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  1. Camping in the Adirondack Mountains in our travel trailer. We have 5 reservations for waterfront campsites from May - September for a few days per trip.
  2. There are no Carnival ships sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale through March 2023, according to Carnival's web site right now. Believe me, the first thing I considered was moving to another cruise. The biggest criteria for booking this cruise was leaving from Port Everglades because we had such a good experience last time. If we end up flying Southwest we will fly into FLL and shuttle to the cruise port. If we use another airline, whether we fly into FLL or MIA will depend on price and times. Cruise isn't until January 2022 so we won't be booking flights until next summer.
  3. Yes, I know and we might do that. But it is a longer and more expensive ride from FLL to Miami. Just remembering our cruise in January, arriving at FLL and how easy and fast it was to get to Port Everglades. This is the main reason we booked the Freedom out of Ft. Lauderdale in the first place. Also there are no direct flights to MIA from where we are.
  4. Got a message from Carnival via my TA that Carnival Freedom is moving to Miami from Ft. Lauderdale. I am sad because FLL is easier to fly to than MIA and Port Everglades is so close to the airport. Just venting here . . . our cruise is not until 2022 and many more changes could happen before then.
  5. Our January 2021 Breeze cruise was canceled and I am actually relieved. I was stressed thinking that final payment was due in October and wondering if I should make the payment when the cruise could very well be canceled. I only have our reduced deposit at risk so don't mind Carnival holding that for now. I was also waiting for Southwest's schedule to open booking and would have reserved the flights asap. So I don't have to think about that for now. I am uncomfortable about cruising in January when there are so many unknowns about COVID. Canceling a cruise is really no big deal - I can
  6. I recently cruised with 7 other ladies and we are in your age group. We each had our own stateroom and it was wonderful. We usually paired up or did things in small groups but on occasion I went out on my own. Some of the things I enjoyed by myself were: roulette in the casino, sitting and listening to the different music venues, shopping for myself, people watching, sitting in the hot tub. I didn't actually go alone but would not mind going to a show by myself or perhaps taking part in a trivia game. Enjoy your cruise - there's nothing like having your own private cabin.
  7. I really cannot answer question, but do remember people saying on CC here that having her just be a no show is the way to handle it. Hopefully you get replies from people who have experience. I do want to offer some encouragement to you: Cruising with a group of friends/family and having your own private cabin is awesome. You can spent time with others but also have the luxury of retreating to your own cabin for quiet time, bathroom time, sleeping etc. I have cruised with my friends several times. Some are single ladies and some leave their hubbies at home. We each have ou
  8. I personally do not like to eat at the buffet. However, would not like them eliminated because they have their following and less crowds where I want to be. I wish the MDR was open for lunch. I prefer smaller portions and being served while on vacation.
  9. Yes, ObstructedView's photos show exactly how they work. When I looked at other photos earlier, I was wrongly thinking the doors were part of the partition between balconies. So if the doors are ever closed, it will be like a nice ocean view cabin. Looking forward to our cruise on the Breeze next January! Not hurricane season so I don't expect they will close the balcony door.
  10. Thank you for your replies. Now I understand - it is a storm door that just covers your balcony door so it cannot be opened. Somehow I thought they closed off the whole balcony from the weather.
  11. The dealers at roulette tables will gladly take your cash in exchange for chips to play with.
  12. I read somewhere, here on CruiseCritic I believe, that the crew can close off the cove balconies during severe storms. The way the cove balconies are set back into the ship with the opening cut out of the hull makes sense that they could be closed. However, in the photos that I have seen of people's cove balconies, I have never seen a "door" or cover or whatever that could close off the balcony from the outside weather. It doesn't seem practical to me that they would store these doors or covers somewhere else. I have also read that occasionally they do in fact close the cove balconies duri
  13. We enjoyed the shows at night. Sat and listened to music in the lobby. Ate breakfast, brunch and dinner in dining rooms. Went to the Piano Bar, spent time in casino, looked around shops. Watched the ocean and people. Visited with each other. Occasional afternoon nap. Lots of excitement for this retiree!
  14. Beary', no first time cruisers, but first time on Carnival for one. We were all impressed with everything. We didn't watch the big screen but did notice it is in fact there. We tended to find quieter locations. The seas were rocky the first couple of days but not enough to stop our activity. I did hold on to the handrails at times. Was so busy with other things that I didn't experience Guys BBQ, the Pizza Place, Seafood Shack, the Comedy shows, or the Serenity deck. I guess we have to go back and make sure to do so.
  15. We just returned from 6 days on Carnival Magic. I will list all the positives and then a couple of not so positives at the end. Background: We were a group of 8 mostly retired ladies, some single and the rest of us left our husband’s home because they were not interested in cruising. We each had our own cabin and were mostly near the front on decks 1 and 2 with one lady on deck 11. Feel free to ask any questions. Positives (we all had a great time) Flight on Southwest Airlines from Albany, NY to Ft. Lauderdale was onetime and stress free. We arrived at
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