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  1. I know that I am not the only one that will be thinking fondly of you and wishing you all the best on the first cruise back to Alaska. We are all eager to hear all about your cruise and will be watching for your posts in the other thread. Hope that you have a wonderful time!!⛵💗
  2. Yes, definitely a screw up to send it to US citizens! I don't understand why I uploaded our vaccination cards and now there is no sign of them. DH thinks maybe someone decided it wasn't secure enough? Or HIPAA rules prevented it? Or they were afraid that people might think that meant that they didn't have to bring them?
  3. My husband joked that he didn't think the National Honor Society would have an app for vaccinations. Maybe he could bring his NHS pin from High School?? 🤣
  4. Most of it was stuff we already know like use the MedallionClass app, complete check-in, bring proof of vaccination, choose arrival time on app or use a table they send with boarding based on what floor your cabin is on. But what is this? Is this for cruises in England??
  5. In Seattle, the first option you mentioned is called Port Valet, but unfortunately is only for those with flights after 11am (or at least in the past that was the time). I wish I'd thought about that when picking flights, but I believe it was either 10:11am or 4pm as the only choices for a nonstop flight back when I chose flights. (Now there are multiple other choices.)
  6. We have used EZ Air before and never gotten boarding passes and luggage tags. Caribill, surely you mean the Valet program does that? That is the only time we have gotten those ahead of time because Princess/Valet company takes the luggage directly to the airport and drops it off and you never see it until you get home, so it needs tags on it when you put it out the night before. We can get our boarding passes on our phones, but I would be very happy if it were true that EZ Air gets luggage tags for us, but I am very skeptical. I did plan on asking onboard if there was any way to get those.
  7. No unfortunately they do not give us those. I wish we could use the Luggage Valet service but it's too early a flight to qualify. It is waiting at the ticket counter that has me concerned - I do hope they have just luggage kiosks like they do here in Dallas. That saves time usually. We can get our boarding pass on our phones. I emailed SEA-TAC and they said that American had curbside check-in, but since we are coming in a bus, we will be coming from the parking garage over the skybridge into the terminal. I don't know if going back outside will save any time, but I will if it looks like
  8. I spent 3 hours on the phone today trying to get EZ Air to change our reservations. Even tried Customer Relations who spoke to EZ Air. Since our flight meets their specification of leaving after 10am, they wouldn't budge. Customer Relations said due to all the fees it would be over $700 to change our flight. She kept reassuring me that it would work. I did eventually get her to see that there was no way to get to the airport 2 hours early. I anxiously await those of you disembarking in about 13 days to let me know when the first group could get off. And even better if you are
  9. It has already been ticketed! I trusted that EZAir wouldn't give us a choice that we couldn't make so I didn't question it back when we booked the cruise. It wasn't until very recently that I started thinking about how early the flight was and checking into it all. The purpose of this post is to find out about disembarkation this year from people on the first two cruises.
  10. I sure hope it's faster. We have TSA Pre-Check. I have the SEA-TAC app and so far the longest wait has been 10 minutes probably because there are no ships there yet. However, according to the port information, the Majestic will be the only ship docked the day we leave.
  11. Yes, I know the Valet program won't work for us. Someone posted a May 2019 disembarkation guide and it says walk-offs started at 7:20 that year and those with Valet and flights around 11 disembarked at 7:30. This is why I started this post. I am hoping someone will let me know what the first walk-off is this year. We will talk to the front desk after we board about taking a taxi because the way I read their guarantee (EZ Air has it posted online) if the ship or transfer causes us to miss our flight, they will get us home, so a taxi may void that. (I know everyone thinks it only
  12. When you click on UPLOAD your vaccination proof, it switches to the phone's camera so you can take a picture. Just did it tonight after new app update yesterday. If all other steps are completed, you will be in the "Green Zone." You will still need to answer the health questions 1-3 days before your cruise. We could pick our arrival time when they opened it up which depends on when your cruise is. I think it was around 5-6 weeks ahead of cruise. Of course what we did for these first cruises may evolve. They said in one of the Princess presentations that Elite and Suite guests
  13. Another question for those of you going in the first two weeks. Where does the Princess bus drop you off? How long did it take to get to the terminal? In looking at the SEA-TAC airport page, it appears that no one is allowed to be picked up at the curb. You have to access a skywalk to the parking garage and the taxis are closest while the cruise buses are down a partitioned off corridor somewhere further along. I am hoping they allow drop-offs, but there are quite a few pictures and descriptions of how to get to the transportation in the parking garage. O
  14. Someone posted on a thread last year that was returning from Alaska that your flight has to leave after 11am to use the Valet service. It used to cost $25 a bag in Ft. Lauderdale. We love that program but won't work for us this time due to earlier departure.
  15. That's my hope (an acceptable time) and what Princess said when I called asking about it.
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