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  1. Cancelled a Feb 2021 cruise on April 22. Refund posted to credit card June 5.
  2. Thanks Paulchili...makes sense.
  3. If a person cancels a cruise before final payment can they rebook the same cruise at a later date?
  4. Been waiting for this for awhile! Thanks for the news.
  5. Once we are done with the river cruise we will tour India and Nepal for 3 more weeks. Lots of opportunities to sample.
  6. 14 nights on the Ganges with Pandaw next month.
  7. Pontac.. thank you for the information. We'll see what's offered very shortly.
  8. I see this was from their Burma cruise. We are doing Pandaw's 14 night India cruise in about 6 weeks...perhaps it will be similar. How was your trip? We did Burma couple years ago with Amawaterways and loved it.
  9. Depending on which cruise terminal you are arriving at in Singapore there is a Left Baggage Service which allows you to drop off your luggage after you get off your cruise and they will deliver it to the airport at a prearranged time. It is only available for the Marina Bay terminal unfortunately. Check the cruise terminal website for information and prices. We were going to use it but our cruise arrived at the other terminal.
  10. Hello We did this same trip Feb 2017 starting in Saigon and ending in Hanoi. We came in a couple days earlier so did some touring on our own first. Seems like AMA is doing more touring this year in Saigon than 2 years ago. We did the Chu Chi tunnels on our own as this was not available through AMA. We went to a market on our own. They had a table set up at the hotel (near lobby) so you could pick up your itinerary package and then there was a meeting later to meet everyone and go over the agenda. The hotel was very nice and I do remember walking about a bit. Traffic in Vietnam is something else and crossing a road is exhilarating (if you like taking chances!).. lol This was the 2nd cruise we had taken with AMA, the first in Myanmar. They certainly have these trips down pat.. Sorry can't answer too many of your questions but hope you enjoy your trip. We've enjoyed these river cruises in SE Asia so much we are booked on a 2 week river cruise on the Ganges India in Oct. Cheers
  11. Booked the Capetown to Singapore itinerary today.
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