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  1. I would always ask I even still ask as sometime ingredients may change. You can just walk up and ask someone at the station and if there english isn't great they will get supervisor to talk to you. I stay away from all desserts on buffet those are way too dangerous. I stick to the soft serve ice cream as its safe but not the cones just have it in the cup. Always ask never be shy they are so willing to help you. On the first day on the horizon when you get on go to the desk for dining room that is located beside the coffee shop I believe on deck 5 they will take his order for first night in dining room and then he will be giving the menu for the next night at dinner so he can pre-order anything he want...on the buffeets like at breakfast cross contamination is always a factor but main dining rooms are open or ask someone at the buffett and they will make a plate for you from the stuff an the back that no one has touched...Also the breakfast burritos at blue iguana are safe and delicious. If you have any other questions shoot me an email at robrutherford@gmail.com
  2. Hi I have a severe PN and TN allergy we have cruised Carnival 10 times and they are great here is my blog on the Horizon https://captcrunchypants.blogspot.com/2019/04/cruising-carnival-horizon-with-nut.html
  3. Thanks for the info and it did work however something that was in my email that doesn't seem to be included in yours was this line. Please be advised that Shareholder Statement must not be email due to security reasons, for future please fax or mail statement.
  4. Did this work because I was told it HAD to be a fax?
  5. Glad to here that you are ok I had similar experience when I had eaten escargot for the first time and had a similar reaction. Luckily I had epipens on me as I am allergic to nuts but the medical staff was fantastic also. Always carry two if you can and use it if you need to.
  6. We were just on the Horizon on April 6 - 14 loved it..Food was great ..Staff was fantastic and ship was amazing. I wrote of review on it. https://captcrunchypants.blogspot.com/2019/04/cruising-carnival-horizon-with-nut.html
  7. https://captcrunchypants.blogspot.com/2019/04/cruising-carnival-horizon-with-nut.html
  8. I didn't have an issue on NCL but however Carnival just provided me with better personal service and many more options.
  9. That's very interesting you have family here, It is a great area. It is most an allergy if I eat or touch oils or residue but it can always be airborne if in a confined area and you breathe in dust. That is why I left the District Brew House area as it was very enclosed area and a lot of nuts.
  10. Unfortunately none of that was offered for me, maybe not good communication on both parts not sure.
  11. https://bigrobdog.blogspot.com/2018/12/cruising-ncl-bliss-with-nut-allergy.html
  12. Here is a link to my NCL Bliss review from the perspective of someone with a nut allergy. https://bigrobdog.blogspot.com/2018/12/cruising-ncl-bliss-with-nut-allergy.html
  13. Thanks again for the info its greatly appreciated.
  14. I assume your are allergic to something?? thanks for you input :)
  15. Thanks so much for the information. Did your son eat at the buffet? or any of the specialty restaurants ? Really want to try local out.
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