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  1. Just wanted to give an update and share my experience. I boarded the Horizon on 9/4/21 through the port of Miami. I put two 4-packs of wine in my carry on bag and sent it through security to be scanned and checked. There was absolutely no questions asked about my wine. I was able to carry it on with no problem. So, it is either completely ok or the screener just missed it. I will try to carry it on again thru POM in December. These little bottles are super easy to travel with in checked luggage when flying. (just FYI, the liquor bottles in my pic were pre-purchased through the fun shops, NOT smuggled on.)
  2. I figured that would be the case. I’ve decided i’m just going to try it and see. This wine is inexpensive and not my favorite so if they make me toss it I’ll probably argue a bit 🙂 then do what they say.
  3. I’m not going to have time to stop in Miami pre-cruise to buy wine. The mini bottle 4-pack of Sutter Home Merlot is a total of 748 ml...compared to single large bottles which are 750 ml. The mini bottles will be easy for me to pack in my checked luggage for the flight. Anyone tried with success to carry on a 4-pack mini bottle wine through POM?
  4. It is not false...Children have a paid spot on the ship. Cruise lines need paying customers, be that adult or children. I never gave my opinion on whether or not they should cruise, only that, in my opinion, there will be more approved now than there would have been before this change. My children are adults now, both fully vaccinated. If anything, it is time for me to update my profile picture. 🙂
  5. This update to protocols does not change the number of exemptions Carnival is giving...just makes almost all of them children. Children are paying customers and Carnival needs all of those they can get right now. The incentive will be there to approve as many kids under 12 as possible. Related, a family on my 9/4 cruise group had two children approved for exemptions...one is 10 and the other will turn 12 during the cruise. That child's exemption was revoked...which really stinks to get such late notice of a cruise cancellation.
  6. I'm seeing a lot of posts indicating that the crew can not leave the ship while in port, and anything they need they have to buy from Carnival, like personal hygiene products, etc. I saw a blurb of a post from JH that seemed to confirm this, but he said something like "We have things available for the crew" which doesn't mean it is free....Can you confirm that crew are stuck onboard and have to buy basic necessities? If so I will load up my suitcase with some goodies...
  7. I was on the phone with Carnival today for 3 hours and 45 minutes, 2 1/2 hours were just waiting for someone to answer...I called around 9:30 last night and only waited a few minutes...BUT I got my issue mostly resolved 🙂
  8. Ugg, I said it backwards...sorry. I will correct.
  9. Someone in my 9/4/21 Horizon FB roll call said that they were turning Platinum during the cruise, but had the 14 day check-in instead of the 16 day. This person said they were able to call their PVP and get it adjusted to 16 days. I don't know this for a fact, just what I read. Good Luck and welcome to the Platinum club!
  10. Second Update: I called this morning to speak to someone in resolutions. It took 1 hour and 13 minutes for a rep to answer and transfer me to resolutions. I then waited another 1 hour and 7 minutes to speak to someone in resolutions. I was on the phone with Elizabeth in resolutions for 1 hour and 25 minutes trying to sort everything out, get my address and phone number corrected in my account and find out where the gift cards are. That is a total of 3 hours and 45 minutes I have spent on this today 😞 The resolution ended up being an email from Elizabeth to the Gift Card processor and copied to my PVP about the mistake. She said if the cards have been issued, they will be cancelled and re-issued. If they have not been mailed yet then they will be sent directly to me. Elizabeth said that my PVP will follow up with me and she thought that would likely be before the end of next week. We shall see. Thanks for the advice and the info, I really appreciate it!
  11. Update: I called Carnival this evening, spoke with a very helpful lady named Tina. She went through my account with me and tracked the $900 down. She didn't make any accusations against my PVP but the gist of it is that he applied the FCC but must have got distracted or something and didn't apply the remaining funds, so after 24 hours their system automatically processed a refund. She also helped me work out the address issue. I have to call the resolutions department tomorrow to find out if the cards have been issued and what the next step will be, as she didn't have access to that information. She did make a bunch of notes on my account though that should make the next conversation with resolutions easier.
  12. These have been such helpful responses! I’m glad to hear that it comes Fed-Ex, at least it doesn’t look like junk that way. The problem with that is Fed Ex couldn’t deliver something to the correct address around here if we covered the house in neon lights 🙄 I’m also thankful to hear that they can track and cancel the cards.
  13. Bare with me, this will be a long post. On 6/14/21 I called my PVP to rebook a cancelled cruise with my FCC and some additional money I had paid (this was a rebook of a rebook.) My PVP reviewed everything with me, dollar for dollar would apply to the new booking and I still owed $60, which I paid. My PVP told me that he had to turn everything over to the admin team to apply the FCC and that I will get a new confirmation when it is done showing my zero balance. On 6/15/21 I received the new confirmation, showing that my FCC was applied, but not the extra money I paid on the cancelled cruise...$900.00. I wondered about it, emailed my PVP, and he said he was "on it." Yesterday 7/20/21 I called my PVP again to rebook another cruise, and I asked him to look at the 6/14 booking and tell me why it still shows I owe $900.00. He traced it all back through to figure out what was going on, and discovered that Carnival had refunded the $900 to me on a gift card, because that is how I paid. I NEVER REQUESTED a refund, and I thought everything was square when I booked on 6/14. The real problem though is that Carnival mailed the card to an address I haven't lived at for 5 years. I know the people that live there now so I called and asked them if they had seen it...they said no (and I believe them) but also that if it looked anything like junk mail they would have thrown it away. Now, my address and my husbands address is current and correct in our online profile with Carnival, and all 4/5 of my cruises that are booked have the correct address on the confirmation. The one cruise that has the wrong address is this one. Where, how, or why that address is still connected to me in their system I do not know. SO...MY QUESTIONS: How long is it currently taking for gift card refunds to come? If it was authorized on 6/15/21 is it possible that it just hasn't arrived yet? Does Carnival require someone to sign for receipt of $900 in gift cards? Does Carnival keep track of the gift card number they sent me so that it can be cancelled and re-issued? Does anyone know who I should call at Carnival to try and work this out myself? I feel like my PVP is not as interested in resolving this as I am. Anyone have any experience with gift cards being issued but not received? Thank you for your time 🙂
  14. We are on a b2b in December on the Freedom. Wondering what happens if you DO test positive? Do they just let you leave on your own? Do they turn you over to the government? (that last bit is slightly tongue-in-cheek) Curious minds want to know.
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