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  1. I am wondering if my Thanksgiving 2021 cruise Dubai to Mumbai will even happen- hope springs eternal!!
  2. I think you can book "On board" and still request your own travel agent. At least it used to be that way. My TA always gives me some on board credit to use so I tend to use her.
  3. I don't post very often but this thread and the most current posts are very eye opening. We are still booked for Thanksgiving 2021 Dubai to Mumbai but I really wonder where things will be by then. The thought of being stranded in a remote foreign country (maybe because of a faulty test result) and not being able to get home easily is tough to swallow. Granted lost money is important but not as important as being denied back on the ship and having to fend by ourselves to get back home is a lot more important than the lost $$$$$$$$$$. Thanks for all the great info on these posts and I will keep
  4. I am signed up for Thanksgiving 2021 Dubai to Mumbai and I am starting to wonder if that will ever happen!!
  5. We are booked on the Moon in Nov. 2021 Dubai to Mumbai over Thanksgiving. We too are hoping as we are getting cabin fever-haha.
  6. Like I said earlier- you would never go to Las Vegas and wager $15,000 in order to maybe win $1,000. You could lose the $15,000.
  7. I think I am going to NOT pay in full and just pay next year. It does not seem like gambling $15,000 to make $1,000 would be a good Las Vegas bet!!
  8. We are booked Dubai to Mumbai Thanksgiving 2021.. If I pay in full by 8-31-20, I get a 10% reduction. I had planned on doing that and now with all the financial uncertainties, I am a little worried. A lot of big name companies are declaring bankruptcy and the cruise industry is not immune. I know that nobody has a crystal ball, but what would you do? I have about a month to decide. In most BK filings, prepaid deposits will probably be lost or you would get pennies on the dollar. It is not a king's ransom but still real money. Thanks in advance and stay healthy out there!!
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