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  1. Tell Capital One that NCL isn’t disputing with Amex. I’m not sure why, but people disputing with Amex, myself included, seem to be getting their money back.
  2. Here is the thread with a spreadsheet tracking refunds. Hope more folks will add their info so we can get a better picture of what is going on.
  3. There is another thread on here with a spreadsheet tracking refunds. So far, it looks like the only refunds of paid-in-full, NCL-cancelled cruises are for Pride of America sailings. For some reason, people who requested refunds on deposits before final payment are getting refunds more quickly.
  4. NCL cancelled my April cruise. I filled out the refund request form on March 23, the first day it was available. Got frustrated with waiting and NCL not being able to give an update on the status, so I disputed the charges with Amex and had my money back in 10 minutes. I will always book with Amex from now on. They are awesome! Similar situation with a hotel in Italy that double charged my husband, kept saying they’d fix it, dilly dallied around for a month. One call to Amex and we had that money back.
  5. I think if you cancelled under POM, you are stuck with the FCC. The bummer about FCC is that you don’t know what future prices will be, so there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get the cruise you originally booked for the same price. When NCL offered me the “bonus” FCC I went and priced out cruises a year out, and they were at least 25% more than what we originally paid, so it wasn’t really a bonus. Made the choice to opt for a refund that much easier. I hope you’ll be able to find a decent price on a future cruise at some point and get something comparable to the cruise yo
  6. Wow! Do you have a confirmation email of your refund request that you can provide to Citi to prove that you requested the refund? NCL sent me a confirmation email, but it was super vague and sketchy. Did not contain our reservation number, sail date, passenger names, amount, or any other details. I’m beginning to think they did that on purpose. Would be interested to know about the run-around you got. Mine was something like, “I don’t handle those things. I have no way of checking the status. They’re busy. I’m sure they’ll get to it soon.” Please keep us updated on your
  7. 5 people in a Haven 2-bedroom family villa, 7 nights. Plus we upgraded to premium beverage package for the 2 adults.
  8. Yep. NCL cancelled my April 4 cruise, I filled out he refund form the first day it was available, and with no refund or status updates as of early June, I decided to call Amex. I had my money back within ten minutes of making the phone call. I should have done it sooner. I understand that NCL needs to look out for their cash flow, but I don’t owe them an interest-free loan for 3 months, especially after the would-have-even sail date has long passed.
  9. Added my info to the spreadsheet. Will be interesting to check back on June 23rd when the 90 days are up for the people who filled out the refund request form the first day it was available.
  10. No one is trying to cheat or double dip here, so please don’t imply that. Of course I disclosed to Amex that I had requested a cash refund from NCL, and I am not expecting the Amex refund “on top of” NCLs refund, but in lieu of NCLs refund. The Amex customer service rep completely understood my frustration with NCLs delay and has been hearing similar stories from other customers. When I was told by NCL on March 23 (The first day the refund request form was available) that the refund for my April 4 cruise could take up to 90 days, I gave NCL the benefit of the doubt, thinking that
  11. There seems to be a different process for cruises that were paid in full (harder to get refunds) than for future cruises pending final payment. It’s crazy that those of us with March and April 2020 cruises paid in full and cancelled by NCL have not yet received refunds. They’ve had our money for a long time.
  12. In my case, yes, I wanted it faster. I don’t think it’s right for NCL to hold onto $10,000 of my money for 3 months after they cancelled the April 4 cruise. EVERY other thing I bought/booked (theater tickets, kids’ summer camps) refunded my money within a couple of weeks of cancelling, I sympathize with NCL’s cash flow problems, but I don’t like giving them an interest-free loan for 3 months. Furthermore, their poor communication about the refund process (making the refund form hard to find, one vague confirmation email that didn’t contain my reservation number, pax names, amount th
  13. Well, I just called Amex, customer service was great, and they put a credit on my account for the full amount within 5 minutes of the call. They did say that if NCL tries to dispute they may re-bill, and that if I don’t hear anything by August 2, I can assume the matter is resolved. I will update here if there are any issues or changes, but this makes me want to book all future travel with my Amex card. I should have done this sooner.
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