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  1. Hi Barb, Sorry for jumping on your board but I wanted to let you know that I finally booked a cruise. Im taking Rob for his 21st birthday on the Gem. Email me if you get a chance. I havent had time to check the boards to see what you have been up to but Im sure its been alot. Would love to catch up. Joanne
  2. Hi Parrot Mom It does not say NCL on the pin anywhere. Ive looked on the internet and came across NCL having a ship called that but I just wanted to know a little bit more about it. I dont know if I want to part with it just yet but I will keep you in mind. Thanks for the offer though. Joanne
  3. I bought a bag of costume jewlery and I found this pin in it. I think it belonged to the NCL fleet but I cant find out what happened to the ship. It is a ships wheel with ship attached to it with M.S. SEAWARD spelt out on it. Anyone have any info on it? Thanks Joanne
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