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  1. No matter how regulations are changed and how many safety measures are put in place, you can’t protect people from themselves. People find a way to circumvent safety measures all of the time. You can’t fix carelessness or stupidity. Eventually, you’ll have windows on cruise ships with the slots that open to allow air inside (like some high rise buildings) because people just can’t seem to stay onboard. Or maybe, they’ll have the large fences that point inward like highway overpasses now - that keep idiots from throwing rocks on cars passing underneath. Balconies will offer a view but will be enclosed and have sliding plexiglass that will only open 6 inches. It never ends. In the past, people would take more responsibility for their own actions. People suffered tragedies and didn’t expect to get millions of dollars for their loss. The piers of the islands that we visit don’t have railings to prevent you from falling over. But, many of the docks that non-employees visit around here do because they know that some idiot will fall in and sue because there were no “safety measures” to prevent them. Things can probably be improved, but companies should not have to shoulder all of the cost and blame for someone else’s negligence.
  2. Agree. I was just about to type something similar. The fact that the family doesn’t even want to see what happened - not to see the fall, but to see him hold her in the video or his actions before the fall —makes them look even worse. If he’s not a man that raised the father or the mother, then I really don’t see the purpose in trusting his word blindly. I’d even have to step away from my parent in this instance. I’d forgive eventually, but I wouldn’t be blaming anyone other than him. Since he is her moms husband, I especially don’t see the dad’s point in supporting him. I’m sure I’d be in divorce court before the verdict for or against Royal if I had that type of blind faith in a person - relative or not.
  3. I don’t understand why the parents would continue if they even look at the video. Do they think it’s totally inaccurate or fraudulent? Yes, more evidence could be introduced, but I don’t think that would matter to most parents. He held the child outside of the window. As a parent- if I was supporting him before the video, I would just walk out of whatever meeting we were having at the time - after seeing the video. I’m not sure when or if I would come back to talk anytime soon.
  4. Because of this, I can’t imagine that they still want to see all of the videos. The phrase - be careful what you ask for, you just might get it - comes to mind.
  5. I think people are quick to judge because the family put themselves out there by accusing the cruise line of being unsafe and not having enough safety precautions for their passengers. I’ve been on similar ships and have seen those windows. I am very sorry for their loss. But, I am also irritated that they are not willing to accept their role in what happened. He did it. He dropped her. And, if he didn’t see that it was open, he should have looked more closely. That is the bottom line. And if I was he daughter, I would expect for him to accept that. As others have said, if the nanny or babysitter had done the same thing, this would be a totally different conversation - especially with the daughter being a lawyer and the son-in-law an officer. On a side note, I have often looked at Oasis class and thought how nice and open it is from the pool decks. I’ve been on Allure, Harmony and Oasis. So, are we to have 6 foot plexiglass circling the Boardwalk and Central Park areas from those pool and sports decks because someone might lean over and hold their child for a better look. I think that is what Royal is up against if they settle this lawsuit. Where would it end? It has to stop somewhere and when someone is clearly irresponsible, they (Royal) have to fight it to prevent changes that may be required in the future.
  6. The grandfather should definitely pay for his actions. I can’t imagine the family not wanting him to. He was totally negligent - accident or not. You don’t hold a child outside of a window. Even sitting them on the railing of that type of window is taking too much of a chance of something bad happening. If my father did something like that, I would expect him to accept full responsibility and give me and my immediate family time to process what happened and heal. But, I would not heal or deal with him in life in general if he did not accept the fact that he was guilty and totally wrong. I don’t care if people think Royal should have bars on the window. My baby didn’t fall until your dumb*** held her outside of or up to the window. And yes, that is how I would feel about my dad at the time. I would still love him but would need time away from him. Some people play too much. You’ll hear some older relatives say “I did this with you and you weren’t hurt” — ie not using seat belts and car seats, etc. But, when you’re caring for someone else’s child, you exercise extra care because they’re not yours. You make sure that they don’t come to any harm. And, if they do, you deal with the consequences and accept the blame. Praying for the family. But, the daughter and son in law need to stop blaming the cruise line for the tragedy, deal with their family issues and try to heal and move forward. Royal should not pay a dime, and grandfather should serve jail time and attend some type of classes to deal with whatever issues he has. And if that wasn’t my dad and just someone my mom married later in life - who didn’t raise me and I didn’t have a strong connection to - not sure where I’d be. Just my thoughts. (Sedated I’m sure - until the thoughts of doing him harm left my mind.)
  7. I haven’t used them before, but I booked our flight through them for our August cruise. I only have one-way booked right now. I couldn’t resist the refundable fare being lower than non-refundable. The non-refundable prices from February 2020 through May 2020 are similar, so I’m not counting on a huge price difference closer to the sailing date.
  8. Freedom of the Seas has guaranteed balcony’s available for the date above- for those that are willing to accept a nonrefundable deposit and don’t care which cabin you receive. total for 3 - $2966. Saved $995 from prior total.
  9. Ok. Thanks. I’ll give them a call. I usually book my own but I like the fact that the refundable rate is reasonable— 445 per person. I’ll look at nonrefindable through airlines closer to final payment date to see if I can cancel and get a better rate.
  10. I’m sailing on FOS next August. I checked Air2Sea just to see what type of fares were offered. Their refundable fare from CLE to SJU is around the same as the non-refundable fares shown on their website and the airline websites. I’m mainly looking at American Airlines. Has anyone seen this before? I was wondering if it was bait and switch, didn’t allow seat selection, etc. The fares are Economy and NOT the “Basic Economy” that airlines are offering now.
  11. I had a certified copy. I traveled with that until my passport was updated.
  12. Will they still have a channel with DreamWorks movies? That was nice for down time as well. We sail on Harmony in August and since its sailing from Orlando, it seems that it would have some additional activities for smaller kids that the other Oasis class ships might not - just to compete with Disney Fantasy. I guess we’ll see compases soon that show what is available since DreamWorks is discontinued.
  13. When we were on Allure in June 2017 they had a show at the Aqua Theater that our son loved. It had most of the DreamWorks characters and was a nice break that kept his attention.
  14. Thanks for your review. Which ship did your 13 year old prefer? I was wondering how the kids like the clubhouse at the SportsSquare. It seems like a nice addition but I wondered if it was usually too crowded because Horizon has more people than Breeze.
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