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  1. We had booked our own air back from FLL after our Enchanted Princess Transatlantic cruise in November as Princess did not have nonstop trips. When that cruise was cancelled, AA was only offering travel credit through Sept. and we stood to lose about $500. When I called AA months ago, the lady said to just wait and see if they extended the date. So happy I waited as we could have only gotten about $20 in taxes back before now. Today they extended flights you could cancel and get credit all the way to the end of the year. So if you had AA flights, you can now get travel credit to use on your next flight 🙂
  2. We sailed Thanksgiving on the Regal in an aft balcony. We did not experience any soot, but we chose the Dolphin Deck which is covered more than the other decks. We love aft balconies. The huge balcony and the sound of the wake is worth it.
  3. I'd also like to know about the Barcelona transfers. In addition, I'd like to know from someone who arrived in Barcelona fairly early (before 11am let's say) if they made you wait at the airport. This happened to us one time in LA (they took us to the hotel where they had other guests and kept us there for hours and hours). Don't want to ever be in that situation again.
  4. We went on the VI Cat summer 2018 and loved it. We took a taxi to the dock at the hotel (Marriott Morning Star) and went out on a dinner sunset cruise as we were in port until past 10pm. There were only about 25 people at most and it was a blast with all you could drink (a fruity alcoholic one). The crew was amazing. I have a bad knee and they held my hand as I boarded and I felt very safe. We have not done a ship's sponsored one on the VI Cat but we saw it come in that day to the dock where the ship was also docked. We will be there again soon and debating whether we want to go with the crowds that probably will result being a ship's excursion. I am also not sure I can get up and down the ladder on the back of the ship to swim with the turtles.
  5. Don't think there will be 2 ships on Thanksgiving cruise. This is the posted itinerary for Carnival Ecstasy:
  6. It must vary from ship to ship and itinerary because when we were on an 18 day segment of the world cruise recently, I don't believe there was even a production show - if so, there was only one. The singers and dancers worked really hard to come up with new shows which were mostly genre singing and dancing - not really a story line. New talent got on the ship quite often with comedians, magicians, etc rotating off quickly. It was not really like any normal cruise when it came to shows. Most of the passengers on this particular world cruise were from Australia and New Zealand and they were more practical folk who rotated clothes with different tops and bottoms and I'm guessing had maybe 14 days. Both times we have done world cruise segments the laundry room was always busy on a sea day and there were strict rules about what you dare do ( in regards to moving someone's clothes when done). One cruise we heard about a laundry fight that got one or more kicked off next port!! We have loved our world cruise segments!
  7. The doctor onboard suggested that I put the life preservers under the foot of the bed one time when we were in Europe and my feet were swelling badly. I think that might work also like a wedge.
  8. As soon as the air became available on Princess earlier this year, I booked a first class ticket (no business class from our city to Ft. Lauderdale) for about $600 each. The cruise is over Thanksgiving, and the prices get ridiculous to FLL at that time. When we booked, first class was only about $100 more than economy. Last time I looked the prices were over $1000 each even this far out from Thanksgiving! Now that we can pick our flights, we always compare Princess prices to what we can get online and often they are less. In the old days, when you didn't know what the flights would be, the Europe tickets were awful with 6:30 am one time out of Venice, a stop then in Germany, and one in another US city before finally arriving to home airport. It was the longest day and not a fun time! So glad now, we know exactly what we are booking! It's a no lose situation because you can always cancel without any loss if you find a cheaper flight.
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