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  1. Had UDP on Freedom and it was well worth it to US. I Was hoping to get it for wife and my parents for Anthem, since it is a 9 day with 5 days at sea so lunch would be open for IZUMI, CHOPS and Jamie's, and JR. (wish they had a Playmakers as the buffalo egg rolls and cookie are amazing)
  2. Anthem NYE21, also not available anymore. Had it in my basket to purchase. Guess I will have to purchase 1st day of cruise.
  3. Sailing in DEC. Ordered 6 from eMED for my Freedom Trip 2 weeks ago. Luckily they expire 1 week after we sail In DEC. To add to the fray, let's not forget potential for Airlines employee's to strike, or for ATC to strike. I have a back up plan for everything that might happen. Only thing I am not able to plan for is mother nature.
  4. We did not have reservations. We just walked in. We were lucky because only us and Chris from Talking Cruise were sitting at the Sushi bar. He was filming. 😂
  5. Just off of Freedom. Wife and I carried on our 42L osprey bags (21.7H X 14.2W X 9.1D inches) onto ship, had no issues getting them thru the scanners. Our room was available at 2PM, we boarded 1PM
  6. Off of Freedom 2 weeks ago, balcony hump and had neighbors on both sides. GO figure. pnly 1100 ppl on ship. Curious as to why they did not have us spaced out.
  7. example: breakfast -fresh squeezed juices -specialty coffee's x2 -sparkling water x 2 lunch -1 beer or cocktail of the day -soda -sparkling or bottled water dinner -1-2 glasses of wine -sparkling water -specialty coffe after dinner drink a few drinks while watching a show or listening to live music or dancing. -before heading off to bed grab some bottled or sparkling water. Well worth the price if you ask me. and no need to worry about prices.
  8. Yes. Recently sailed Freedom and had UDP. 1 day We went to playmakers for a light snack (love the buffalo egg rolls) and beer. Walked around and explored a bit swam for a while, headed to Izumi for Sushi pre-appetizer and some Sake, than proceeded to Giovanni's for dinner, stopped off to Playmakers for campfire cookie. on another day we stopped by JR for a burger onion rings and fries, than proceeded to playmakers for those buffalo egg rolls. Stopped in for some Sushi apps before dining at Chops. And you guessed it, finished off the night at playmakers for football and more campfire cookie. So yeah if you can eat well worth the price!
  9. Was there 2 weeks ago on Freedom and Mariner was also there. Each ship had about 1200 guests. Lots of space.!
  10. I would not worry about it. Sailed Freedom 2 weeks ago and had uploaded everything they had requested. When I arrived to check in all they cared about was the covid vaccine "CARD". They took a picture of it with their tablet asked a few questions and we were on board in 10 minutes.
  11. If you had a travel router, how would you connect it to ships wifi? Ships WiFI network requires a login page, where you connect using login and password. I have not seen any routers that have the option to login to a network via a splash page. So yeah that would not work. Using your cellphone as a hotspot, for this option you would need cell provider coverage as hotspot uses CELL coverage. Easiest thing is when she needs to check her stuff have her login. Once she is done she can logout.
  12. I work in IT, And they always blame us for everything. 😁😂
  13. Doing a 9 day NYE21 5 days at sea. Was able to get for $53 pp/pd. (list was $61 pp/pd)
  14. You will be waiting in the designated area until more passengers show up so the bus does not go empty. Wait area was in the lower level baggage areas for your corresponding airline, you will see the ppl with a RCCL sign and they will check your name and move you to designated waiting area. MIA has very limited seating areas on lower level (arrivals) I would recommend going upstairs to Departures if you want to find somewhere to sit. We recently had a 8 hour stay at MIA after our Freedom Cruise 2 weeks ago. I have to say I really dislike MIA airport. Most of the restaurants were closed.
  15. 1 of my trips it took about 1 week to show in my planner. My other trip took about 2 weeks to show. So i would recommend putting in your paperwork ASAP just to get it out of the way. ANytime i book a cruise I immediately fill out paperwork and submit.
  16. Thanks for the correction. Might have to consider more 14+ trips now
  17. seems to be the case. I am sailing Anthem for NYE21. All balconies and inside views rooms are all sold out. Hoping they are just limiting the rooms available and is not 100% sold out.
  18. Yes , you must have a min of 100 shares. Very easy to submit your info vie email or online portal. More info. $50 for any sailing under 7 days $100 for any sailing 7 and over. https://www.rclinvestor.com/contact-us/faqs/shareholder-benefit/
  19. No. Unless the Wyze camera has a built in browser where you can login device onto Ships WiFi network. Not even going to comment on leaving a 2 year old alone while you are out and about. Ill save that for the pitbulls of CC.
  20. I sailed Freedom 2 weeks ago and it was at 1/4 (1100 ppl) capacity. I also have Anthem Dec 31 NYE trip booked, I check almost daily for price drops (have gotten 2 so far) and have now noticed that ALL balcony and Oceanview are all SOLD OUT. So either they are limiting the amount of rooms available for purchase or we will be sailing closer to over 60% capacity. Hoping for 1st option.
  21. Why not buy the inflatable noodles. I saw a couple at Coco Cay who had inflatable noodle chairs. Looking to buy those for next cruise Something like this. !! https://www.amazon.com/Pool-Float-Adult-Size-Multi-Purpose/dp/B095S8988G/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=inflatable+noodle+chairs&qid=1633879619&sr=8-3 .
  22. You can use your WIN 10 Laptop. If you purchased BINAXNOW vie eMed use this link (you will need a NAVICA account, you dont need app just an account, you can create one here also, each user will need a unique account) You will use your preferred Web Browser such as EDGE or Chrome browser. Just open your browser and copy this link and paste it in browser or just click on this link. https://www.emed.com/app/login?redirect_to=%2Fapp%2Fstart-testing
  23. We boarded Freedom 2 weeks ago. About 1 PM. Rooms available by 2PM 2PM seems to be the magic number
  24. I found this to be super handy. Someone in another thread shared this gem. Extremely helpful in figuring out when to get your testing done. So unvaccinated kids can get there tests done 3 days , 2 days, 1 day prior. BUT NOT ON SAME DAY and NOT before the 3 day window. Also this link provides you with more info.. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/the-healthy-sail-center/pre-cruise-testing
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