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  1. We recently booked western med for May 2021, burn i’m starting to feel very uncertain that it will go ahead dude to the delays to vaccination and high number of cases here in Europe. With the extension of double points into 2022 we will likely book a few for next year.
  2. Our last cruise was on Empress to Cuba, in November 2018. We didn’t cruise in 2019 as my husband was deployed in Afghanistan. We planned to cruise a lot in 2020 but covid had other ideas! Oh well, we’ll keep our fingers crossed for 2021.
  3. Call RCI and have your booking reference handy. Current rate is $100 USD for $150 AUD (so around 67c per $1)
  4. Last time I did a TA (2018) I think we had 3 BJ tournaments
  5. Yes, it’s correct that they could move you anywhere and you have to accept it
  6. Continental breakfast room service is complementary on all RCI ships. It’s only the cooked items that attract a fee
  7. There are not 2 policies, there are exceptions to the single policy. RCI has set these exceptions and no one is doing anything wrong by utilising it. Anyone who thinks it’s reasonable to compare that to chair hogs is ridiculous
  8. Why would ice cream be included in a drink so package? I admit I am a very confused by this. Is this a common thing on other lines?
  9. Jeans and t shirts have always been allowed under the RCI dress code (at least for the past 8 years that I have been sailing with them). It’s only shorts that are technically forbidden, but often seen anyway.
  10. When Ovation sails out of Australia the limit is $14, and this is inclusive of gratuity (gratuity is rolled into the menu price here so a drink that is $12 + 18% elsewhere will just be a flat $14 here). This limit covers almost everything on the menu including frozen cocktails and Kim Crawford. Sailing out of Hawaii i’m not 100% certain what the limit will be but my best guess is $13 as this seems to be the standard for mega ships sailing from US ports.
  11. It seems to be a fairly widespread glitch at the moment - people have been reporting this on my cruise groups across various platforms. You can still call to make a payment
  12. We sailed Empress 3 days after disembarking from Symphony. We only did it because we wanted to go to Cuba. There were some nice features to the ship but I wouldn’t sail her again unless it was back to Cuba
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