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  1. Ahhhhhh thank you for reminding me why I never post in this site.
  2. Not sure about getting back ON the ship, but I can tell you 100% that I just boarded a ship in Miami and the next port was Key West (US Port). In the middle of the night, I had a family member pass away. This was last Tuesday. I went to guest relations, paid $758 per person to be able to get off the ship in Key West and go home. However, I also had to show proof of my airline tickets home. Without the airline tickets being purchased, they said I couldn't do it. (not sure what would've happened if it was driving distance because I didn't ask. I purchased my airline tickets, had the fee charged to my sign sail and they escorted me off the ship in Key West. And in December I did a r/t San Diego/Hawaii and the only foreign port we visited was Ensenada.
  3. For everyone saying you don't go into the casinos because it's smoking....how much do you bet? loose? I've watched the non smokers. Their $.45 bets. I know my mom is a non smoker. When she goes into a casino, she looses maybe $50 max. I'm a smoker. When I go into a casino, I'm willing to lose thousands. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I get lucky. My point, the studies have been done. They know that the loss of non smokers vs the gain of smokers is worth it to them. Gambling is risky business. Smoking is risky business. Those of us that do both, yeah, we spend way more than those of you who refuse to go and spend $.45 a bet. It will take a whole lot of you to make up for one of us that are dropping thousands and smoking our cigarettes. This isn't a guessing game. Every cruise line, casino on land knows this. That's the reason they still do and will for a long time allow smoking.
  4. Verizon offers data, but it's $2.09/MB. They don't have any plans for Cuba yet and no travel pass.
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