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  1. This has been on Wikipedia for some time: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mein_Schiff_Herz
  2. The CDC will decide the date of reopening. Not Bahamas Paradise - as long as it home ports in Palm Beach. I wonder if it will update its plan to include COVID-19 vaccinated-only passengers (and crew)?
  3. I agree. It looks as though the industry will have been halted for 18 months before things begin to return to the 'new normal'. I wonder what that will be? At least one cruise line (UK's Saga) has stipulated that all passengers and crew will be required to have been vaccinated (25% of that nation has been given the jab, compared with 15% here). That is fine for 55+ folk in the UK - but will this line's passengers want to have that restriction for a cruise lasting just a few days?
  4. I know. I was scaling the term to meet the expectations of this company.
  5. Travel Agents work on commission. A friend who is a TA on a major booking company said that her agency has no means of booking a client on this line, except by phone. She was unaware whether booking by phone for a client would result in any commission for her. A cruise on this line would be worth a few dollars in commission - if at all. BCPL is made for online cruise bookings by passengers. Its margins are so thin that it needs to keep commission for itself. It is like booking air on Spirit - there is nothing for the TA, unless it is part of a larger booking with good commissions.
  6. Here is some positive news (note: the CDC has 'green listed' the majority of cruise ships sailing from US ports). This listing does not necessarily mean that cruising will recommence soon .
  7. With Saga announcing today that all passengers will be required to have the vaccine when cruises resume, I think it is reasonable to assume that this will become the standard protocol. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/5830/
  8. So would have Trump's casino in Atlantic City, but it is due to be demolished in a matter of days. It stands to reason that the upkeep on a vessel in the water will be far higher than the upkeep of a building on dry land.
  9. Just my thought. But how cynical to view a cruise line that holds passengers' money as a means to offset their taxes.
  10. The they must be looking for a large loss to offset the gains in their wealth. Selling one ship for pennies on the dollar is one way to create a capital gains offset.
  11. With virtually no income in 2020, two ships to bunker, other administration costs - 50% of the fleet sold off to make razor blades - and the fact that the website is a one-page affair asking folks to wait for future announcements - I would suggest that this enterprise is running on fumes. Do correct me if you have inside knowledge. I would love to learn who is bankrolling it.
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