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  1. mander3117

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Just wanted to close the loop...Bid $500pp for H5 (Haven Courtyard) and $760 for H9 (Haven Spa) for 1/26/19 on the Bliss to upgrade from M9 (Spa Mini Suite). All expired today, no upgrade. I think the ship is going out very close to, if not full. Haven had shown as Sold Out for quite some time...glimmer of hope the other day when an H5 popped up as available, but no go. It's all good, love my M9 cabins!
  2. mander3117

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Crash 3x...do mean NCL Bliss on the 26th? I'm on that trip and am waiting on hear on upgrades. If you are on the 26th, it's at least good to know they've started working through them.
  3. mander3117

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    This thread has been very helpful! We are sailing on the Bliss 1/26, we are booked into an M9 Spa Mini-Suite and bid to upgrade to H9 (Haven Spa Suite) or H5 (Haven Courtyard). As of today the NCL site lists cruise as sold out with exception of inside rooms, a couple days ago there was availability in all categories except Spa and Haven. They could be assigning all the Sail Away GTY rooms, Haven has shown sold out for a while, but there is always a chance. I'll keep you updated.
  4. mander3117

    Long Port Day - Is Baths plus beach an option?

    Thanks! I figured it was doable. I appreciate the guidance on taxi time and rate from the ferry out to Brewers. From reading your other posts it seems like Brewers will be a good spot for us.
  5. We'll be in port later this month on NCL Epic from 8am-6pm. I also believe we are the only ship in Tortola that day. Doing the Baths at Virgin Gorda seems easy to DIY from reading other threads and we prefer to do excursions on our own. My question is, with this relatively long port day, is it possible to do the Baths first thing, then head back to Tortola and do the beach at Brewer's for example? Thanks for any insights.
  6. mander3117

    QLS Shuttle service

    In their van right now, very impressed. Picked up at springhill suites in FLL and headed to POM. Reiterate great communication and professional.
  7. mander3117

    Springhill suites ft lauderdale airport

    Thanks everyone! I booked it tonight, $120 including taxes on lmtclub.com. I appreciate the input!
  8. mander3117

    Summary of Winning Bids on Priceline/Hotwire et al

    Thanks for all the great info, especially the freebie codes listed by SNJCruisers! I booked my first reservation on LMT club! Here is info for anyone interested Hotel: SpringHill Suites Ft. Lauderdale Airport Star Rating: Three *** Location: Airport/Dania Beach Dates: 11/8/15 one night Listed Price $104.53 Taxes: $15.56 Total Cost: $120.09 Site: lmtclub.com
  9. Has anyone stayed? Any feedback? We'd be arriving late afternoon, so only need a place to chill and sleep and has nearby food options. I'm pretty confident this would be assigned hotel for a current Priceline express deal, so thought I'd check and see if anyone had any experiences here.
  10. mander3117

    Specialty dining price reductions......

    sailing on the Pearl the following week (2/19), haven't received an email, but we'll see if it holds.
  11. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your review! My husband and I are doing our first cruise (NCL Pearl Western Caribbean) in 2 weeks!! The European cruises are intriguing me, and with you being a first time cruiser and doing a Europe itinerary, I can't wait to hear more! Thanks for posting!
  12. mander3117

    Lots of good surprises on NCL Pearl

    Thanks for the great review! We are leaving on the Pearl in just under 3 weeks, and it is our first cruise. What you described sounds exactly like what my husband and I are hoping to enjoy during our week in the Western Caribbean!:D
  13. mander3117

    Another amazing week on the Pearl (Jan 1 to 8)

    Wow, keep reading such great things about the Pearl. My husband and I will be on the 2/19 sailing and it's our FIRST cruise! I'm feeling better and better about our choice with each read! Thanks for the review!
  14. mander3117

    Upgrade or upsell??

    I noticed in the original post the date was about 2 weeks prior to the upcoming cruise listed in Heather's signature, assuming this is the one being referred to, is that the standard timeframe that one could expect to be upsold/upgraded? About 2 weeks prior to departure? Thanks!
  15. Hi All My husband and I are visiting GC for the first time in Feb. We like to snorkel and our latest trip was both shore and tour experiences in Hawaii. We are open to any suggestions for chartered tours or shore snorkeling spots (saw a pretty good thread on that already posted), but we would rather not have a stop at stingray city. I know I'll get laughed at because there they are supposed to be docile and calm in GC, but I've been stung by one, it wasn't the best experience so for the stingrays sake, I'm sure they'd rather have me keep my distance :D Thanks for your help!