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  1. Sorry folks- going to southern Europe and/or the Mediterranean countries is a self-inflicted wound. Personally, I just would not do it but different strokes for different folks. I live in Tucson Az and with the dry heat, it is much more comfortable than southern Europe in the heat and humidity.
  2. I went to Blacklane's website and they are not available in Tucson AZ. Maybe they will be available next Spring or SS will use somebody else.
  3. I wonder when you would go to see if this service is available in your home town. Any thoughts or insights? Personally, I think it COULD be a nice touch. I hate leaving a nice car at the airport parking garage for 2 or 3 weeks.
  4. We are on Thanksgiving Dubai to Mumbai and I doubt we are all going to India, but the ship has to go somewhere. I don't care where we go, so I just paid in full. Maybe we will go to the Twilight Zone- how exciting!!
  5. The ship has got to go somewhere and we are on it wherever it goes. Seeing the Taj would be great as long as somewhat safe. If we are off to other ports, I'm in!!
  6. We also disembark on the same cruise in Mumbai but are going on to the Taj Majal post cruise. I assume SS will have us tested just prior to departing Delhi- I hope!!
  7. I have not done it with SS but did it on a land trip. The falls are amazing and the hotel on site has views of the falls. It is a worthwhile trip. If India opens in Nov. we just paid in full and opted for the Taj Mahal post cruise. I was a little reluctant to spend another $7,000 but my sweetie, who visited the Taj a long time ago, convinced me it was worth seeing. I would consider Iguazu Falls in the same vein.
  8. Not Beluga but a decent mid range caviar at $90 an ounce.
  9. Ahh- the advantages of being retired. Sadly, we could, for now, never extend on a last minutes notice extend a cruise. Darn.
  10. I agree. My travel agent sent me my flights and locator number with great seat assignments. I have not yet made the final payment which is due 7-20.
  11. Being a public company, there should not be any "Owner". upper management- yes
  12. On my upcoming cruise, it shows Spaccanapoli open until late evening.
  13. Three of the flights were United and those I could select seats. On the one Emirates flight we could not choose seats. I was able to see all the seat selections and they were perfect.
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