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  1. UK governments over the years have spent 100's of millions pounds trying to develop an integrated NHS system and we are still nowhere near having one.
  2. Unfortunately there has been many documented cases where a person has recovered from covid and tested positive months later. We had 1 poor lad from Wales who went out to Italy to help out in there fight with the virus, contracted covid-19 and was required to isolate in a converted hotel until he had 2 negative results it took him 3 months of weekly tests. Whilst in isolation he was talking to an Italian man whilst out on separate balconies and the man told him he had been there for 4 months waiting for a negative test. The PCR has been shown to produce up to 97% false positives in th
  3. The article was from 7th December 2020, The official line is there will not be any covid-19 certificate/passport other than the appointment card. Of course this could all change. I believe the government roll out of the vaccines has not yet linked vaccine recording with NHS and GP surgery records without this there will be no chance of any sort of official certification or passport.
  4. A friend of mine whose partner is working triage in accident and emergency in a large hospital in Wales UK, has told me that they are no longer doing a PCR test on admission because the management team has stated that the "PCR test is to inaccurate to be useful". So anyone with covid symptoms sent to one waiting area everyone else a different area. My friends partner is still waiting for the covid vaccine after 4 weeks whilst nursing on the frontline though the pharmacists and cleaners have had theirs.
  5. I think the key here is healthy under 50's, influenza does kill more healthy under 50's, however under 50's with comorbidities are more likely to die of covid-19. Tricky these politicians and government scientists they have been very careful in the phraseology of their statements. If their experiment works they will be seen as heros, if it fails it will be our fault somehow.
  6. Boris Johnson on again tonight with a few more details: Plan is groups 1-4 vaccinated with one dose Pfizer or Astrazeneca in 6 weeks Groups 5-9 with one dose in the following 6 weeks By following this plan they believe they can start slowly opening up society after the first 6 weeks (mid Feb) By the time the second dose is due the societal risks should be low enough that the country can reopen as normal as the risk to healthy under 50's will be no worse than influenza. There would be a rollout of the vaccine to everyone else starting slowly as peo
  7. Cruise lines are going to struggle get crew vaccinated if Governments in high income countries are struggling to vaccinate their populations. IMO the first vaccine producer who puts a private company before a countries need will not be looked upon favourably.
  8. If I was being cynical I would say that Governments at most levels have been given unprecedented control and authority over our lives and they like it. It was stated by the WHO and the UN that one of their major concerns was that governments may be reluctant to relinquish the authority and control given to them to help keep us safe during this pandemic, they could be right. We were told yesterday by the Prime Minister that the latest lockdown in England could start being eased mid February due to the ramp up in the vaccination schedule, today we are told by senior poli
  9. Some very senior scientists and the UK Government are going to fall hard if they have got it wrong and a lot of people will suffer. I don't know if they would take the risk unless they knew something we are not aware of.
  10. Boris Johnson just announced that they want to have vaccinated the first 4 categories by mid February 1: Residents in care homes for older adults and their carers 2: 80-year-olds and over and frontline health and social care workers 3: 75-year-olds and over 4: 70-year-olds and over and clinically extremely vulnerable individuals And England will go into lockdown with schools closed to the majority of students until at least the middle/late February The other nations of the UK are following similar plans Call me cynical but it took 4 weeks to
  11. The UK has a good track record on vaccination programs like the flu and in general a large proportion of the population trust the medical establishment even if they do not trust the Government. Around 70% will have the vaccine My understanding of the JCVI decision is to get as many of those at risk vaccinated with one dose giving around 70% protection and the other 30% have less serious symptoms and no hospitalizations in trials, by the time the second dose is due more batches of vaccines will be available. Astrazeneca was trialed upto 26 weeks optimal was between 4 a
  12. Could be worse, you could be living in France https://www.france24.com/en/france/20210103-france-vows-to-boost-pace-of-vaccinations-after-slow-rollout-fiasco
  13. Even if the US were to follow Dr Fauci's thoughts there is absolutely no evidence that the rest of the world will follow If governments around the world do not make a covid vaccination a mandatory requirement to travel then IMO it will come down to market forces to decide if a vaccination will be required. Even if a vaccination to travel becomes mandatory for cruises out of the US this does not automatically mean that it can or will be adopted elsewhere. The EU would have to rewrite one of its most important parts of its constitution to introduce vaccinatio
  14. To get back on topic In response to Astrazeneca having different timed dosing. Pfizer was asked about different timings for their vaccine doses Pfizer put out a statement that because of the way their trial was conducted that they could not confirm and had no data on whether the first dose of their vaccine would be effective after 3 weeks. So if you had the Pfizer vaccine don't forget the second dose.🙂
  15. I remember a report done in the UK about deaths due to austerity measures because of the financial crash of 2008 it estimated 130k excess deaths due to austerity over a 10 year period though the government disputes this data. I also saw a report estimating around 200k deaths in the US due to poverty in 2010. It's hard to consider how many people may lose their lives over the coming years due to the knock on effects of covid-19 form economic and social stresses.
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