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  1. That made me check. We are supposed to get a coupon book too and haven't gotten one. I check my spam every few days to delete it, so I'm sure it wasn't there. Hope we can get it onboard like AnyMajorCruiseDude.
  2. I would also choose the Crown Grill. The variety of food offerings is greatest, and I like their food best. You should be able to use the app and have it come up for free. It worked for multiple people who have posted about being able to do it. You will be able to tell if it doesn't work because you will arrive at a page where they give you a choice to book it using your onboard credit card (that you entered into the app). If that credit card info appears, I would wait until you get on the ship. We have booked the specialty restaurants ahead of time using the app because pre-pandemic when we tried to book on the ship they only had very early or late reservations available. However with reduced capacity onboard, that likely will not be a problem for many nights. On our August cruise, I overheard waiting in line to get into the Crown Grill, that it was booked up the first night (probably because suite guests get a free dinner the first night) and the last night. I was glad that we had made reservations ahead of time. If you are interested in either Sur La Mer or Harmony, you most certainly will be able to book upon boarding as I observed open seats most nights. That's assuming that your cruise is still 60% or less full.
  3. There was no charge for any area in the Conservatory during the Alaska season so I am assuming that is still the case. During the early evening, it was closed for the Platinum and Elite Lounge to serve appetizers. On Glacier Bay days, it was used a lot as a warm place to watch the scenery and it was also where the National Parks set up displays. At night, it was the night club.
  4. My Medallion app worked great during our cruise in August, but we never used it once to order food or drinks. It was very easy to just walk into any bar and get served quickly. And if I need food, I will go get it. I don't think anyone needs to stress about using the app on the ship. Just get your medallion to open doors and pay. You'll be fine.
  5. This was what I was going to say too. We were also at the front of the ship and loved the availability and few people on the elevators! We also loved being able to make last minute reservations for dinner and having space in Vines to sit anytime we wanted. And I agree with Cruise Raider that with the lower # of passengers, the crew was free to actually take time to talk and we loved that they knew who we were and called us by name and we made some great connections with the staff. It was really great!! We can't wait until our next cruise!!!
  6. Why are they using a tent? The terminal has a security area. Was that area being used for something else? Did they use the usual check-in desks in the terminal or did they do what they did in Seattle and just have 2 or 3 queues leading up to someone with some kind of tablet who checked passports, vaccination, pre-COVID test and checked you in?
  7. We got served something from Harmony one day while at Vines in August, but I didn't realize it was due to the time that we were there. Good to know! Thanks!
  8. We asked for extension cords for CPAPs in August, and they brought 2 orange, outside-use, long cords. We had to roll them up everyday to avoid tripping over them! But they worked.
  9. I was also sad to find that the category was completely gone. Someone had been told recently that they were working on finding a solution and it would be forthcoming. I guess they gave up? Also a tradition for us. Along the same lines, there is usually the opportunity to pre-purchase a photo package. That category is still showing, but you couldn't get it to take your money. So I emailed Princess though a link that pushed it up the line a bit and got a call back saying they would not be selling photos online. Wonder why that is still showing as an option?
  10. That's so weird. After our Alaska cruise on the Majestic, I started working on our Mexico Riviera cruise on the Majestic. Our credit card info, our pictures & our info was already there. I only had to confirm the passport numbers they already had, and we were in the green lane after I ordered the Medallions. I would think that if one of your sailings has your credit card info that they all would have it based on what happened for us!
  11. You should try an experiment, especially since it shows your wife as an authorized user. Maybe it's there and just isn't showing or registering. Get on DMW and try to book a Specialized Restaurant. When you go to pay, the card should show up if it's on file. (Don't need to charge, just to see if it shows up.). Just an idea.. In August, I kept trying to enter the card for my husband and didn't realize that since I entered the card first in my account, I was the authorized holder of the card. He was added to my account in what seemed to be automatic, but maybe I chose some setting and didn't realize it.
