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  1. I'm not interested in arguing about the changes that are going into place....we enjoy crusing and for the most part come away feeling very good about our vacation...the only thing I would say is that I think Celebrity created this issue by handing out incentives for ...".the more you cruise the more we give you".....by having parties recognizing the zenith members, etc.....
  2. I haven't been around much with all the other bs going on.....we're elite members and to find out what they are doing to the family that supports their business is upsetting...we really did enjoy going up to the sky lounge before dinner....we always felt just alittle special and appreciated the recognition for being loyal to Celebrity.....after reading the new policies, I don't know what to think....so a couple goes on 50 cruises with Celebrity, spends $350,000 and gets a mighty have a good day for your loyalty....that doesn't sit well....I haven't told my wife but I imagine what she will s
  3. We just booked our annual two week trip to Cozumel for 1/6-1/20/21...no issues booking with air or hotel..
  4. Thanks gerelmx....I used the link to cancel our 12/9 Equinox cruise....🙁
  5. We made our decision....We have been on 30 cruises and can miss a year....We both view ships as a breeding ground for health issues and the current high level makes us very uncomfortable about being on a ship with others from all parts.....We wear a mask when we go the any store or inside spot....last night I was at a pizza parlor indoors and that experience didn't feel all that safe to me....I don't need to spend thousands of dollars to go on vacation and be on guard most of the time.....I hope a vaccine helps and this will pass over time......best to everyone, be safe and do your part.....
  6. In Cass County Mn....where I live 5 cases no deaths....they need rules by county....not statewide.....
  7. My wife complained about the heavy bath robes in CC.....All I need is a balcony...
  8. We're on Equinox 12/20 and 12/21 for 12 day trips....I didn't remember Equinox in this manner....as I think about it, we kind of dreaded going to Oceanview for breakfast or lunch as it was overwhelmed with people on our January Reflection cruise....I don't think we'll be returning to Reflection anytime soon....I have to say the ship is very clean....I made it up to the fitness room 17 straight days....they always had towels by the treadmills and never anything out of order or stuff laying around....with select dining I would say if you want to be safe without reservations go early.....5:30-6pm
  9. Just to be clear....we never asked for the same table...in fact we told the hostess we would be happy to share..for whatever reason she sent us back to the same area every night we showed up....one night some guy tried to pay her off and she graciously shoved his money back to him....In hindsight we should have asked for a different area....but it doesn't change my mind about select dining....it doesn't work the way Celebrity has it set up....alot of nights there were open tables...I think the space is too small...we've been on Equinox multiple times, Shilolette multiple times and Reflection t
  10. Just off reflection btb...1/3-1/20....we were on select dining and found ourselves up in OceanView more than not....we were seated in the servers station area and I can't tell you how chaotic that was...servers flying around almost running...we showed up at various times and our beeper ranged from 5 minutes to an hour....we have been on around 30 cruises and to us Celebrity has failed to improve this part of dining from a disaster....I saw alot of aggitated people at the hostess station...Celebrity should work on a fix or get rid of it...Dining is suppose to be a pleasant experience and this w
  11. We're in Cozumel....it has been very windy the last couple of days....they closed the port for diving/snorkeling.....at 6am this friday morning I was having a cup of coffee in the lobby of our hotel accross the street from the downtown pier and all of a sudden the NCL Dawn comes full speed right by the pier and back out to sea...I think he was at the wrong pier as a Costa ship came in about an hour later...we've been on 25+ cruises and I have never seen a move like that...anyway with the gusts going on here and they don't seem to use tugs as support it doesn't surprise me ....good day to be on
  12. We're in Cozumel ....it has been very windy the last couple of days.....this morning at 6am while having a cup of coffee in the lobby of our hotel accross the street from the downtown pier all of a sudden the NCL Dawn shows up going full power right by the pier and back out the sea....We've been on 25+ cruises and I have never seen a move like that....good day to be on land.....
  13. Thanks for the good info on the transfer process....sounds pretty straightforward....We will probably pickup two bottles of wine at one of the ports and they can hold it for us until the last night of the first leg....It's November 13 and we're both sick of winter already....
  14. We have not sailed BTB but will have this experience on Reflection 1/3-1/10 and 1/10-1/20....7day and 10day...we have to change cabins...wondering from the experienced ones how that process works at the end of the 7day trip....do we go off the ship? and what about our personal belongings....do we have to pack all of our clothes, etc or will we be able to just more or less relocate everything to our new cabin...thanks for any help.....Craig.....and most importantly my wife wants to know about the two bottles of wine on the second leg.....where can we buy that....
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