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  1. Just got 2 in the mail. Not much damage but there is definitely no seal on the sides. Called the rep and she said they couldn't get them to me in time since I leave tonight to head to florida and the ship leaves saturday. However, she did think it would be ok.... I am planning on taking them thursday morning and will update my findings. Nervous nelly now!!!
  2. I agree. I leave in 2 days and this little of notice would be tough for us. I am all for testing at the pier.
  3. Got so excited I upped my August 1st B2B2B to a B2B2B2B. The whole of August on Equinox. Can’t wait.
  4. Lol I did it to bestprice@rccl.com. So royal was where we were told to send it. 😀 Did I have the wrong info?
  5. Talked to another agent at TA. They said to submit the Best Offer Guarantee form and I should receive the OBC and keep my double points. We leave August 1st so I will update as I find out more. Form submitted and just waiting on rccl.
  6. Would love to know this as well. My TA talked to Celebrity and they said I'm not even eligible for the promotion because its past the final payment but the Celebrity agent did say the double points would still be honored. However, I never trust word of mouth. Sure hope so because I would rather keep my 2X points over saving the 100.00 on the booking.
  7. Thanks for all the posts. How is the internet?
  8. I have used Surf to connect to my home VPN and SSH. However I could not connect to a VPN service. If your worried just setup a VPN at your home. Last year it worked great.
  9. The cost per day to go from Surf to Stream for Elite+ is 11.70 and you have to purchase all days when ordering pre-cruise. This equates to 35% off the regular rate. Call the regular celebrity number to add items to a cruise reservation.
  10. Current I have the AI bundle with surf internet. The planner is showing 29.99 to upgrade to Stream. We are Elite Plus and I thought it should be cheaper than this considering we get 35% off and we already had Surf. 29.99 seems to be full price or is that the norm to upgrade?
  11. Just spent quite a bit of time with TA who talked with 3 different Celebrity reps for our B2B2B Aug 1-27 on the Equinox and they stated as of right now they are accepting it. So...as usually over the past year we have to wait until right before for a definitive answer I guess.
  12. I hope this is not the case for everything. I am on Equinox Aug 1, August 8, August 15 (12 night). And the August 15th was a FCC where the other 2 were paid. Would rather cancel the paid beforehand. And if its only 14 nights then I could only do the August 15th solo. Will be checking in as soon as TA opens to find out details.
  13. Just finished my Aug 1st, Aug 8th, and Aug 15th checkin. Had to pick a time for the 2nd two even though I am B2B2B. Got 12:00 on all 3. Now to figure out how to upgrade my internet/drinks packages.
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