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  1. We bought wine at the duty free in Reykjavik and it is much cheaper than the state run stores. It is easy to find—right near baggage claim and ATM’s! they had a good variety—-I think there is a list online—-here is a link. https://www.dutyfree.is/en
  2. If you use the Orange sim for one phone, the other phone can use the Orange one as a “hotspot”. Since it comes with 10 gb of data, it is plenty for two people. The holiday card costs about $50 on amazon and it is around $20 to “top up” for an additional 2 weeks with added data, talk, text. Have fun!
  3. On our last two trips to Europe, we purchased a SIM card. We bought an Orange card which is a company based in France. The EU has no roaming charges so we could use the card in all the countries we visited. They offer an option called an Orange holiday card and it is good for 2 weeks and includes talk, text and data. I believe it had 10 gb of data which was more than we could ever use. Here is a link: https://orange.simoptions.com/ the first trip we bought it in the Paris airport but the last trip in 2018, I bought it online from Amazon. I was able to change the SIM card before we boarded our transatlantic flight and we we landed in Rome and turned on the phone it worked. I love having access to data, maps etc and also able to freely contact family back home. If you are going to be gone for more than two weeks, you can “top up” the card while traveling and add more data, talk and text. Here is a link for amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Orange-Holiday-Europe-tethering-countries/dp/B06XBYMX58 it costs a little more from amazon but worth it IMO because you can not worry about buying it when you are tired after a long flight and you also know your phone number before you travel.. i still have the SIM card and plan to “top up” and use again for a trip this summer. This is a link to their top up info: https://topup.orange.com/ you need a paper clip to acces the SIM card drawer on your phone. Lots of you tube videos on how to change it. And need a way to secure your verizon card during the trip so you can replace it when you get back. we had very reliable service with Orange and it was a game changer for travel! hope this helps and happy to answer any questions!
  4. We are doing the Panama Canal cruise next January and are trying to decide how long to stay in Panama City post cruise? Any thoughts? We have never visited Panama. Thanks for your thoughts!
  5. I will look forward to hearing how the trip goes! Enjoy!
  6. Thanks for the detail newcruiser—great info and I will check out that other post on a or b deck. Have you used the sports deck platform?
  7. Thanks for all the replies! Love the picture too! We like the idea of the sailing ship too--It seems like the cabins are all pretty much the same--and I saw a thread about different cabins and their noise level, etc but it didn't seem to have much rhyme or reason as far as deck and location. Any suggestions? Also as far as booking--are there certain times that windstar does "sales" or big promotions? Right now it looks like $2699 per person give or take $100 any opinions on which direction to sail? east to west or west to east? and when is the sports platform utilized? Thanks again!
  8. My husband and I are interested in a Panama Canal cruise. We have sailed on Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Disney and Celebrity but never Windstar. We like the smaller ships and don't really care about the shows, and "bells and whistles" so thinking Windstar would be a great option. Planning for January or February 2020 and it looks like we could choose either windstar or star pride--appreciate any thoughts on pros and cons for which ship for the panama canal and costa rica. Appreciate any helpful advice! Thanks!
  9. When we were in France, we texted freely to the states on the orange holiday card. The top up was actually easy too. We waited and bought both the holiday card and the top up from a kiosk in the airport right after immigration/customs. She installed the card for us and gave me a receipt with the “code” and instructions to enter when it was time to top up. It actually worked perfectly. I bought one online from amazon for our trip in November since we are starting in Italy. It was a little more money$50 instead of 39euros but I had read some so so reviews of the TIM card and other Italian ones so just went with what I knew! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I did buy the top up for another 2 weeks—I think it was 20 euros? And added another 5 gb plus talk time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. We were in France last year and bought an Orange holiday card that was good for 2weeks with international talk and 10Gb data. We are returning to Italy, Spain and France this fall and I have purchased the same card via amazon for about $50–it was 39 euros in France. We had a good experience with the orange sim. My understanding is that it will work in Italy, Spain and France and I like the idea of having my number ahead of time for excursion operators and also not having to buy one at the airport when we are tired from the flight. Just another option! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. It may be too late but wanted to throw my two cents in...we used walks of Italy for their “pristine Sistine” tour with the early entry. We really appreciated this because it also included a guided tour through the Vatican museums as well as the basilica. The museum is enormous and there is so much to see that it was a relief to have someone guiding us through it all. Felt like we saw the more well known pieces. The crowds are amazing once it is open to the public. We were able to see a handful of items en route to the Sistine chapel with hardly anyone in the museum. Having the help with navigating it all was priceless!—and we are generally DIYers too! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Definitely stay in Rome!! There is so much to see and soak in there—we took the train to civitavecchia midday on our embarkation day to board the ship and it worked quite well and was inexpensive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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