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  1. Why not do 2 kinds of cruises... 100% vaccinated from states allowing that (meaning 100% NO EXCEPTIONS) and Cruises for unvaxed and mixed So that those of us who are vaxed , don't have to mask and test or anything else you makeup tomorrow and add to the protocols. This could work if people were allowed to lift and shift to different ships on the same week they are already booked on. At this point I'd give up Symphony for a ship less-than... IF 100% VAXED so I don't have to cancel.
  2. This is similar to my advice, although London is sometimes a better deal I would check Paris , and catch a overnight train to rome
  3. GREAT PICS! Are you in Madrid?
  4. TY for your reply, you are on the ball, I had forgotten about needing to cancel by that Wednesday night 12/08 😃TY
  5. From CWC FAQ The CWC FCC’s value may be applied on or before April 30, 2022 only toward the cruise fare due on a new booking or to satisfy the remaining cruise fare balance due for an existing booking, on RCI, for a sailing scheduled to depart on or before September 30, 2022. If not used on or before April 30, 2022, the CWC FCC will automatically expire and have no value.
  6. On RCL site is says CRUISE WITH CONFIDENCE Cancel up to 48 hours before your sail date and get a future cruise credit good for 12 months or more. Applies to existing bookings and new ones made by July 31, 2021. AND CRUISE WITH CONFIDENCE Cancel up to 48 hours before you sail and get a future cruise credit valid to book by April 30, 2022 and sail by September 30, 2022. For cruises booked on or before July 31st, 2021. My cruise is Dec 11, 2021 SO... WHICH IS IT SEPT 30, 2022 OR DEC 11, 2022 because Sept 30th is a deal breaker but if I have till Dec 11, 2022 that would be ok. Trying to figure it out before final payment. This question has been asked many times BUT I have seen replys say one then the other and with RCL website saying both, I am confused.
  7. A month?? Well that is bad news for me, I have been waiting untill pts are enough for a $500 discount on cruise, but my statement/billing ends Aug. 17 and final payment is due Aug 30th, I guess that would be way too short of a time ... since it took a month for you once 😞
  8. I think the letter needs to come from your state health office of records, if the CDC card isn't enough... I THINK??
  9. Omg after Googling 1\2 of your list I TOO am more excited about my refreshment package THANKS
  10. I have a California coast cruise for 2022 and would MUCH rather end the cruise in Seattle than vancouver. will be interesting to see how it effects other itineraries like Hawaii, where couldn't go from LA or Seattle round trip without a foreign stop, may actually do one now
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