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  1. All opinions are welcome, it is afterall only mine. We all have different reasons for cruising, mine doesn't include paying a premium for a sub-standard service or accepting first world hand me downs like those two tired old rust buckets and being contented because it sails out of our homeport. This has more to do with this pair being the only real choices year after year (except for one Circ. Pac. I can recall) to be offered to Australians for World, Circle Pacific or Cherry Blossom cruises all above a minimum 38 nights duration. To have a new fit for purpose ship like Majestic in that list over these two clunkers beggars beyond belief. To me it feeds into the Aussie mindsets of "she'll be right mmmate" we will put up with what ever bones you Multi-Nationals want to throw us and be happy with it. What's more we will pay a premium over & above that than anyone else in the world does for the pleasure as well, just give me a cheap drinks package. How many cruises over 14 days have you spent on the Sun Class ships just as an interest? Have you ever been on Diamond, Sapphire or even Golden Princess before it being P&O'ed? Cheers r ☠️😎
  2. Best to always arm yourself with some local sporting Knowledge. Always remind Kiwis their Rugby Union Team are only ever as good as their last game. Australian Wallabies defeat New Zealand All Blacks 47-26 in record Bledisloe Cup win... note: this above post will self destruct 1 second after the weekends Eden Park match. Ask an Aussie how the Cricket "Ashes" series of games are going against the Poms, then ask a Kiwi how those same cheating Poms dudded them out of a Cricket 2019 World Cup win. (This even after the good old big brother, big hearted Aussies provided the Kiwis Black Caps the absolute infallible means of winning that final game with a little underarm bowling and applied sand papering skills!) Slow learners that mob over the dutch. 😜😎☠️
  3. Any Worst Top Ten list that doesn't include the old and stinky Sea & Sun Princesses is simply a "Fake News" puff piece! Avoid them like the plague unless the cruise is well under two weeks in length and then say your prayers... ☠️
  4. . I rely on that from my better half... When I put myself forward, of course. 😜 😎
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