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  1. We received a full refund ONLY because of credit card dispute...while I understand the difficult situation every single travel company is in right now, some are treating their customers better than others...uniworld is not one of the better ones
  2. I am incredibly disappointed with uniworld...I understand this has been a very difficult time for all tourist businesses and the financial impact has been devastating..I finally spoke to a uniworld rep yesterday and verified that our September China cruise has been canceled...she said I have 2 options..receive a 50% penalty as a FCC and 50% refund to my credit card or transfer all funds to a new booking..I asked why I should be penalized? I also stated I want a full refund because I cannot make future plans at this time...she then became very adamant that this was policy “across the board” a
  3. We are scheduled for China September 2020. Upon checking uniworld website our cruise is no longer listed. I assume cancelled, rightfully so...now waiting for uniworld to contact us and I anticipate a battle for a full refund vs a FCC
  4. We also have a cruise with them in September to China ..we really do not want to go for numerous reasons. The obvious of course is the virus ...but also with Us not working full time right now the question is will we have enough vacation time left to be gone for 3 weeks? And then when things go back to full time will we even be able to take vacation time because hopefully we will be busy? We cannot accept a FCC because we already have vacations planned and scheduled for 2021 and 2022...so much uncertainty
  5. I can only comment on Neptune suites. We have always had aft NS on 4 different ships. The koningsdam was the worse. Very small and stupid configuration with the tv over the sofa. Sometimes we like to watch a movie after dinner and that was near to impossible...my favorite was the oosterdam: large and very comfortable...next favorite was the volendam. I loved having a closed off dressing/vanity area with a walk in closet. I get up earlier than my husband and it was nice to dress in exercise clothes without waking him...the eurodam suite was also small and the decor was dark and not pleasant
  6. We have an Egypt cruise scheduled for 09/21 which I am comfortable with. We also have China scheduled for 9/20. That one I am not comfortable with...our work hours have been cut significantly and when things attempt to return to normal and work schedules resume who will be able to take vacation time? And with the tragic financial times ahead for the entire world who can afford a vacation?..not to mention of course vaccine availability etc etc
  7. Thank you. I looked at the photos. Dang. It is small but I think all the cabins on this ship re smaller compared to other ship. Things could be worse I guess.
  8. Hi. Where did you see the photos at please? We have 6210 next month and definitely was not expecting a smaller room. We have always stayed in the aft Neptunes and have always had lovely rooms. Now I’m disappointed ☹️
  9. We did....we are looking forward to having a quiet evening to relax and chat about our adventure. We have a room at the Marriott and will have a nice dinner , do a little walking then catch 9am flight
  10. We have decided to disembark in Naples the night before...this allows us to catch a 9am flight and be home same day...there were no flight options out of FCO to get us home same day to West Texas
  11. Thanks for the photos. We have an aft cabin on level 6 in September.
  12. Those cabins look smaller than other SB cabins on some of the other ships. We had one on the eurodam and I think oosterdam...they were huge compared to the above photo
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