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  1. I cruised the Edge earlier in the year and a preview cruise GF/Celiac. For the buffet, I never actually ate off the buffet but used it as a reference and had someone bring me the food from the back. I honestly can’t think of anything memorable. As for memorable, there is a garlic dip from the trio of dips in the Tuscan restaurant that is amazing. You can request that in blu or wherever you are dining. There is also a pork shank that was amazing. I tried to have it remade in Luminae without much luck. I think one night in our next cruise, I will go to the Cosmopolitan for it. It’s on the floating menus that go to all the restaurants. There was also an amazing pasta Carbonara that was memorable that could be made GF by request. Celebrity is the same as other lines with their ‘allergy’ meals, you’ll place an order the night before for the next nights meal. There are things that are naturally GF on the menu for the first night.
  2. I received a move up email for the Feb 16th Edge sailing. I looked online though and the Iconic Cabin is sold out, as well as the Edge Villa, but both were listed in my MoveUp email. In theory, the Iconic Suite person won't move down. Now that could happen to the person in the Edge Villa, but why would they list the Iconic?? And did they list the Edge because the theory is maybe someone will move up?? Also, I perused some questions in here but didn't see an answer- anyone know how they decide it? Could it be purely on price? Because if suite people are offered higher cabins at a lower price, so then they wouldn't pay as much in theory as someone not already in a suite/upper suite. Curious about your thoughts.
  3. I was on the same sailing as OP. This description is great and I’m sure true. I fully meant to ask the concierge hosts in the Retreat lounge about it. The smell existed faintly in our shower on one or two occasions (foward location suite), we smelled it in the Retreat pool- it would come in waves, and in the sunset bar, again in waves, but we were only there once.
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