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  1. As long as you book prior to the expiration date you should be fine. From what I know the cruise can be after the expiration date. I not an expert but I am sure you can all to confirm. Good luck either way.
  2. Just checking to see if anyone will be on the boat. Say hi!
  3. Hi PGHflyer, I had posted looking for 1 and had a response after I bought Dixxon's. You may want to reach out to them if you are still looking.
  4. Thanks Tee & Chilli. I was able to purchase one this morning.
  5. Wow.. I was on the Sky 11/16 - 11/21 and was charged $15 a day.
  6. Sky has steam/sauna in the spa but it is $15 a day to use them.
  7. Dixxon... I am looking for 1. rfinfl @ msn dot com.
  8. Decided on a last mintue cruise in 2 weeks and looking to see if anyone has a cruisenext certificate they would like to sell. Paypal works for me.
  9. Just an FYI. Just got off the boat today. They do hane a separate mens and ladies steam room and sauna located in the spa. The charge is $15 per day that you want to use. No discount for doing the whole cruise.
  10. I would say put the bid in as you never know. Worst case you dont win. I just won a bid in the middle of the poor range that i was not expecting to win. The only other thing i would say is if you could do $425-$450 you would be ahead of the people bidding the minimum.Just a thought.
  11. Perfect. I will take it along. Thanks for the replies!
  12. Just wondering. I have a Starbucks gift card and heading out on the Sky this Saturday. Is it good on the boat? I am thinking not. But was curious if I should take it along.
  13. Just received my accepted upgrade email today. We are leaving Saturday for 5 nights on the Sky. Booked an interior room and bid in the middle of the poor offer for a balcony. We are fine with interior but that if the deal was right we would not mind a balcony. As it has shown sold out of balcony rooms for the last 2 weeks I assumed we would just stay where we were. But surprise we are on a mid ship balcony! 😁
  14. Just booked a last minute cruise on the Sky. Just checking to see if anyone one else will be going. Saty Hi! Rudy and Scott
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