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  1. I had a certified copy. I traveled with that until my passport was updated.
  2. Will they still have a channel with DreamWorks movies? That was nice for down time as well. We sail on Harmony in August and since its sailing from Orlando, it seems that it would have some additional activities for smaller kids that the other Oasis class ships might not - just to compete with Disney Fantasy. I guess we’ll see compases soon that show what is available since DreamWorks is discontinued.
  3. When we were on Allure in June 2017 they had a show at the Aqua Theater that our son loved. It had most of the DreamWorks characters and was a nice break that kept his attention.
  4. Thanks for your review. Which ship did your 13 year old prefer? I was wondering how the kids like the clubhouse at the SportsSquare. It seems like a nice addition but I wondered if it was usually too crowded because Horizon has more people than Breeze.
  5. We are sailing on the Horizon in August but I’m thinking of switching to the Breeze. Did anyone’s kids miss the additional activities on Vista/Horizon when they switched back to a ship without those activities, or did it really not make a difference? We’ve said on Allure, Oasis and the amplified Mariner so I’m looking at indoor activities as well as outdoor. We like Carnival too but haven’t sailed it since our soon was born. He’s 7 now.
  6. I have the same question. The reason that it is even a question for me is the price difference - around $1300.
  7. I have a hold on one for April 2021.
  8. They have some of the aft balcony family harbor cabins on YouTube. I forgot the name but if you type Carnival horizon family harbor aft cabin ... it may pop up. I found 2501 and the odd shaped one on there.
  9. Thanks. One of the reasons I chose it was because there isn’t a direct drop into the water. I don’t like the idea of the crew possibly walking by but I’ll remember to close the drapes when necessary.
  10. Thanks for your review. How did you like the aft balconies in the family harbor area? We are in 2501 in August this year.
  11. We cruised last year starting on New Years Eve 12-31-2017. Formal night was the same night that we boarded. People were still dressed up - probably more than usual. Lots of families with kids dressed up as well. It did seem that they put a rush on delivering luggage to the cabins. I might have imagined it, but it seemed luggage was lined in the hallways outside doors faster than I’ve seen in the past.
  12. For those that use desktop computers and wonder what we’re complaining about - passwords disappearing, etc - I would quote you, but that option isn’t working correctly for me on the iPhone. I haven’t used a desktop computer in ages. I work on a laptop all day, and the last thing that I want to do is work on another laptop or desktop when I get off. I research and book all travel using my phone. I even print boarding passes - seapass info, luggage tags, purchase travel insurance, etc. using the phone. Most major businesses have an app. This site is much harder to use now. I have saved my password, but am prompted to log in again once a day or so. The search function is much harder now. I’ve been a member for years as well, and was able to maneuver in the app with ease. I became excited about cruise critic once I found the app. Since the app has been discontinued, I’ve followed a few reviews and general conversations since the upgrade and haven’t found a link that takes me directly there. I also notice that it’s the same people that post over and over - very few new users or viewpoints. For this site to be successful, it’s going to need an app. Very few younger people will be typing in URL addresses or using favorites to get here. I enjoyed reading a variety of reviews and viewpoints. I appreciate all of the reviews and informational posts. I just hope the site thrives - since I love cruising. But, I don’t see that happening without an app.
  13. I think it has to do with the lack of the app. Using this site is somewhat of a nuisance now. Maybe I’ll learn it in time, but the app was much easier. I still haven’t figured out how to find the reviews that I selected to follow. I’ll get to it eventually, but I don’t enjoy this as much as the app.
  14. Thanks for your review. I am interested in your opinion with a comparison of both ships as well. I’ve cruised Oasis and Allure and have Carnival Horizon booked for this summer. I love your reviews and have read most of them. They are very entertaining and help me get over my lack of cruising blues. My last Carnival Cruise was on Carnival Valor in 2009. It seems so much has changed since then and they have much more to offer now.
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