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  1. Yes credit cards are accepted but it is only recently that they have stopped charging us a fee for using a credit card. Hence why some people will pay by debit card which they didn't charge you for using. The TA takes the money and then they get an invoice from the cruise line which they pay. We also have to pay the balance anything from 4 months in advance of the cruise date when I know that the cruise line only wants payment 12 weeks in advance. So basically by the time I get my money back they will have had my balance payment since mid-December (7.5 months) for a cruise that was cancell
  2. You are lucky Jay23. We were due to travel on Sunday and we have only just had an email from our TA stating that ABTA have changed the advice on refunds and that our TA is following and that we now need to fill in a form that will give us our money back when the credit note they are going to issue us expires at the end of July! I will be contacting Oceania tomorrow to see if they have refund the monies to the TA. I had previously advised our TA over three weeks ago that we wanted a cash refund and she advised that she had filled the form in there and then so will be contacting them as well!
  3. Holland America have now cancelled up to 14th May as well - posted on their facebook page
  4. there's no doubt about it - I have even had an email from British Airways saying they can't wait to welcome me on board our flight to Nice. Gobsmacked isn't a strong enough word! 😠
  5. We are in lockdown in the UK - only grocery, pharmacy and essential services still open. Supermarkets only letting small amount of people in at a time and then it's one out one in. Huge queues to get food and most shelves empty when you get in! Hoping it will get a bit better on the food front now that we are in a more rigid lockdown and limits to what you can buy are now in place. We are allowed out for one exercise session a day (running, walking) but must stay apart from others. If you cannot work from home then people are still being allowed to go to work but they must follow the soci
  6. we are due to sail on the 19th April on Riviera and are being told that still going ahead! So think you will be waiting a lot longer for notification on May cruises!
  7. Hi Jancruz We have booked through a UK TA but the only thing they added was transfers. The flights, cruise and shore excursions are all through Oceania via the TA. I am trying to find out if we will get back 100% FCC of what we have paid for the Oceania package of flights, cruise and shore excursions (minus the transfers as these we done through the TA). When I contacted Oceania direct they couldn't tell me if I would get the flights or shore excursions monies back if we decided not to go. Any help in getting clarification would be great. Thanks
  8. I have asked Oceania to clarify and they couldn't tell me neither could my TA who wasn't even aware of the Assurance Program. The TA was supposed to phone me back today (as Oceania said I had to go through them!) to clarify so that we can make an informed decision of what to do but they haven't - not surprised!
  9. Hi Do you know if the FCC includes flights booked through Oceania and in fact tours etc. Thanks
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