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  1. My wife and I are going on the Carnival Horizon ship Saturday. I just recieved an email telling us apart from the vacination card and the negative covid test. We need to bring along the contact information (name, phone number & email) of the clinic that provide the vaccination shots in case further verification is needed. has anyone travel recently and had this become an issue?
  2. Good morning, my wife and I are going on a Southern Carribbean Cruise this Saturday, There seems to be storm that could turn into hurricanes all over the carribbean this morning. What do the cruiselines do when there are storm everywhere? What should we expect? What are the chances it wil be cancelled? Have any of you crusied and had bad wheather most or all of the cruise? Any advice welcomed,thanks.
  3. I have cruised on Carnival on 5 other occasion. I have always spend money in the casino. For years I have been getting casino special and was never able to book one. But My wife and i just got an unbelievable casino deal for this Saturday so we booked it. Does anyone know how long I need to paly daily in the casino to continue to get these casino special. I know from conversation on different cruises with casino players that there is a formula i just can't remeber what it is. Any help is greatly apprciate it.
  4. My wife and I are visiting Aruba for the frist time. There from 7am to 11pm. We want rent a car and drive around. What is a must to do?
  5. My wife and I have travels Carnival on five other occasion and we have always been able to put a tag on case of water and one a case of soda even though it says it will not be allowed. Can we still get away with this or have they put a stop to it?
  6. So if I understand the documentation I need for nrxt Saturday on the Horizon is: Passport Vaccination Card A copy of my negatvie rapid test taken no early than two days from sailing. so since we are sailing Saturday I can have a negative test from Thursday or Friday? Anything else?
  7. How was the buffet? Were you comfort eating there? What new steps are they taking? How many onboard? Were most people wearing mask?
  8. Has anyone been on Horizon recently that can talk about the buffet and how there experience was?
  9. I just the wrong cruise with the wrong date. I know I need to call but they are closed. I am in trouble or will they just move it over to the correct date?
  10. Need travel insurance for upcoming September cruise. Any suggestion of insurance company other than the one offered by Carnival?
  11. Looking to book a once in a lifetime crusie to Alaska in 2022. What is can't miss areas of Alaska? What cruiseline have the best itinerary and why? What tours in different cities should we consider? I want to make this an unforgetable trip for my wife and I as we have been talking about this trip for years. All recommendations welcome, please and thank you.
  12. I am traveling with my DW and I want to purchase the alcohol package but my wife does not drink alcohol at all. Can I by the alcohol package and she get the non alcohol package? or do we both have to get alcohol package?
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