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  1. Wife and I are both Gold Latitude members. We are cruising the Mediterranean with my parents who have never cruised NCL before. -Is there any benefit to booking 1 Gold member per room, instead of 2 Gold members in a room and 2 new NCL cruisers in other room.?? -i know 10% for shore excursions is based on tier level of individual -NCL FAQ states Latitude benefits will default to the user with highest status in room (for per room benefits and not individual benefits) -I am concerned with Priority disembarkation and priority tendering in ports (hoping this is a per room benefit and not individual) Thanks!
  2. Our May 18th sailing on the Joy "Glacier Viewing" consisted of Endicott Arm with viewing of Dawes Glacier. Peak viewing time was about 2 PM when we entered Endicott Arm up until we left arrived to Dawes Glacier. Nice time to grab a blanket and some cocktails and sit on your balcony! We grabbed dinner about 6PM and watched out the window.
  3. Does anyone know the frequency for this promotion? Email stated it ends this month. Does NCL extend this promotion or offer it again , or is it a once a year type thing. (you can use 2 Cruisenext certificates instead of one promo) I know the free perks promo seem to end every month, and are than always extend it an additional month. I have several certificates and want to book my NYE trip but i do not have all the details finalized with the group of friends we are traveling with, so I don't think i can book by end of month Thanks!
  4. Love this Place. We did FR on the Joy in May. Unfortunately we could not use the Food Package, but it was relatively inexpensive compared to land prices.
  5. If you are visiting Canada/Yukon territory on the White Pass Train / Bus tour you will need your passport. A Canadian immigration official will board your train and check passports.
  6. We did the Dawn for 2018 NYE celebration. Southern Caribbean itinerary. -atrium had the balloon drop and countdown with house band playing, we arrived about 930 PM and were able to get a nice spot upstairs to watch the drop, but decided we wanted to dance the night away so we left. -bliss nightclub had the countdown with the Latin band, we arrived about 1030 and it was very crowded but managed to find a spot in the corner for 4 people. -pool area had the countdown with the party band playing We jumped around from spot to spot but stayed in the Bliss lounge for countdown and campaign toast at midnight, we later proceeded to the Pool area to take pictures of the 2019 ice carving and enjoy the atmosphere. We did the MSC Divina in 2017 and stayed outside the entire time (we were able to grab a table for 8 ppl, but arrived about 9PM to secure a spot) It will be interesting too see how the Encore handles the festivities. really wanted to do this for NYE but opted on saving some cash and doing the Getaway from New Orleans.
  7. Avoid a power strip to big and cumbersome, Use one of these. I have used this on all of my NCL trips, just as recent as May on the Joy to Alaska.
  8. We sailed Joy May 18th sailing. We spent most of our Glacier Bay day out on our balcony. We just covered ourselves with the blankets they were giving out in the pool area and stayed nice and warm. Temp's ranged from the 60's-40's. A Real balcony is so worth it. The sound, the smell , the views, that a virtual window can't replicate. If you don't already have some binoculars, I highly suggest you get a pair. Enhances the balcony experience tenfold. Views from our balcony of Dawes Glacier and Cruising the Endicott Arm.
  9. Love this picture!!! Did you see any Eagles just hitching a ride? Those were hilarious. Such majestic birds just being so lazy..LOL
  10. NCL Joy 18th , We did the Endicott Arm with views of Dawes Glacier. Started entry around 3PM - some amazing views of floating icebergs, seals, eagles, majestic landscapes and waterfalls. We stayed out on our balcony most of the passage. Pic#1 Dawes Glacier Pic#2& #3 Endicott Arm Passage
  11. Didn't really notice this on this ship. There are so many places you can go to watch the scenery on this ship. If you want to eat and watch the scenery and don't mind paying for dinner check out Food Republic, awesome seats for scenic viewing, and the place was always empty, or go to the District Brew house for a cocktail also always some nice seating for scenic viewing.
  12. Was on the Joy May 18th. Cigar Lounge (seemed to be where everyone went to smoke) Casino (has an enclosed place to smoke that seemed to have a steady crowd of people) Didn't really see alot of people smoking outdoors, which was kind of odd. Maybe it's a nature thing??
  13. Here is a pic from our Balcony room.
  14. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Juneau+Cruise+Ship+Terminal+Area/@58.2963411,-134.4016505,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x97421fedbad56fff?sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwid7bqgzdXiAhVEPawKHZyaAdgQ_BIwEnoECA4QCA May 18th NCL Joy trip. Here is view from our ship of the Downtown area of Juneau.
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