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  1. Would catch my attention more if Senators and House members representing both parties would have co signed as sponsors. There are many from both parties who have cruise ports in the areas they represent. Seem to be exclusively a Florida thing and I view the move as purely political and don't see it gaining steam. I hope I'm wrong.
  2. I predict that this thread will be closed if it becomes too political . IMHO some of the posts on both sides mentioning the Governor of Florida are leaning that way.
  3. Hopefully the case becomes moot before the court hears the arguments.
  4. Fauci for one! The US Intel agencies under the previous administration concluded that the virus was not produced in a laboratory. The same intel agency reported today following the Redfield comment that they stick by the conclusion that the virus was not produced in a lab. Don't think I'll convince you, but I just want the record to include all the facts.
  5. Your politics are showing! Redfield actually said that "That was his opinion". It is only is opinion and he did not cite any facts to support it. His statement is part of a documentary interview and everyone can see it for themselves and form their own opinion. To paraphrase another poster :Where it started is not really important to the resumption of cruising.
  6. Why it's happening? They are young and on Spring Break and don't realize that they can get Covid and pass it on to people at school or home. IMHO ,people young or old not wearing masks or practicing social distancing pose a threat to not only cruising, but the economy. I've been totally vaccinated and still wear a mask and practice social distancing and I will until the health professional tell me not to.
  7. Crystal pricing is competitive with Celebrity at this time so it would be a no brainer for me. The Serenity is a beautiful ship and you will enjoy the service. The Crystal crowd is not really interested in ports, the ship for many is the destination.
  8. The ruling was made based on the facts on March 24, 2021. The facts may change for either the positive or the negative as we go and any decision made now may change. Our behavior in terms of vaccination and social distancing may influence the direction of any future decisions.
  9. Agree. The situation is in flux and any announcements should include the statement: "This is our position at this point in time and may change as new facts emerge".
  10. CNBC has just announced that the restrictions on cruises from and to US ports will remain until November 1st. This news has prompted a drop in cruise line stocks and more importantly for me has impact on my Crystal Serenity cruise scheduled to leave NY on October 26th.
  11. Just announced on CNBC that the CDC has announced that restrictions will be in place until November 1st. Cruise stocks are dropping at the news.
  12. Another line that is starting is offering a free test a few days before disembarkation to comply with US and airline regulations.
  13. Virgin heavily recruited Celebrity staff to work at the corporate offices and on the ships and they were successful to some extent. I suspect that Virgin will be more of a party ship than Celebrity and will attract a much younger crowd. My advice would be to try a cruise on both of these lines and see what you prefer.
  14. No MC/Retreat. No special boarding. No longer can use services of MC/Retreat host. You now pay AI for things you received as a benefit. I spoke to a Shoreside Concierge on Monday and they confirmed the information Zeniths paying more for less!
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