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  1. Stay tune for review of the self serve laundry services which we are using now for the first Time! I‘ll be very interested to hear your review of the guest laundry given that is where you suggested passengers wash their person laundry. No doubt it will be the best thing since sliced bread!!!!
  2. I have just caught up with your Eclipse experience which is certainly very interesting and detailed. More importantly it covers a different angle to mine, so that’s great. I have noticed that you have only minor concerns about your suite and yet your photos reveal some of the concerns we had with ours. Firstly I would appreciate your assessment of the reflections in the TV when viewing it. Since the TV is such an important device in a paperless ship its vital that it is easy to operate and view. Secondly would your prefer to have a more conventional type of basin in the bathroom, instead of the very flat surface which is far more prone to splashing? Thirdly what are your thoughts on the square and very sharp door handle in the shower.? Do you think it could present a danger to someone, in the event they slip, which of course can happen anytime but is far more likely in a moving ship. Finally those narrow depth wardrobes may be fine in a home but on a moving ship, no. If the ship has gone through a heavy swell, a lot of what is placed on those shelves will end up on the floor when opening the door. There are many other issues like this on the Eclipse that I strongly believe Scenic needs to be made aware of. This is important before the final design of the Eclipse 2 is locked-in. It is only through honest assessment by passengers will these sort of changes be incorporated.
  3. We were told on board that Scenic have already hire a large team of people to start the final design and negotiate contracts for Eclipse 2. They are thinking they may just get the ship built in one shipyard, still to be decided and have it fitted out by another. The plan is to have it completed within 2 years.
  4. Well I wasn’t going to comment again but Scenic have done it again. Last night, after a long day, and the final get together and recap on the whole cruise and just before dinner they asked everyone to completed an online survey, that night. They said it only had about 100 questions, when pressed by passengers, they said they could extend it to 48 hrs before completion!! How inconsiderate is that!!!!!! If you have long flights etc you would really feel like filling out such a long form, They said you could not even get a copy, for your own reference. Even staff could not believe the request. Well tonight I did try to logon, even through I tried three different browsers, and guess what the site timed out!!!!!!!! Will try again tomorrow, but seems they do not want comments on the Eclipse. Many of us were starting to warm to Scenic but that stupidity has set our opinion right back again. I just do not think they will ever learn, and they seem to have lost the plot. Oh by the way, we disembarked in Quebec and that did not go as planned either. We are staying in Quebec for three nights before travelling throughout eastern Canada and USA for five weeks.
  5. The Discovery team leader is now Jason. From what we have been told Kara could not handle all the delays and uncertainty of the ship and decided to move on. Jason has been very good, as have all the other team members. Given the small number of staff, most outings have gone very well indeed, certainly better than expected. One area that was working well in the beginning was announcements throughout the ship. However a number of passenger complained about having them in their cabin, so now if you wish to hear announcements you have to be in a public area or rush outside your cabin to hear them at all, which is totally unsatisfactory for an expedition ship. The tour quality has generally been of a high standard, with good information and duration. Mostly they have used very competent local guides, and most passengers seem to have enjoying the experience. One area where the team has excelled is with the evening recap and briefings. They have been entertaining, informative and not to long (about 30 minutes). The recaps and briefings are certainly the best we have experienced. The hotel staff are settling in well and trying their best to deliver top service and they are getting there. There have been instances where passengers asked for something that was not on the ship, so at the first available port staff went into to town and purchased the product. Pretty good indication that they are bending over backwards to give the best service, and I’m sure other ships would not do that. Anyway unless someone wants to know more information, I'll sign off as our cruise is quickly coming to an end. There is still a lot of work to be carried out to complete the ship so hopefully by the time it reaches NY most of it will be done. For all of you who are booked on the Eclipse in the coming months, I'm sure you will enjoy the experience.
  6. Following up on the Observation Lounge here are a couple of photos. The one looking out is from a standing position. The third photo is of the best viewing deck which is deck 10. It has 360 degree viewing but unfortunately it also has a smoking area which limits some of it, sometimes. As well there is only one door leading to it.
  7. The Cloud had a walk-in-robe and certainly had more room and more hooks to hang items. The suite feels much the same size as does the balcony, I think it is quite a good size for short to medium duration voyages, without going overboard.
  8. We have not as yet used the in room dinning, however the menu is somewhat limited. There was also a question about menus in restaurants as I did mention that there were no printed ones available . They do have a limited supply now in the restaurants but that is the only place to can see what is on the menu, they do not have one outside the venue, like so many other ships. That may change, one can only hope.
  9. Sorry I missed answering your question. Most common areas on the ship are on the cooler rather than the warmer side. I would guess that they are held around 21 to 22 degrees C. That's very similar to the Silver Cloud. Cabin temp, is easy to change upwards from 18C. Hope that helps.
  10. Yes, it is the Deluxe Verandah suite. Cruise is going well thanks. Today we visited Gros Morne Canada, which is a pretty and interesting area. Internet very slow at the moment which has not happened that many times. A couple of time it has dropped out completely for a short period, but then that is to be expected in the region we have been.
  11. Overall the food quality has been very good and probably on average better than Silverseas. However there are small areas where it is below par, for instance cheese selection is not good while sandwiches from the Azure Bar always look dry and unenticing. Last night we had a meal in Lumiere’s (French menu) and it was superb, world class and as good as you would get anywhere.
  12. On the issue of viewing wildlife and nature from both inside and out. I think Ponant ships have set the standard. Even having only one location for lifts and stairs does not allow easy and quick access to the outside to view wildlife. Its just pity Scenic did not use that as a base when designing the Eclipse.
  13. That is a big issue you cannot see forward for the lounge. There have been many complaints about the lack of vision. That is also a big issue on the Silver Cloud, even though they do have a lounge that you can see forward, you have to go outside to get to it, another poor design.
  14. Our cabin is mid-ship on deck 6 and I think is a standard cabin. It has a nice amount of room but cupboard space is a bit limited and with the doors open into the passage makes it impossible to get in or out of the bathroom with them open. Also one of the three cupboards is totally useless as its only about 5 to 6 inches deep. We have been in a cabin on deck 8 with a four poster bed which has more space but still not a very good design.
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