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  1. 5 consecutive cruises and the onboard price minus the discount has been the way to go. Of course, for the next two cruises, I scored the $18.00 pp deal... I'm pretty sure it won't be less expensive than that onboard. I'm not sure about booking online and then canceling... But someone here will, I'm sure. Bob?
  2. To this point, on our recent Freedom cruise, I popped into the diamond lounge for coffee one morning just prior to the breakfast hour. Imagine my surprise to see the hotel director, food and beverage manager, and the DL concierge inspecting the breakfast set up. And I mean inspecting... Making sure the food was presented properly, that there was sufficient silverware, checking the coffee machine, etc. I felt like I walked into a final exam. There is a LOT of behind the scenes stuff in the DL that most of us never see.
  3. We went to Bikini last month. It was great. I don't think there is a substantial difference between the two. 2 chairs and an umbrella were 30 usd. Lunch was pretty expensive - in the 25pp range. It was a great day.
  4. We sailed on 3-3 and 3-10 last month. 2 completely different cruises, I had read your posts regarding your onboard experience. On the first week, there was a heavy "local" flavor, but nothing like what you experienced. The second week was heavily Canadian ( Spring break in Ontario), and was very quiet. This was our 5th cruise out of SJ, and our experience has always been positive.
  5. I beleive you can do via FedEx to and from any Walgreens store. There is one in Cocoa Beach across the street from Ron Jon's. You might investigate that.
  6. Of course, YMMV, but I bought the package for week 1 of a b2b on Freedom thru the cruise planner on Cyber Monday @42.00. The second week, the price on the ship was 60.00. My D+ discount brought it to... 42.00.
  7. Ours did on Freedom earlier this month.
  8. We opened ours last week on Freedom. Just ask your steward.
  9. Just did this yesterday, off the Freedom of the Seas. Left the ship at 8 am, grabbed a porter in the terminal, got luggage and breezed through customs (Porter's have their own line for customs). Taxi to the airport. Another porter who essentially took care of everything, from ag inspection to printing luggage tags and boarding passes. They have their own line at Jet Blue to drop off luggage, too, at SJU. We were at our gate at 8:41 for our 10:10 flight. Using Porters is key
  10. We were just there last week, and it was 30 minutes each way. And only that long because there are so many speed bumps. Of course, traffic conditions on any given day or time will vary. Do this.. You won't regret it.
  11. Thank you for recognizing my attempt at humor
  12. Mo.. The only access is they the straw home
  13. I'm not sure if this is fleet-wide (which I doubt), or just on ships sailing from San Juan, but I'm an on the Freedom for a b2b (today's the last day). Here are the new milk containers. How is an adult supposed to drink from these drink boxes? Or pour it on your cereal? Akward at best. There is no way to get the product out without using the straw. At least it has a plastic straw!
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