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  1. Blue Chip top tier members and certain VIPs may also be in there, but you are correct about behavior. Other than some rare loud talking, I've seen no behavior problems.
  2. TommyD3 already indicated the souce, but let me try to clarify. Arno, the OP is not the original source of the rumor. he is the Administrator of a FB page for Zeniths. One Zenith, who is also a TA and usually very reliable was the source of the report.
  3. Makes sense if they attach discounts to the number of points.
  4. I can only imagine the outrage if after attaching points to promotions Celebrity would take an action to render those points meaningless. The rumor on another site is that Celebrity is about to announce that they will become an all inclusive line. Eliminating drinks and internet as a benefit perk will affect Elites, Elite+ and Zenith levels. They would now pay for benifits that they received as a perk.Note that this is only a rumor started by a usually reliable zenith member on FB and should be treated as a rumor unless Celebrity responds.
  5. Here's a hint if you go: ask the Officers for their card so you might contact them directly if you have a problem. They always carry a supply of cards with name, position and phone number.
  6. Been to more of these events than I can count! They vary greatly based on numbers and participants. Rarely do people introduce themselves as a part of a formal program; however, I've seen more than enought passengers try to deminate the mic for announcements and to call attention to themselves. I have found the gatherings to be a complete waste of my time and no longer attend unless friends are there and we can exchange greetings. I suspect that they will be suspended until Covid is under control.
  7. Requiring passengers to take ship tours doesn't guarantee that ship will be Covid free. I was on a B2B on Constellation from Istanbul to Ft Lauderdale. There was a major Noro breakout on the ship. Jamie, the HD told me that it would be under control by the time we reached Israel, but would become a serious problem shortly following our departure from there. He told me that people just touch everything . Jews touch the Wall and Cristians touch the stages of the cross. He was absolutely correct. The numbers did indeed spike.. I actually witnessed people at lunch touch food and put it back.
  8. Great attitude! We all have much to be grateful about. Hope you can fill your bucket list when it is safe to cruise.
  9. I've been on many trips leaving the ship and heading to FCO. Never a problem and booked flights after 1100 AM. But who knows how you'll be during COVID-19 requirement? Have you been to Rome before? If not, enjoy a few days.
  10. I would rate the chances for passage higher if they had co sponsors from the other side of the aisle and from places other than Florida.
  11. Agree with the posters who want strict rules and enforcement. Perhaps the health and life of your flight attendant friend could be saved if airlines really enforced face mask regulations. I wonder if contact tracing would indicate who passed the virus on to you and if they failed to do as required could be successfully sued for damages?
  12. I don't see why a Zenith would book any of the recent sales that included drink packages and Internet. These are perks that Zeniths get free as benefits. They allow no substitutions and the price is often reflected in the price. I recognize that most are not Zeniths and might be attracted by the offers.
  13. You bring back many happy memories. I believe that Sitmar had three ships: Fairsea, Fairsky and Farwind. Also had e best pizza at sea.
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