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  1. . Two great old (both will be a whisker off 20yrs old on arrival for duty) ships demoted to the shytenhousen division, they deserve a better fate... :whiskey-glass: :(
  2. rabbitoh_777

    Real Ale

    https://images.freeimages.com/images/premium/previews/9934/9934696-old-lady-smoking-holding-rolling-pin.jpg https://media.istockphoto.com/photos/drudgery-picture-id117144465?k=6&m=117144465&s=612x612&w=0&h=KFIT7xDcMOeBcHQfNmut-O0UO-yXZROjvSt6URhdzQA= Have a few frothies, you will get over your bored judgemental side... http://www.rasunetul.ro/sites/default/files/articole/2014/09/oktoberfest-waitress-serves-mugs-beer.jpg https://c1.staticflickr.com/9/8027/7172607248_ebd798487e.jpg https://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/160621171638-german-beer-served-full-169.jpg https://www.euroadventuresblog.com/uploads/1/2/9/7/12973378/523107648.jpg Sent from my iBad using Fingers :')
  3. rabbitoh_777

    Bound for boatny bay.

    . Would hate to disappoint and not 'Dive' into it! ;) You know the Greatest Game of All's supporters motto "never let a good cross code ball-handling, bagging go begging"! :eek: Simply the best... Cheers r. :cool: https://cdn.newsapi.com.au/image/v1/ac279d2eda2340e211e7604dcda4ff49?width=650 .
  4. rabbitoh_777

    Bound for boatny bay.

    . LOL, I'll bite! So now it's the tigpies Mic? Wish you'd make up your mind, Adelaide Rams, North Sydney Bears, Newtown jets, Western Suburbs Magpies, Balmain Tigers, closet Canberra faders fan you seem to have more dead teams than hot breakfasts... By the way how are those poor old Mexican ex-Bloods do' in @ the aerial ping pong ding dong? ahhh swannie how I luv ya my dear old swannnies … lol :') Anyway hasn't the lawn fairies Greg Louganis Cup finished yet??? Did Neymar get the Golden Electric boogaloo for horizonal excellence in ground rolling or what ever they call it? Is it true he rolled on the ground for more minutes than the Socceroos spent on the pitch in their entire 3 match farce? Can't wait for Qatar... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :D .
  5. rabbitoh_777

    Bound for boatny bay.

    Yeah calm before the Storm... ;p The Steelers were lucky that ex-rabbitoh Luke Keary got injured and left the field with 30 minutes to go otherwise the those dirty rortin' chooks would have put over 50 on them, he was carving them up all over the place. He is the one player I hate that we let go to those B_______'s :evilsmile: "22" it's praise the Lord and pass the ammunition... Cheers r. :cool: .
  6. rabbitoh_777

    Bound for boatny bay.

    . G'day Gut He is back against the donkeys, mate. Round 23 - Thursday 16th August Zane Musgrove, Richie Kennar and Tyrell Fuimaono are also due back on deck sometime in the next 2 to 3 weeks ready just in time for our charge into the finals mate. :D Cheers r. :cool: .
  7. rabbitoh_777

    Call out to gbenjo!

    . Never been one to fancy being graded as a suck-hole... :loudcry: Lassie has never looked better to some mutt fanciers, I guess. :evilsmile: Best thing we have found embarking overseas, the absence of boarding bogan hoards and their official herders. ;p Cheers r. :cool: . .
  8. rabbitoh_777

    Home Port proposal for Newcastle.

    . Ditto mate That is typical of the feral element. Born and bred here lived the majority of my life here love the area with a passion and funnily enough most of the people yet almost unfailingly when I come across those that leave you to question Darwin's theory of Evolution they inevitably are huge "Fans" of the Knights. I say "Fans", because when you follow up with the question how long have you been a Member? The answer is just about always - oh I'm not. Having to pay and actually supporting the club is not seen as a priority and so they are only runner up to the Gold Coast and Cronulla on the podium of how many times they have gone broke. It may be "Our Town" but certainly not the majorities "Our Team". :D Cheers r. :cool: .
  9. rabbitoh_777

    Home Port proposal for Newcastle.

    . Yes only took them 89 years to win their first, then it was a half - comp. I do concede they are superbly glorious at wooden spoon collection though, a current hat-trick is not to be sneezed at ever! Executed to perfection so there is that they don't do half-arsed. Any way they are the West Newcastle Maggots now so we will see if that lifts them out of the cellar. :evilsmile: A "Billionaire" and a Bennett (a SUPER COACH no less couldn't :rolleyes: ) so lets see if the local Booze & Bandit Behemoth can lift the poor sods out of the mire of mediocrity and up the ladder. :loudcry: r. :cool: .
  10. . Oh sorry I forgot the other half of my reply :o... Considering the Population base of Japan and it being the first "World Cruise" to sail from and finish there it would have no trouble filling either of the larger two ships (especially considering both were made in Japan and fitted out to their taste and are a source of pride to their Country). It is also a very aged & retired population with a high disposable middle to upper-class section perfect for the typical longer than usual Cruise market. IMHO it would also pull Aussies and NZers that wanted something different than the old "three Sun Class sisters" long cruise monopoly we have had to endure for well over a decade. Not to mention Chinese and Koreans to name a couple more places that wanted a World cruise closer to home base. Anyway it will never happen while people accept mediocrity, perhaps having it breakdown and spoil a ship load of Japanese saké sippers holiday of a lifetime will finally force Princess to off load it and the Sea to Pong & Orrible. I wont be holding my breath... r. :cool: .
  11. . G'day OzkJJ It is so they can oversell or better yet create a "limited"(availability) to demand for a maximum sold-out benefit to the cruise line. That old clunker couldn't even complete the Circle-Pacific cruise we were on it had to give San Diego a complete miss, something is always going wrong on cruises over 2-3 weeks duration. Unfortunately most Aussies and Kiwis will put up with that kayrap but good luck with a ship filled with a majority of Japanese customers that demand quality value for their Yen. Cheers r. :cool: .
  12. rabbitoh_777

    Home Port proposal for Newcastle.

    Have you ever known Newcastle to do anything but half-arsed solutions to anything and everything. .
  13. . That just makes no sense at all using that old tiny tub when there are two perfect larger Japanese based ships in Diamond and Sapphire Princess more suited for over & around 100 days of cruising. :mad: If they did use the latter you could sign us up tomorrow. .
  14. rabbitoh_777

    Room with a View

    . Good for you, hope it goes to plan and the back holds out mate. We were all geared up hoping to do a Princess "Worldie" out of Sydney in 2019 but it turns out it is still on the little old Sea Princess and to add insult to injury they have also swapped from including Italy & the Mediterranean to the Baltics which we have already done twice. :mad: so a double dose of no-thanks! To drown our sorrows :rolleyes: we have just booked a Suite on the RCI Voyager of the Seas including a 3 day Grandstand ticketed visit to the Singapore Grand Prix in 2018. Then 2 months later a land trip to the Golden Triangle India then over to Dubai to board & pick up a chartered cruise on The Sapphire to sail back to Singapore via Cochin, Colombo Sri Lanka & Kuala Lumpur. So I guess we will make do and hope for a Worldie that suits in 2020. My God Life's sure is hard, then you croak... :loudcry: Cheers r. :cool: .
  15. . G'day Mic Lol... a tour of the Sandwich Islands to digest his fate would be acceptable. :evilsmile: Cheers r. :cool: .