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  1. Excellent point, I had passed over the excursions for Dec 2021, but who really knows what the world will look like even that far away. QUESTION, if I book and don't want to do the excursion because BY THEN we Are allowed off the ship without excursions .... Can I simply cancel onboard and get obc as refund??
  2. Ken, you always give great advice, this spreadsheet was fantastic , thank you so much for posting link. 2 follow up questions SY is Symphony ??? Are these offers usually limited to a certain # of buyers, i. e should I Make a point to be one of the first online Wednesday??
  3. It references a spreadsheet , do you have access to the spreadsheet , I would be happy to share my ship/date to get an idea of actual % off 😁😁
  4. When I first read ken's idea I thought, ugh Then started to read the replys and thought this is 2020's version of a tipping/formal night thread LOL I am enjoying a thread about people and their wants, INSTEAD of covid, masks and everything else.
  5. Yes that is what I am asking. because the one booked direct have less ports, therefore we would be on the ship more and using the dining and drink package more, so the only reason I could come up with was because they didn't have to pay a commission
  6. The one I have booked direct thru royal Caribbean is on sale AGAIN BUT the one I, L&S thru a BIG box ta, never goes on sale and that is the one I really want the UDP and REFRESH package. Anyone know if items on the cruise planner, on cruises booked thru a TA usually go on sale ?
  7. That's disappointing, I for one was actually looking forward to the Noodle Shop 😕
  8. This is fantastic ty for all your hard work and for SHARING
  9. Please add me , I would greatly appreciate it TY Brenda70560@gmail.com
  10. Unfortunately I had the complete opposite experience. My cruise got cancelled when I called to L&S, it took 3hrs finally my TA came back on the line. And said it was DONE but the price has changed and all my obc was GONE. but she said " that's ok it was still a great deal compared to the existing price that you shifted to" WOW REALLY. lesson learned, I will only book direct from now on. reservation Was too old to transfer
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