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  1. I was not optimistic about our August 2021 cruise so rebooked to Easter break 2022. It’s hard to be excited about a cruise that may or may not happen.
  2. Our grandson will be 15 when we sail April 2022. We are letting him choose a friend to bring. I think he will enjoy having someone to pal around with and I will rest easier with him out and about without us.
  3. Thanks again! It looks like a great spot! Are those the Oasis cabanas to the left of your photo?
  4. Jenny, That looks perfect! I’m sure we are in the minority to what this type of seating as it doesn’t look busy in your photo. Thanks so much for sharing!
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve considered that but thought it might be boring there for him. With so many free options available I was hoping there would be something near the Oasis pool area and the DJ. He could be entertained while I’m off to the pool and ocean!
  6. Question for recent visitors to Coco Cay. My husband prefers sitting in a chair at a table with an umbrella vs a lounger. We are spending the morning at Thrill Park and in the afternoon I’d like to do a combination of ocean swimming and pool. Is there a central location for hubby where he can watch the action and I can come and go? I think he’d find a cabana boring, he doesn’t swim. I think he’d enjoy the activity at the Oasis pool. I’d appreciate any and all suggestions. Thanks!!
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