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  1. Adventure had it every day last month
  2. 1. You pack everything NOT on hangers. They will move everything for you and hang the clothes. 2. Yes, you have to do the muster drill the second week. 3. Guest services may or may not know. I always check with them around the 3rd day of the first cruise to make sure they ay know. There will be a consecutive cruisers meeting, usually in the early afternoon of the last sea day, which will go over the specifics, including going off the ship on turnaround day. You should receive a letter in your stateroom with the date and time of that meeting. We have done many b2b on Fr
  3. On our b2b on Rhapsody last month, Kumar did not enforce it ... Because it was almost impossible to do so with the number of people and exits from the "expanded" diamond lounge.
  4. Pat, We just got off a b2b on Rhapsody. The diamond lounge set up took over half of the Shall We Dance lounge, in addition to the small DL, they had at least 2 bars, 5 servers, and the buffet was twice the size of the "normal" DL spread. It was actually very nice. Having seen the CL on turnaround day, this set up was awesome. Kumar (KK) will take good care of you. I think you will find it quite nice. We are headed to an Adventure b2b in 2 weeks and just got "the letter". I hope the setup there is as nice.
  5. Additionally, there was a certain urgency to fixing the screen (and this was a full replacement). The Super Bowl was in 2 weeks. As it was, they had to show the Divisional championship games in small indoor venues.
  6. Welcome to Cruise Critic. I was on the same sailing and, while inconvenient, I'm not sure when (other than a dry dock) they could do the work. It was noisy and smelly and they had the deck behind the screen roped off. I was also o. The following week, and they had half the Windjammer roped off as they were pulling up the carpet for replacement. Maintenance on any ship is ongoing. For a 20+ year old ship even more so. I've sailed with Royal exclusively, so I can't speak to other cruise lines, but yes, there usually is some kind of upkeep on every ship I've
  7. I think it really varies by ship. On Freedom last year, you could wear sneakers, as the pedals flipped to accommodate both. On Oasis, you had to have cycling shoes.. And you had to use theirs if not. The bikes only accommodated clips. They actually had a wall of shoes for you to choose from. I'm leaving on Rhapsody today, so I'll get to find out that situation.
  8. I took the Trolley Roger 2 years ago. It was quite informative and very casual. We had been to 7 mile Beach numerous times and wanted something different. They pointed out the historical landmarks, wildlife, and we stopped briefly at a local beach...just long enough to look. It was fine, but i don't need to do it again.
  9. Ive never heard of this before. That means that I could just open the partition to the balcony next to me and enter a stranger's balcony, and, potentially, their room, if their balcony door is open. This doesn't sound right to me.
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