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  1. My family of 16 is booked on the November 20th cruise... please don't let anything happen!
  2. So on a three night on the Adventure of the Seas, is there an option for lunch on embarkation day?
  3. This whole thing is kinda nerve-wracking. I know I could pay the $70 for two tests, but I can get them for free at the park. I took one (PCR) last Friday at 4:00 PM and got results Sunday at 6:00 AM, which would be perfect. BUT, what if they don't come in as fast next time? Auuuuugggghhh. Cruising on Adventure, Friday the 17th. I guess I'll bite the bullet and purchase, but it just seems like a new revenue stream.
  4. One more question... is there a sports bar, or somewhere where the Olympics will be on?
  5. After so many cancelled cruises, I'm believe tomorrow may actually happen and am quite excited. We've only been on Celebrity once, and it was for a music cruise charter (Moody Blues - amazing), so I have a couple questions... (we're in an infinite veranda, with nothing included) 1. Is there shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom, or do I need my own. 2. Problem bringing in my own soda? In carry on or suitcase? 3. CPAP machine - is there an outlet near the bed, and should I bring distilled water for it or will they provide it? 4. Royal let us bring two bottles of wine (pre-pandemic of course). Does Celebrity? 5. We have the pretty late check in time of between 3 and 3:30 - and we only live fifteen minutes from the port so it will be a long day of waiting. Yes, of course we can eat at home first, but will the buffet be open when we get there? Its not that I expect to be hungry, but its sort of a tradition... Can't wait. May actually start packing now.
  6. Awesome review - thank you so much! We'll be on her in SIX short days now, and your review has given me an entire new list of things not to miss!
  7. Just booked EDEN for our July 24th cruise based on your pictures! Can't wait!
  8. We're on this cruise on July 24th. I am fully prepared to be underwhelmed at meals (which will still be waaaaay better than anything I cook at home), and not as entertained as in previous cruises (which will still be better than watching reality TV at home), and sometimes even bored (at which time I hope I'll find a book in the library and a comfortable lounge chair on deck.) I know it's not going to be the cruise I'm used to, but it will certainly be better than the cruise of the last 18 months...and that is enough.
  9. We're on 7/11 - less than a month away now, and when I look at the Cruise Planner it still says Indy. I don't care if I'm in crews quarters, I want to be on that damned ship!
  10. So I'm on Odyssey, July 11th out of Ft. Lauderdale (changed from Indy)... do you REALLY think I can start getting my hopes up??? I'm ridiculously excited if I can.
  11. We were on Thanksgiving cruise on Oasis and it was disappointing that none of the decorations were up. 2 years ago on Allure we were able to take lots of great photos on the same Thanksgiving cruise!
  12. Just off this cruise this morning, with a family group of 16. We were somewhat shocked to NEVER have a wait for anything - getting on, getting off, islands, dining room, bars... there were never more than a few people in the Sorrento's line! There was also always PLENTY of lounge chairs near the pool, the lines for the slides were minimal, and even laser tag only had a couple people in line. We heard that the ship wasn't even close to full - and it seemed more contractors got off at each port, so that may have made the difference, but for Thanksgiving week we certainly expected to spend lots of time waiting for elevators, and tripping over children, but even that was never the case.
  13. We've done Thanksgiving cruises for the last five years, and will be on Oasis this year with 16 of our family members. I go on cruises at least four or five times a year and the Thanksgiving cruise is ALWAYS the best. Yes, of course there are a lot of kids, but if you go in expecting it it's not a problem. It wouldn't be the cruise to select for a romantic honeymoon. The ship always feels extra festive, and I LOVE not having to cook Thanksgiving dinner. I also LOVE that I'm not home so I don't feel pressured to be up at three AM for black Friday sales. With that many family members, the only thing we are sure about is that we will all meet for dinner, and if we run into each other at other times, great. We always do, and it's wonderful, unrushed family time with few outside pressures. And yes, you may need to wait a few extra minutes to squeeze into an elevator, but again, if you are expecting it, it's not a problem. Thanksgiving cruises are the best!
  14. Update: We contacted our travel agent who contacted RCCL and got an immediate response and approval. We had to call a phone number and give a credit card for the $65 charge for leaving early, and as soon as I did so they emailed me the letter that he has to bring off the ship with him. A little annoyed at the charge since he's military, but the whole thing was pretty painless 🙂 and as long as there are no weather disasters he should be good to go.
  15. So my large family is scheduled for a Thanksgiving cruise, and my son who is in the military just found out that he absolutely has to be somewhere the day before the cruise returns. We've looked into his still going on the cruise and flying back home when we get to St. Thomas and its do-able schedule wise. What would be our next steps? Do we have to inform the cruise line ahead of time? Would his card still be active once he's gone? What about his drink package? My other son will still be in the room. Thanks for any insight!
  16. I'm also on this cruise (with 15 family members!) I actually heard on one of my last cruises that because this is leaving out of Miami, and Miami is headquarters for RCCL, there will probably be lots of bigwigs on board before departure, and the Windjammer lunch should be extra special. Seriously, that's what a maitre'd on another cruise said. Take it with a grain of salt, or saltwater, though.
  17. Has anyone done a first cruise after drydock? Do things go wrong? We have 15 people going for this cruise -- week of Thanksgiving, and I'm wondering if anyone has experienced any problems after drydock, like trips being cancelled, or venues being closed, or staff being untrained... I had heard that because its the first cruise, and it's out of Miami where RCCL headquarters are, that there are likely to be lots of bigwigs and media. And do you think there's any chance in the world that they would change their Labadee port to Coco Cay? (Very wishful thinking there)
  18. Absolutely. Just used one on Navigator that I got in February on Independence. Not a problem at all!
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