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  1. Up to now the experts have not exactly lived up to the hype. I can't speak for the US but in the UK we have SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies ) all experts in their fields but based on some of their advice and recommendations they have little to no clue of the realities of ordinary people's lives. At which point an expert is pretty useless. From the chief medical officer for Wales an expert and a member of SAGE " non essential items are not to be sold in supermarkets to reduce the movement of people" sounds good except non essential items included women's
  2. No matter how quickly the updates can be produced the logistics, verification, approval process and manufacture takes time all the while the virus is mutating. From the little science available exposure once vaccinated might provide better long term protection than continual booster shots for variants you may never come in contact with.
  3. From looking at older research into RNA viruses The chances are long term immunity to the version of covid-19 your vaccinated for Limited protection against present variants if not exposed to the virus previously or had a booster jab Less or no protection for future variants if not exposed to the virus previously. What we know about live vaccines and previous exposure to covid-19 in the Novaxx trial is that this offers protection against present disease and known variants. This is why they are working on mRNA vaccines that mimic more of the whole v
  4. And that's your "opinion" All the post proves is that everyone suffers from conformational bias, the person who wrote the article, the poster and myself. I remember the experts the UK government went to when SARS 1, MERS and Ebola looked like being a threat, when these people did not agree with the government's point of view and approach to Covid-19 they were suddenly deemed to be fringe scientists and called far worse by the mainstream media, talk about confirmation bias. These people were not discredited scientists but world leading experts in their respective fields.
  5. If that was the case there would be no need for booster shots Astrazeneca would still be being used in South Africa against the South African variant And the Novaxx trials would tend to disagree a 6 fold decrease in effectiveness against the South African variant The mRNA vaccines seem to be holding up better but they have not been widely deployed in areas of concern except in the UK
  6. What complete balderdash and claptrap, sorry not trying to be rude just trying out some old words Nobody can estimate how long the vaccine will last based on antibodies it is just not how your bodies immune system works, secondly drop off in antibodies is normal you have the same with the yellow fever and measle jabs but they still last a lifetime. Yellow fever jab used to be every 10 years until they realised after decades of study that it lasted a lifetime, WHO now recommend 1 jab only The 3rd shot at the moment should only be part of trials to see if it
  7. Lots of variants before the UK one but the 4 main ones of concern have shown an ability to either spread faster or be more deadly or both. Many don't realise that the strains affecting some parts of the world are less virulent and deadly. When people point at these countries and say look how well they have done they are not taking into account the whole picture. When I pointed out that influenza vaccines work on a best guess based on scientific data available one rabid pro vaxx poster told me i was wrong in no uncertain terms and would not even accept the facts when I p
  8. Booster shots great. But what are you actually getting a booster shot against? The present crop of vaccines target a very specific part of a very specific spike protein the booster shots will be the same just for a variant. Covid19 mutates naturally however viruses can be pressured to mutate by external mechanisms like mass vaccination roll outs. This makes it easy for them to mutate beyond the design of the present vaccines, Dr Fauci and the UK advisors have been talking about this for a while The problem is no one knows what variants will be in
  9. Flu vaccines really are scientifically educated guesses and many years they get this wrong because the influenza virus is constantly mutating outside what is known. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/prevent/vaccine-selection.htm The present covid-19 vaccines are thought to be partly responsible for the new variants according to vaccine producers, this means booster shots but they can not be developed until a variant is identified, booster shots are then created taking time but they also contribute to the creation of variants and so on and so on. It's an arms race the current vacc
  10. Obviously things are different in the US to UK probably because internal flights are so short here No eating and drinking on the plane and masked for the entire journey. I'm not a big fan of studies of studies and when you are using modelling with a best scientific guess for some of the variables these can very easily throw things off or not be accurate due to confirmation bias. Spacing people out is really an obvious answer and no doubt it works but as with everything it comes down to risk and benefit for the airlines.
  11. You mean this one https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7016e1.htm?s_cid=mm7016e1_w A laboratory study of an actual study from 2017 using modelling which did not take into account the wearing of face masks nor did it consider whether passengers are vaccinated against Covid-19 or the other measures put in place by airlines due to the pandemic, it could be right but I'm not convinced.
  12. I tried explaining this a few months back, but many just do not get the EU mentality when it comes to free movement of people. And yes this also applies to cruise ships, this is covered in EU maritime law and Travel directives, the laws were tightened up and expanded after Costa Concordia. Cyprus presently requires all visitors to have both vaccinations, if the EU decide that Schengen nationals do not need to prove they are vaccinated then that will be the rule and Royal Caribbean will have two choices accept the EU's decision or pull out of the EU market. Cyprus can s
  13. Let's be perfectly honest this happens the world over, I've lost count of the number of times I've heard different nationalities quote on our internal social and political matters with no real clue what they are talking about. It's prevalent here on cruisecritic with many US posters telling other nationalities what their cruise contract, terms and conditions and laws are without reference to the fact that things are different in different markets.
  14. Quite possible the experts seem to be announcing new information almost on a daily basis Interesting to read about using mRNA technology to create a vaccine that will target more of the viruses code to provide protection against broader range of variants
  15. Thinking about it logically if you have mild/moderate symptoms from a vaccine that does not contain the virus the only thing it could be is an immunological response This does not really answer the question as to whether they were re infected or a similar immunological response as you would have to the vaccine not containing a virus. Here's some light reading from scientists who see things differently all are pro vaccines they just see it differently, in the UK we have been looking at booster shots against variants for a while. https://www.geertvandenbossche
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