850, f8 1/400 @ ISO 64 / Sigma 150-600 Mark
  12. We had to call in to use our 25% from the disrupted Divina Irma cruise. Our PVC asked us to e-mail the certificate to them. Then she had to get supervisor approval. The whole process took about 1/2 hour from the call to the final e-mail from MSC with the confirmation. We used MSC PVC- Lisa.Mazuz@msccruisesusa.com - Lisa was nice to work with and returns calls and e-mails promptly. Mark
  13. Not Photoshop, but I was playing with the HDR photo merge in Lightroom. I attempted to create HDRs from a few Iceland pictures taken in 2013 with my old SONY A100. Jpegs under - correct - over exposed, then HDR merged. What do you think? Mark
  14. WYTinman

    Compact point and shoot for Alaska

    I'll second the Canon SX730 HS I picked one up to use as a pocket camera. It takes really good pictures and has an impressive optical zoom. Mark
  15. Thank You to everyone that commented! For those wishing to see the remainder of the canal transit here are the videos... mt6z4t8D6xs YfwsZRx3fhA wmmHGOsxQRE And an example of how slow the travel through the Canal really is.. l8mS9k9sVBM If anyone would like to see my photos they can be found here.. https://www.flickr.com/photos/139587077@N03/albums . The link will open to my Albums page on Flickr. Please browse the albums and enjoy. I really recommend the Cartagena album. Personally that was my favorite port-call of the cruise. Thanks again Mark