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  1. I am traveling with my DW and I want to purchase the alcohol package but my wife does not drink alcohol at all. Can I by the alcohol package and she get the non alcohol package? or do we both have to get alcohol package?
  2. We are going on HOTS this Saturday and Tropical Storm Beverly is on the lose. we are going to St. Thomas on Tuesday and St. Kitt Wednesday. How does Royal deal with storms? Sent from my SM-N950U using Forums mobile app
  3. I know Royals policy is no water or soda allowed to be taken on board but we have always slapped a luggage tag on a case of water and a 12 pack of coke snd it has always gotten to our cabin. Anyone try this lately and what was the outcome? Sent from my SM-N950U using Forums mobile app
  4. Thank you Sent from my SM-N950U using Forums mobile app
  5. I know that the BOGO specialty dinning you have to eat in on of the dinning room on Day 1 or 2. We are traveling with 14 people and we do not want to eat away from them on Day 1 and we do not want to miss out on formal night on Day 2. Has anyone ever purchased this package and were able to have there first night switched to Day 3?
  6. We are sailing in cabin 9214. Where is the bed?
  7. Will the App work to see the shows and dinner times with charging you $8.00?
  8. Are clothe steamers allowed on board? Sent from my SM-N950U using Forums mobile app
  9. I agree best decks on Oasis class ship is 8 or 9 mid ship. I like that you are not to far from the activities up top or the action below. I also love walking through Central Park its the most peaceful deck on any cruise ship and the roast beef sandwiches in the Park cafe are amazing. For me cruising is the best form of travel out there. I am going on my 10 cruise next week and my ninth since 2008. I have to thank God that He affords me the opportunity. Enjoy your cruise and be safe.
  10. Sound good have a great cruise. Sent from my SM-N950U using Forums mobile app
  11. I second the warm bread pudding with vanilla cream sauce, Yum
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