  12. A little different perspective here... Having used DMW in August, we thought it was wonderful. We could decide in the afternoon whether we wanted to go to the Dining Room or do Specialty Dining and use the MedallionClass App to make reservations for whatever time we wanted. In previous years, we would have had to wait on hold for the Dining Line and probably be told that time was not available, but we could dine at 5PM. So when it works, which it did flawlessly for us, we loved it! I do agree that they should have left a backup on Princess.com for these growing pains. It's clearly having some kind of problem now, but most new programs or apps so. Give them time to sort it out and for you to try it out, and I think you will see the advantages.
  13. I agree - this is when I have gotten the message. I usually just try again or shut the page down and then try again and it's fine. So it's not just you!
  14. They don't want people getting their own drinks especially in a reusable mug in the buffet for COVID reasons. But they are more than happy to bring you whatever you want to the table and you can pour it into your mug there.
  15. Maybe try looking online rather than the airline app. I can find more information online than on the app. My AA reservation says ticketed after 45 days when I log in with my frequent flyer # (which I added when booking on EZ Air) .
  16. Have you tried to add an arrival group? You need to pick one on the Medallion app in the Travel Checklist? Or is it not letting you pick an arrival group?
  17. Princess has masks with their logo on them for sale in the onboard boutique. You have the opportunity to buy a pair when you order your medallion and those are the same quality, but cheaper and those patterns are not available onboard. No one is giving cloth masks away. I got a really nice black one with rhinestone logo onboard for formal night. You should bring a pack of masks with you as advised in the FAQs. I dropped mine once in the buffet and they gave me a replacement, but in general, you should have your own supply.
  18. I didn't see any sign of an English Afternoon Tea onboard the Majestic last month. I am pretty sure that they will not do both Chef's Table and Winemaker's Dinner in a 3 day cruise; might not even do one, but someone here might know if they have done it in the past on such a short cruise. We loved our cruise in August, but you have to go into it knowing that it will be different than Pre-COVID.
  19. LOL! Yes, you definitely need magnetic hooks as the walls on the Majestic are metal. 😜 We actually have some and used them to hold hats and masks last month.
  20. What is this magic email address? I read through all these posts I think and didn't see any email address. I also never knew anything about this. Do you have to be booked through Princess and not use a TA?
  21. I just had a conversation with my TA several weeks ago about this very possibility (Club Class Mini to Suite). She told me that she could only mark it "no upgrade" or "upgrade." I was sure that I had read about something that meant only to the next major category, but she didn't seem to know anything about it. Now I can ask her about a "Meta Upgrade" if you are sure those are still being offered? I told her to mark it no upgrade then as we have one of the prized corner Club Class Minis. Last I looked, they still had 6 suites available!
  22. That's good to know! I can see now that especially if you have pre-existing conditions, you should chose private insurance or pay for Princess insurance right away. Of course anyone can have a condition come up before a cruise, so same maybe should be said for all cruises.
  23. You sign up for dinner on the app where it says "Dine My Way." You can then choose to dine the same time and dining room for the whole week or just specific days. If you have trouble, I recommend that you do a Google search for Medallion Mondays video covering Dine My Way. It is the way that I figured out how to add specialty restaurants like the Crown Grill. We have the Princess Platinum plan. Princess increased some of the limits this year which is good. I am still up in the air about whether it is better to go with private insurance (we also have used insuremytrip), but since we are over 65, it is usually cheaper and I like that I don't have to pay for it until final payment. With all the past cancellations, just that has saved money.
  24. We stayed on the Lido deck with a front facing balcony last month. It could be very windy, but it was incredible on Glacier Bay day! We also saw more whales onboard because we could see both sides of the ship and ahead of the ship. We did not feel like it was a long walk anywhere as the hall from the elevator is broken up with several bends and seems shorter that way. Plus it was super convenient to get to the middle of the ship just down the elevator and out past the stores or easy to get to the buffet. We have one of these side room mini suites on Lido for our fall cruise and can't wait!
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