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  1. Hi everyone has anyone heard or read anything on them opening up for cruising . we are on the anthem in december
  2. I was just wondering as we are both retired now and it is on bucket list. I know it is all fixed into the price but it is all inclusize pre and post cruise and not wanting to doing my own flights in and out of airports in a forgien country so we are good. W e look at our bucket list items as the are only getting done once, unless powerball comes in.
  3. do you get single or double points for a galapagos cruise.
  4. sorry that is what happens when you post late at night i forgot to put on quantium class ships. hoping to go on anthem in january
  5. hi everyone, did you have to "book" a reservation to go to shows, like on oasis class ships. Who knows what they may change when they start sailing again.
  6. for $70 it is very nice great "private Beach" great food I would do it
  7. we just got off harmony on3/15 they used different places. they did the comedy club some days other times both the actual lounge and the jazz room next door and a couple days of the b2b only the diamond lounge
  8. thanks for the answer one more thing did you notice what state she was from
  9. Hi JZX 1103 coolcruiser , I was wondering what day did you see this on facebook. because I wondered how slow they sending out info to those of us on the cruise. They told us on the 13th about cruises being cancelled and in same annoucement by the captain that no one was sick on ship
  10. Thanks for the up date, that is what happens to dinosaurs that don't have a facebook account
  11. wife just received an email from royal informing us that someone on our cruise has come down with the virus. just putting it out there. we feel fine and hope allare safe and health
  12. hi we are on a b2b 3/1 having booked a boardwalk balcony before the cancelled the free perks which included the free soda package. my question is were there any coke machines any where else be sides windjammer and at sorrentos?
  13. We booked a boardwalk balcony, because of the perks, a b2b to boot. Not happy at all We usually do an inside. Have not read all comments but the Grandfathering of those already booked and honor they.
  14. we were on 3/1-3/10the "gym " was 6 treadmills and three bikes in the corner of the solarium. no reason was given that I heard. the tube slide they were having problems with the water pressure. rest of ship was GREAT!!!
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