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  1. Hi Darren. I didn’t particularly like rap either until I was in a choral group that performed a rap as a part of a song our choir was doing. And then the next year, I did it myself as a part of another piece we performed. Singing it is challenging, with a tough and challenging rhythm. Yet the lyrics can be powerful and moving; not all of them, of course. I agree that rap can be hard to listen to, but when done well and be a powerful form of music. Neal
  2. Hi. I’m sailing on the Reflection on 12/9/19 and will be overnight in Aruba several days later. Celebrity offers a Sunset Schooner Cruise while there. I’m not usually one for taking ship excursions as I find them expensive, crowded, and often mediocre. However, I have a nice amount of OBC for the cruise and this looks like a nice way to use some of it. Has anyone experience with this excursion or feedback about this particular trip? Thanks for the info. Neal in Cincinnati
  3. Take some time before you walk into the casino to learn a bit about the games you'd like to play. Actually, no need to do that with slots. You put your money in press the button and you either win or lose. I'd guess the house advantage for slots is somewhere in the range of 6-8%. (House advantage is the percentage of money that the house expects to win on your money.) The game with craps has the lowest house advantage (1.41%) when you play Pass/Don't Pass and/or Come/Don't Come and take the "free odds". It's a game of pure math that you can learn at home, and it moves fast. It is also a lot of fun. Blackjack is probably my favorite, but not so much anymore. If you learn Basic Strategy (the "card" people have mentioned) the House Advantage can be quite low. This can be practiced with a computer game. I don't play much blackjack anymore because many of the casinos have decreased the payout on blackjack from 3:2 to 6:5. I also enjoy video poker with decent pay tables. VP also has a basic strategy that can be learned by computer simulation. No slots for me. I'm not a serious gambler, I play for the fun of it and for entertainment. I know the games I play and I'm comfortable with the way I bet. Have fun, Neal
  4. I almost always transfer my cruise bookings to one of the major online agencies. The perk that I get from them is a rebate of their commission in the form of an OBC. The OBC depends on the price of the fare. On my most recent Celebrity cruise (my first) I received the two Celebrity perks as well as $225 in OBC from the agency. I contact the same agent with all my bookings. She is responsive and willing to check pricing for me even after I've booked. Neal
  5. That is what I saw on the Konigsdam back in January, 2019. Not going to play those. Nor would I play 6:5 blackjack either. I played craps a couple times and in a poker tournament. Neal
  6. First sailing on Celebrity out of FLL after a few on HAL. Like the HAL ships, the Celebrity Reflection returns to Port Everglades arriving at 7am. In the past, I’ve been able to be on dry land around 9am. So here’s my question: Is a 12:30 departure from FLL too early? It looks like it should work, but I thought I’d ask “the experts.” Neal
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