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  1. Just wanted to close the loop...Bid $500pp for H5 (Haven Courtyard) and $760 for H9 (Haven Spa) for 1/26/19 on the Bliss to upgrade from M9 (Spa Mini Suite). All expired today, no upgrade. I think the ship is going out very close to, if not full. Haven had shown as Sold Out for quite some time...glimmer of hope the other day when an H5 popped up as available, but no go. It's all good, love my M9 cabins!
  2. Crash 3x...do mean NCL Bliss on the 26th? I'm on that trip and am waiting on hear on upgrades. If you are on the 26th, it's at least good to know they've started working through them.
  3. This thread has been very helpful! We are sailing on the Bliss 1/26, we are booked into an M9 Spa Mini-Suite and bid to upgrade to H9 (Haven Spa Suite) or H5 (Haven Courtyard). As of today the NCL site lists cruise as sold out with exception of inside rooms, a couple days ago there was availability in all categories except Spa and Haven. They could be assigning all the Sail Away GTY rooms, Haven has shown sold out for a while, but there is always a chance. I'll keep you updated.
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