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  1. I don't believe these qualify as an Rx. They can be bought over-the-counter. There's a name on the order, of course, but there is no posted restriction for use.
  2. 141476 2021-09-27 extended 3 months 139520 2021-09-21 extended 3 months
  3. I have four Abbott proctored test kits I'll sell at a discount. I paid $35 each but will sell for $25 each. Private message me.
  4. I heard a report that said all HAL ships will be in service by next Spring. Looking like they will be the first cruise line to restart all their vessels. Good going!
  5. John Heald, brand ambassador for Carnival, said it will be a good while before these are set up. Plus, it will all be at the cruisers' expense. This two day thing will be tough on cruises that sail on Monday. Some testing sites don't work the weekend. I read one report where a drugstore had only one person who was in charge of administering the tests, and that person was out sick for a few days. Appointments cancelled. We'd better have backup plans!
  6. We are scheduled to stop in Santa Barbara on March 22nd. Hopefully we'll be okay if they stick with their "until March" deadline.
  7. Check in and selection of an arrival time are two different things. We checked in weeks ago for our October 1 sailing. That was when the passport and contact information was supplied. Closer to the sailing date is when the arrival time is handled. At least that's the message I get when I use the app.
  8. I can understand RCI's rationale for not opening the buffet for dinner when passenger capacity is limited. That's lots of work and food to stock the stations. But I agree it's disappointing to not have the venue open in the evening. Couldn't they only partially stock the Windjammer?
  9. Our cruise is in October. We completed the check-in information weeks ago. Since then, we've gotten no less than five emails saying it's time to check in. It's too early to deal with an appearance time at the pier yet. Are any others of you getting these multiple messages?
  10. Another bon voyage! You'll be heading to the pier soon! Would love to be there, but I guess watching the webcam will have to do.
  11. I've wondered, too. She responded to a topic a couple of weeks ago. I know she has great difficulty using a keyboard now. That is probably the main reason she doesn't often participate here these days.
  12. It really looks great having a cruise ship in port after all these months! Let's hope this is just a precursor of good things to come for those folks up there.
  13. @LAFFNVEGAS you said it well. We, too, feel like it's coming home when we cross the gangway. It's been almost two years since we last stepped off a dam ship. This is the longest we've been without cruising since 2001. Looks like we'll be waiting until next year to get on Koningsdam to cruise up the coast. Bon voyage to you, Tom, and all your fellow shipmates!
  14. Sad. Eliminating perks that have been longstanding is a terrible move, IMO. If it was because the service is no longer available, that would be another matter. Covid-19 inflicted near-fatal blows to the company, so now they're trying to make up for those losses however they can.
  15. My heart really hurts for the folks up there whose livelihoods depend heavily on tourism. I'm hoping ships will return in good numbers soon.
  16. I'm 6' 4" and made it just fine. As suggested above, a slight rotation will take care of it. I agree that it's a poor design.
  17. Appreciate the photos. Thanks! We hope to be on the ship in March.
  18. I have traveled between Houston and Galveston and I must join those who say "no." That's simply not enough time. You could spend the night in the Houston area and take the opportunity to visit NASA. Most interesting.
  19. We booked on Explorer OTS out of Galveston in October. We're still waiting on notice that we're switching to Independence OTS. I'm sure all this shifting around takes time to unravel.
  20. How wonderful, Chris! We thoroughly enjoy your VLOGS. Glad you're getting back to work.
  21. We are hoping for that. We have a rail tour of the Canadian Rockies scheduled for August, and we're sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what happens.
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