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  1. First let me say I HATE BJ and will never play because of this attitude. Gamblers who are smart and know the game do have an advantage of course, BUT these games are games of chance. A newbies mistake can cause the next player to win or lose - but it's a chance, not an absolute outcome. It really ticks me off when I hear of the attitudes of some people. Geeesh . . .
  2. Five of us ladies cruised a few years ago and they put us in a booth with a chair at the end. Not very comfortable especially for the lady on the end. We took turns and each of us sat at the end one night. Not a good set up for five grown women. We asked if we could be moved to a more comfortable table and they said none were available. Hope you have better luck than we did.
  3. We are going to Half Moon Cay next winter and shore excursions are not available to book yet. Does anyone know how far in advance Carnival posts them as a shore tour to book?
  4. We fly to Florida the day of the cruise from the cold and snowy north. I wear my jeans and sneakers, a summer shirt with a warmer shirt or sweater over that. At the airport I take off and stuff my winter jacket into the pocket of my luggage to grab when we get back to our home airport after the cruise. When we arrive in Florida, I take off and stash my warmer shirt and then stay in jeans/summer shirt until later. Once onboard, find lunch, but we seem to board after the crowds arrive so that is stressful. But we do not want to skip lunch then be starving and overeat at dinner. Unpack when luggage arrives. After muster drill, take a shower and change into dinner clothes.
  5. Thank you! That is what I was hoping for.
  6. Can you still use the free Carnival Hub App for texting others who are on the ship with you if you are all using the App? I know that now they offer the social media package for money but we really don't need that. Myself and six other ladies are sailing on Carnival Magic next winter. We each have our own cabin and they are spread over two decks. It sure would be convenient if we could message each other on board for meeting times, places etc.
  7. OP here . . . let me say again that I am NOT offended by off color humor. We went to the late night comedy show and expected off color humor at that venue. I agree that Ewart is a talented singer and musician who kept the crowd engaged. My opinion is that usual piano bar music with some adult jokes or lyrics sprinkled in is much more enjoyable and funny.
  8. I enjoy playing roulette in the casino. Lucky for me, on the Sunshine, the two roulette tables are located near the entrance to the casino so the smoke is not so bad, unless there are players at the table smoking. Walking through the casino and especially near the bar is very smoky. Not pleasant for me as I was just getting over asthmatic bronchitis. How I wish they would do something about the smoke in the casino!!! Just venting here . . . I know many don't agree.
  9. Cruised recently on the Sunshine. First elegant night, DH wore dress slacks, white shirt & tie, and sport jacket and looked very nice. I wore a dress that was not formal, but nice enough. We both felt comfortable and blended in. The second elegant night, we dressed similarly, and from where we were seated, most people were not dressed up. I saw shorts on men, golf type shirts and only one other jacket. It seemed as if the other cruisers "didn't get the memo" that the evening was elegant night. I couldn't give a hoot what others wear. If I'm dressed better than other women, it would feel good to me; wouldn't bother me. I blended in as usual. However, what bothered me was that I could tell DH was bothered that he seemed to be the only one dressed up for elegant night. He would have preferred to dress casual. Made me uncomfortable that he was uncomfortable. Just my two cents worth . . . what do you all think?
  10. Wish I had known that . . . I went into the spa one day and asked what I could use and she said the gym, sauna and locker room/showers.
  11. I did hear that announcement and I do not have a problem with adult humor. However, this was 100% raunch 4 songs in a row and then we walked out. My past 14 cruises the piano bar music was nice oldies type music with off color humor sprinkled in. Much funnier and enjoyable in my opinion.
  12. Zone 1 is called right after self-assist. We were given zone 1 because I am platinum. I did hear an announcement that people who prove that they have an early flight can get "early" debarkation. Not sure if that means zone 1 or something else.
  13. You are correct - of course you can pay for treatments and I guess that includes the thermal suites. We didn't use the spa so I don't know details. Sewage smell, well we did detect a gaseous odor in some public areas.
  14. Cabin 10122 on Deck 10. The Sunshine does not have all the spa amenities like on the Dream. I think the thermal suites you mentioned are what we experienced on the Dream but they do not have on the Sunshine. The only free things are the gym, sauna, locker room and showers. We did not use the spa.
  15. We were in cabin 10122 on deck 10. For TYD we checked in on Ocean Plaza, deck 5, were given a slip of paper and walked down the stairs to the dining room - no problem. The shows were crowded and we tried to get there early. We did not get off the ship after dinner in Aruba. I do not know if there was a CC meet and greet.
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